Furious3 Routes, Spectators and Volunteers

The July long weekend is quickly approaching and with it the inaugural Furious3 multistage mountain bike race. If you have friends or family competing in this race or just don’t have enough to do that weekend, why not come down and support the athletes in and around Fernie? Each stage will take the rider between two and six hours to complete and you can see them at a number of spots or even volunteer on the course to see all the action up close and personal.

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James Minifie - Ski Mountaineer

You probably have an idea of what ski touring is, or have partaken in this ever-growing winter sport. But have you heard of ski mountaineering or claut, as it’s known in Europe? Neither had I, and when I heard that James Minifie was competing nationally in this sport, a sport trying to become an Olympic event by 2018, I had to learn more.

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Little Leaguers

Every year the start of the major league ball season surprises me. This year we were still slaying pow when opening day pitches were being tossed out on March 31, in fact the first couple weeks of baseball season saw our ski hill get over 100cms of snow. Needless to say even though baseball is one of my favorites I haven’t even watched a game yet.

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2011 Summer Race Guide

photo by V. Croome

June 5 Elkord Triathlon
Classic sprint distance, the 750m swim takes place at the Elkford Aquatic Centre, followed by a 20k bike ride, and topped off with a 5km run out towards the Elk Lakes and back to the finish line where racers can enjoy a hot tub, shower and BBQ.

June 11-12 Wasa Lake Triathlon

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Fix Favourite Bike Rides and Hikes

photo by Nick Nault

With so much to choose from in and around Fernie, we thought it might help to narrow it down to a few personal favourites!


Mount Fernie – Town
Difficulty Level - Blue
Elevation – 7,251 feet
Average Time – 3 hrs +

Getting There

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Kid's Guide to Summer

photo by Jamie Hide

Art Safari Camp, July 11-15 (Sparwood), July 18-22 and July 25-29 (Fernie)

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East Kootenay Golf Guide

photo by Jamie Hide

Crowsnest Pass
Crowsnest Pass Golf & Country Club
Located right in the heart of the Crowsnest Pass, with spectacular mountain views on all sides. It’s just a 45 minute drive from Fernie but offers strikingly different aspects and terrain. 18-hole course, Green Fees: $30/$53, offer weekday pricing. 6,846 yards. Par 73.

Sparwood Golf Club

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News from the Hill with Steve Ruskay

The Final Countdown
It always feels a little sad approaching the end of another legendary ski season. But for Fernie Alpine Resort, what a season it has been! Some of the fluffiest, deepest, and best riding in recent memory. But it’s not over yet - let’s keep the stoke going for Hot Dog Day, the PPP, and of course Trooper playing live in the plaza on April 16!

Packing a Punch!

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Billions of Acts of Blue Help Green

Imagine you are an astronaut flying in the space shuttle 500 kilometres above our home. Looking out at this spinning jewel, how would you describe what you see? With 70 percent of our planet covered with water, clearly we live on a blue planet, yet when we think of the environment this April, the colour of land dominates our mind.

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Simon Bernard, 13 Year Old FAST Racer

Simon Bernard’s parents Elise and Gio moved from the Eastern Townships in Quebec to Fernie for skiing in 1988. Not long after Simon and his older brother were born, beginning their ski careers at the typical Fernie age of two years old (and probably before that in a backpack). “It is just the winter sport you do in Fernie. You don’t get that everything. My parents came here for skiing and I’m following in their footsteps,” Simon says.

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Surf's Up This Spring

While skiing and snowboarding are the most common Fernie activities in winter and mountain biking in the summer, many Fernieites are involved in a multitude of other sports. Paddling, golfing, road cycling, hiking, and even surfing. No, Fernie is not situated near an epic surf spot in the ocean, but our town is full of hard core adrenaline junkies and we have two distinct off seasons in which some of these junkies travel to find their next rush slaying waves.

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March News with Steve Ruskay, Fernie Ski Patrol

March Snowfall
As the days get longer and brighter, the month of March is an exciting time at Fernie Alpine Resort. March indicates the transition from the depths of a cold winter, to sunny bluebird spring skiing. That’s right, it’s time to friz-up the Griz hat, get out the zinc, and find those old Frog Skins!

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March Flow

Join the FLOW (Friends Living on Water) conversation to talk about water during March. As the days lengthen, snow pack and ice melts, we celebrate the Elk River watershed, face challenges together and plan for a water sustainable future.

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Derick Berry - Biker, Dad, Friend and Business Man

The first year I realized Derick Berry was an avid mountain biker was the year he and his wife Heidi competed in the TransRockies. There were other teams that impres

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Figure Skating Intrigue

My friend’s little girl was asking the other day why there was always so much hockey on TV. Why can’t she ever watch figure skating? I told her she had asked the right person and that come March 21-27, I would gladly sit down and watch the World Figure Skating Championships with her. I usually choose to watch hockey over figure skating, but my hockey team is in the toilet and Canada has a rich history in figure skating with definite World Championship medal prospects.

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