Grassfire Contained Near Jaffray

A grassfire along Jaffray Baynes Lake Road prompted a full response from the South Country Fire Departments this evening.

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Launch of PacificSport Centre for the Columbia Basin

The PacificSport Columbia Basin Board and viaSport BC are pleased to announce the launch of a new PacificSport Centre in the Columbia Basin, with the support of the British Columbia Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. PacificSport Columbia Basin joins the Regional Sport Alliance, which is a collective of provincial-sport delivery organizations passionate about enriching lives and energizing communities through sport and activity.  

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Expert Team Leaps Into Action to Protect Endangered Leopard Frogs

You can hear them well over a kilometre in the distance, their baritone horns serenading the wetlands. The croak of the populated male American bullfrog signals the alarming density of frogs migrating to the Yaqan Nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay Band) lands and along the Lower Kootenay River, south of Creston.

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Ecosystem Projects Create Meaningful Impact

Groups around the Columbia Basin are undertaking major projects to enhance biodiversity and ecosystems in the region with support from Columbia Basin Trust. In the most recent intake of its Ecosystem Enhancement Program, the Trust is supporting four new large-scale and six smaller-scale ecosystem projects.

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Bucks, Tracks & Collaboration for Local Winter Trail Grooming

There are three new pieces of grooming equipment plowing around Fernie’s non-motorized trails this winter thanks to a federal grant secured by Tourism Fernie.

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Nordic Opportunities

Often visitors are happily surprised by the variety of Nordic opportunities available in Fernie. We are after all a small community however are a community that enjoys spending time in the beauty and nature that surrounds us. We are also fortunate to have hard working and dedicated organizations and volunteers who ensure these opportunities exist. For those looking for a little glide during your stay, here are your options.

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A Focus on Trails Means Enjoyment and Employment

Some trails will be longer, get upgraded surfaces, or have new bridges or benches. In 17 communities, 26 projects are improving trails, supported by Columbia Basin Trust. In addition,16 organizations are receiving Trust funds to offer 38 trail-crew jobs. 

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Backcountry Safety Know Before You Go

Anyone visiting Fernie during the winter will be drawn to the amazing backcountry, whether on skis/snowboards, snowshoes or a snowmobile. While the experience can be one of the highlights of your visit, once you set foot outside controlled areas (essentially Fernie Alpine Resort), you expose yourself to substantial avalanche risk. Fernie’s legendary deep powder and steep mountains can be fatal if not approached with respect.

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Winter Wander Snowshoe Tours with Wild Nature Tours

Discover the unique natural history and seasonal scenic beauty of the Elk Valley on an educational snowshoe tour through a beautiful forest with gorgeous views, an invigorating winter hike to one of their favourite local spots or a family-friendly excursion on some of the local trails.

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Winter Biking: The New Kid on the Winter Activity Scene

Winter biking is the ‘new’ kid on the winter activity scene. This sport is trending more than ever because it is so enjoyable and such an easy way to explore our winter wonderland. Winter biking provides a glorious way to slow down a little and see the beauty of a snowy landscape. Whether you put studded tires on your mountain bike or ride a Fat Bike, winter biking is fun. That is, if the conditions are right. Fernie offers a wide assortment of winter trails that are groomed regularly. 

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Kirby McDonald

My daughters are enamoured with horses and have been since they were wee. Last summer, they had weekly classes at Love it or Leave it Ranch and the love only grew. Not only did these lessons teach them how to ride horses, they also learned how to properly take care of them, move around them, and feel at ease with them. I was amazed at the progression. 

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Love the Elk River? Help Keep it Clean! ERA Invites Valley Residents to Annual Elk River Shoreline Clean Up

This summer, locals and tourists basked in the refreshing waters of the Elk River. Unfortunately, where there are people, trash is soon to follow. The Elk River Alliance is asking the Elk Valley community to come together and help ensure a clean river for generations to come.

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Tennis, Anyone?

It is no surprise tennis dates back to the 12th Century and continues to be a popular sport. Running around a court chasing a yellow ball and trying to hit it back over the net is not only engaging, it’s good for you and is also sociable with no limits on age at either end.

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Maddox Johnson and Layla Rella

This winter, our daughter joined the Fernie Freestyle club and we were so impressed with her coach, Coach Brian. Like myself at that age (for real!) she shied away from competition and never considered herself an athlete. From day one, Brian referred to them all as athletes. After an entire winter of hearing this positive reinforcement, we saw such a wonderful shift in her.  

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