A FAR Out Summer - Uphill Enduro

Last year, when the pandemic hit and my two girls were suddenly home I felt a heavy responsibility to keep them active physically and mentally, on top of staying safe. Where better to take the learning than outdoors? Each week, I would shake things up by heading somewhere new and inspiring. Reading circle at Silver Springs. Science class in the Old Growth or at Matheson Falls. Gym class at the Fernie Alpine Resort (FAR) Aerial Park. Many of our ‘classrooms’ I hadn’t been to in years, and some never! They were shocked, ‘but you grew up here!?’

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What Makes Fishing in Fernie Special

When asked what makes fishing in Fernie special, why so many people come from all over the world to fish here, it catches me off guard as I have not really thought about it for awhile. I headed down to the Elk River, near my home, looking for inspiration and after an afternoon on the river, I came up with these things.

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Vehicle Accessible Local Campsites

Originally from New Zealand, camping has been a family favourite since I was a toddler. We would leave with great stories; one of the most memorable is watching a pod of dolphins surf the waves at the beach.

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Trail News and Trail Dogs

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BC Epic 1000 - Meaghan Hackinen Takes Overall Win

Meaghan on the steps at City Hall in Fernie, BC enjoying a well-deserved refreshement to celebrate her finish!

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Summer Trail Love

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Walking Amongst Big Trees

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Fundraising for Foundry

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The Fernie Trails Alliance is Hiring

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Wildfire Community Preparedness Day – May 1

Saturday, May 1st is Wildfire Community Preparedness Day and residents across the East Kootenay are being urged to spend some time tomorrow thinking about how they can help protect their homes and properties from the risk of wildfire.

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Residents Urged to Use Caution When Spring Burning

With spring in the air, many people will be heading outside to do spring clean up around their homes and properties and the RDEK is urging residents doing any spring burning to use caution.

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Enhancing Outdoor Community Spaces

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