I never thought I’d be able to throw a 200-pound man over my back and to the ground, but after spending a night with the Fernie Judo Club, I’ve proven myself wrong.

Following a run in with the club’s coach Fred Gietz, I was promptly invited to a judo class and wasn’t sure what to expect. I assumed that I would receive a swift kick in the shin and cower in the corner for the evening, taking photos of the other judoka (students). But when have I ever just sat and watched where my column was concerned?

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Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club

Photo by Alain Leger

I’m not sure if it’s a British trait or not, but it seems that writing a sporting and seasonally appropriate column tends to lead to me opening with a weather related comment. Or perhaps it’s because we live in Fernie, where the somewhat dramatic change of season clearly decides your outdoor pursuits.

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Welcome to Fernie - Winter, 2012/13

There is a familiar nod amongst those who live, work, vacation or play in Fernie. A significant nod that might be overlooked by someone new to the area, or someone contemplating a visit or seasonal/permanent move. This nod is in acknowledgment of shared experience and understanding – “We’re lucky,” it states. “We’re here.”

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New Zealand Skiing: Don’t Expect Too Much, You’ll Love It

This month, I’ve mostly been living off oatmeal and vegetable soup. Not, I hasten to explain, out of any calorie-consciousness, but because I recently splurged on a new pair of skis, thereby obliterating my grocery budget until next payday. Yes, that’s right, ski-season is upon us down here in NZ! (Well, by the time this goes to print we’ll be well into spring, but you get the point.)

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Hockey Night in Canada?

Will the fans that fund sport miss out on another NHL season?

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Heiko's Trail

When hiking always bring an extra pair of socks, for those moments when you slide off a rock and into a freezing snow-fed mountain creek. This is just one of the many lessons I learned when hiking the Mountain Lakes Trail—also known as Heiko’s Trail.

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Trail Signage

The sound of my inbox pinging makes me cringe, as of late it could be anything. Recently however, it has been a few gentle notes from friends at Search and Rescue talking about lost hikers. Sigh.

When I think of signs, the burden of both fundraising for them and having volunteers install them makes me dizzy. The soundtrack ‘Signs, signs, everywhere signs’ replays in my mind at a tortuous level.

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Olympic Hangover

For 16 days this past summer you could turn on the TV almost 24 hours a day and watch remarkable athletes competing on sports’ biggest stage, the Olympic summer games. Many were skeptical of the London games.

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Ski Touring Cabins in Fernie, BC

In recent years ski touring has grown multitudes in popularity, and Fernie and the surrounding area offers many opportunity for the backcountry enthusiast. The area includes five awesome mountain ranges – the Monashees, Rockies, Selkirks, Purells and Valhallas. Although low in elevation compared to other ranges, Fernie is situated within an area in the Rockies where moist air systems from the Pacific and colder air masses from the Rockies meet, combining to produce great powder snow in high quantities throughout the winter.

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Catskiing in Fernie, BC

Fernie offers two great opportunities for Cat Skiing adventures - Island Lake Catskiing and Fernie Wilderness Adventures.

Island Lake Catskiing is situated in the Lizard Range with over 7,000 acres of private bowls, valleys and gladed forest. At the heart of it all sits Island Lake Lodge and the beautiful Island Lake.

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Catskiing in Fernie, BC

Fernie offers two great opportunities for Cat Skiing adventures - Island Lake Catskiing and Fernie Wilderness Adventures.

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Wrapping Up the Season

Although it spells the close end of summer days, September is a popular month with warm temps, trees turning and great biking. If you’ve had sole responsibility of little people for the last few months then September might be your clear winner for a different reason entirely. But whilst kids are heading back to school, many are gearing up for race month. And September it seems is the month of Triathlons and Duathlons.

Posted by Abi Moore on Aug 31, 2012 in Outdoors

Mediating Conflict

Recreation conflict happens everywhere throughout North America. Canoeists are in conflict with motorized boaters, landowners conflict with recreation users, motorized versus non-motorized. One just has to search recreation and reams upon reams of conflict will jump out at you.

Our recreation community has been largely successful until recently because of our volume – over this big Valley, our numbers weren’t unbearably large.

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Tennis, Strawberries and Cream Please

You now have the baseline game down, and are going for more consistency. This month we focus on the improvement of your groundstroke, movement and recovery, and introduce the serve and volley.

Developing Topspin

Hitting with power and control requires spin and good technique, so when you want to be more aggressive make, sure you practice hitting with topspin. This is achieved by:
- Brushing the strings of the racket up the back of the ball
- From low to high as you contact (see picture; backhand)

Posted by Charlotte Willis on Aug 10, 2012 in Outdoors

Rock Climbed

Photo by Ben Ross

Of all the sports I’ve encountered in my outdoor life, I never imagined myself participating in the extreme sport of rock climbing. So as my toes cling to a centimetre-wide ledge 30 feet in the air and my fingers balance the weight of my body precariously against a cliff face, I wonder how I got here.

Posted by Jesse Bell on Aug 03, 2012 in Outdoors