News From Fernie Alpine Resort by Steve Ruskay

As our bikes, paddles and golf clubs slowly start making their way to the depths of our storage space, the epic task of uncovering from the holds that long forgotten ski and snowboard gear arises. This seasonal tradition, marked by fond summer memories, is short lived due to the mounting excitement of seeing the first glimpse of snow covered mountain peaks. The Griz has spoken, and another winter is here! To quote the great ski movie Aspen Extreme, "Another season in Paradise... Open the mountain!"

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Dreaming of a White (And Green) Christmas

My vision of Christmas in Fernie is an apparition of white and green. More than a manifestation of colour, Christmas is a tradition steeped in images, sounds and mixed emotions. The cold clarity of virgin snow can purify our thoughts and transform our thinking to live more in harmony with nature.

Posted by Lee-Anne Walker on Nov 30, 2010 in Outdoors

Mackensey Young - Alpine Ski Racer

Fernie is home to one of Canada’s most successful Alpine Ski Racing Clubs – the Fernie Alpine Ski Team, or FAST. This club draws not only local ski enthusiasts in Southeastern British Columbia, but Southern Alberta as well. Over the last 17 year the club has grown from approximately 30 kids to more than 200, impressive to say the least. Rod Timm has been head coach during this time and actually won the Jason Lapierre Memorial Domestic Coach of the Year award at Alpine Canada’s 2010 Awards of Excellence.

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Old and New School Boxing

When I first decided to write a sports column for the Fix I contacted many Fernie sports clubs and quickly learned Fernie was more than just skiing and mountain biking - much, much more. In fact there are so many sports clubs in Fernie, ranging from figure skating and dancing to curling, hockey and even arm wrestling, that there was no way I could write one article to cover them all. Each club is unique and has a special caliber of athletes with their own stories. I look forward to exploring all of them and sharing what I learn with you.

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Underwater Creatures, Cool Measures of Quality

Water in the Elk River will never look the same to me. Under that glassy clear surface are cool critters. Without a backbone, large enough to see with the naked eye, these larval stage insects live in this watery world for weeks, years or for their entire life.

Last month I mucked about in an urban creek taking Streamkeepers training. Amongst the discarded bicycles wedged in river sediment and rusting shovelheads were wriggling, crawling creatures on the rocks, floating in the water and trapped in the river gravels.

Posted by Lee-Anne Walker on Oct 29, 2010 in Outdoors

Racers' Corner - Caleb Brown, Free Skier

Racers’ Corner is back, and this time with athletes pursuing winter athletic endeavors. Caleb Brown is our first featured racer and our youngest to date. He’s currently climbing the ranks among free skiers and making a name for himself on the circuit, and caught our eyes last year after having a stellar year.

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Local Hockey - The Ghostriders

Most people come to Fernie for the snow. With an average snowfall of almost 30 feet a year one could see why. The population can double in size in the winter with eager skiers and boarders from various parts of the world, and they all come to experience Fernie pow. What they also find while here are some of Fernie’s other hidden treasures; warm friendly people, amazing restaurants, great local watering holes, jobs that let you come to work late when it snows...and one of Fernie’s greatest treasures the Fernie Ghostriders.

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Fernie Winters - Frantic but Fun by Simon Piney

One of the most magical aspects of living in Fernie is the changing of the seasons.

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Fall Fly Fishing with Wayne Osborne

As usual September proved to be one of best times of the year to fish the Elk. Prevalent hatches of tiny BWO's down to size 22-24, Flavs and Slatewing Duns in the size 12-14 range (Olive Haze and Grey Para Hares Ear) and large Fall Caddis which should continue through October. I have found Orange or Royal PMX in size 6-8 work well when the Fall Caddis are around.

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EA Sports

I am a sports nerd. I love sports. I can barely skate but I love the game of hockey. I am afraid of a baseball, but still played on a softball team for years so I could umpire games.

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First Turns of the Season!

On the weekend Matt Mosteller, VP of Marketing & Sales at Fernie Alpine Resort, skied Currie Bowl. This marked the first ski turns of the 2010/11 Ski Season in North America! Robin Siggers was on hand to take the photograph. Looks like it's going to be a great ski season!

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Racers' Corner - Lori Kennedy, Triathlete

Lori Kennedy is a born and raised Fernie girl. She came back to Fernie after having left for a few years post High School. She was working full time at the mine until she met her husband, had two children and became a full time stay at home mom.

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Fall Fly Fishing with Wayne Osborne

Just because most of the traditional summer holiday fly fishing anglers, who ascend on Fernie every year to fish the world renowned blue ribbon Elk River and tributaries, have gone home, it doesn't mean that the fly fishing season is over. Far from it, as those in the know will contest, fall can provide some of the best fishing of the year.

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Learning to Control Ball Flight by Scott Shouldice, CPGA Professional FGCC

Once you are able to consistently hit good shots, the next step to improving your game is learning to control your ball flight. This means hitting fades, draws, or knock down shots. During a round of golf you may find yourself in a situation where you need to either curve the ball or hit it low to avoid hitting trees or other obstacles. Here are some tips to help you get out of these situations.


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Study Nature, Not Books

Brilliant sapphire blue sky. Yellow leaves drift to the forest floor and crunch underfoot. Fluffy seeds float through the air. Birds and insects are silent. Cool crisp mornings precede hot, dry afternoons. Fall is the season for change; not only preparing for winter, but preparing for life.

Unfortunately, glorious memories of nature’s autumn display mingle with great angst and panic of the coming school year. Nearly a half century later I can reflect back on those gut wrenching emotions and understand why I was so troubled by September.

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