Trail Etiquette & The Lunch Loop

September’s Education Issue is a great time to review and bring awareness to trail etiquette. 

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Two Become Three

2020 has brought us all a lot of unforeseen surprises, challenges, and difficulties. Yet for new parents Janice Doucette and Joey Kosolofski, their glass has always remained half full. Expecting your first child will do that to you.

Posted by Yvonne Prest on Aug 17, 2020 in Outdoors

The Lizard

If you’ve been following along since June, and finding all of the donation boxes for our summer Scavenger Hunt, you have reached two beautiful locations so far - The Fairy Creek Falls and the Cedar Forest off of Gorby Trail. 

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Hollow Tree

Summer at Fernie Alpine Resort is in full swing, with record summer passes purchased and many visitors and residents enjoying all that the lift-access offers including a variety of hikes and an extensive network of trails for all levels of riders and preferred styles of riding.

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Virtual Challenges

The Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) has been working with its member clubs, event organizers and landowners to get some fun events going for the summer. Due to COVID-19 the events have gone virtual. But you don’t need to slap on a race plate to challenge yourself. Check out the great options.

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Trust and Focus

Yvonne had the privilege of catching up with local artist and member of Shred Kelly, Sage McBride, to see what she does to maintain a work, life and mamahood balance.

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The Goat on Gorby Trail

Summer is officially here, the trails are clear of snow and more terrain and access to outdoor spaces is now available to us! This month, we challenge you to find the Goat donation bin located at the beginning of Old Goat, one of Fernie’s oldest and most cherished mountain bike trails. Find the box this July and remember to head to Edge of the World to get your sticker!

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Mount Proctor Hike

The Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) has been focusing on a number of key initiatives including Trail Work Procedures, COVID Procedures and communications.

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Deer Trail

Summer in Fernie and mountain biking go hand in hand. As the snow melts, bikes of all shapes and sizes appear in droves on the streets and trails. The mountain biking here is plentiful and diverse, from family friendly flowy trails to technical cross country, downhill, and big-air flow trails.

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Fernie Gravel Grind - The Virtual Edition

Last year, local rider Carter Nieuwesteeg had an idea of an event that would both lure bikers to explore the expansive and beautiful lanscapes in surounding the community of Fernie while also raising money for the the town's local trails alliance - the Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA).

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Fernie Scavenger Hunt - Fairy Donation Box

While we are unsure what the future will look like, we are sure we have beautiful wilderness surrounding us with well-maintained trails providing access to many inspirational spots. Each month, we will provide an image and some directions to a location which is also the home to one of the artistic donation boxes in Fernie’s trail network.

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Early Season BIke Check

Local mountain bike coach Kat Robinson reminds us of the small things we can do before heading out for a ride to ensure our bike is in working order and ready for the trails ahead! 

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Shifting Gears

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New Trail Manager

As we shift into a new season the Fernie Trails Alliance (FTA) is also moving into a new direction with hiring of a Trail Manager. This individual will be responsible for managing and coordinating volunteers, coordinating the inspection and maintenance of existing trails, managing budgets and providing weekly trail reports.

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Fernie Alpine Resort Opens for Summer 2020

Today, Fernie Alpine Resort announced their plans for opening this summer!

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