A Day in the Life of a Cat Skier

he Lizard Range’s wild and rugged peaks seem to have a knack for capturing moist weather patterns holding them hostage while snow falls hard and heavy for days. This makes Fernie the ideal winter playground for countless outdoor pursuits. 

Posted by Mike Wilson on Nov 15, 2018 in Outdoors

Braaapcountry - Snowmobiling This Winter

A shake of the snow globe and braapcountry enthusiasts find ourselves on the heels of another legendary winter in the Elk Valley. Emerging as one of BC’s best snowmobile destinations, Fernie serves up out-the-door, easy access to a delicious buffet of terrain suitable for a variety of powder palates. 

Posted by Nicole Matei on Nov 14, 2018 in Outdoors

St. Margaret’s Cemetery

A cemetery is the surest place to find peace. St. Margaret's Cemetery in Fernie is one such cemetery. Old stones mix with old trees, standing quietly together just above town, touched only by the passing breeze.

Posted by Jesse Bell on Nov 09, 2018 in Outdoors

Choose Today’s Special

Distance: Approx. 12km
Time: Approx. 2 – 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Black

Posted by Julie Kelly on Oct 12, 2018 in Outdoors

Not Quite Alone and the Crowsnest Wind

Sometimes all Jesse wants is to hike alone. Alone enough to feel the thud of her boots against the earth. To have your face tickled by the breeze as it blows between yellowing larch needles. 

Posted by Jesse Bell on Oct 02, 2018 in Outdoors


“I’m afraid of heights!” Mel hears this panicked exclamation escape the lips of the majority of beginner climbers. This natural fear of heights is instrumental in making sure that we live to see another day. There are ways to reconcile the self-preserving fear of heights and go on to enjoy the vertical challenges of rock climbing.

Posted by Mel Makepeace on Sep 08, 2018 in Outdoors

Emergency Preparedness

We do seem to get our share of extreme weather in Fernie. Avalanches, floods, blizzards, and perhaps worst of all, fire.

Posted by Jeff Colden on Sep 04, 2018 in Outdoors


Denim vests and cutoff denim shorts, trucker hats and chewing tobacco. Small cars, big trucks, mud and dust all over your face, your hands, your feet, your clothes. This, all of this, is Derby.

Posted by Jesse Bell on Sep 01, 2018 in Outdoors

Ridgemont Firesmart Harvesting

Posted by Julie Kelly on Aug 28, 2018 in Outdoors

Get in the Flow with Contra

Distance: Approx. 10 km
Time: Approx. 1.5 – 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced

Posted by Julie Kelly on Aug 22, 2018 in Outdoors

"Stayin’ Alive”

Knowledge of the climbing lingo as well as understanding common mistakes and how to avoid making them can lead to a life of climbing without ever having to make a rescue call.

Posted by Mel Makepeace on Aug 19, 2018 in Outdoors

The Trails of Island Lake

Fernie is a beautiful place to live. Many places have a great view, but perhaps nowhere are the surroundings more magical than around Island Lake Lodge.

Posted by Jeff Colden on Aug 12, 2018 in Outdoors

Wine Tours and the Little Things

Sometimes you don't know what you need inside your soul. That is, until you're yelling out lyrics to Robyn's Show Me Love circa 1997 while wine-drunk, and on your way to a pool overlooking a vineyard.

Posted by Jesse Bell on Aug 07, 2018 in Outdoors
Freebird at Whiefish Mountain Resort

Summer Getaway - Whitefish, Montana

Bikers heading down Freebird at Whitefish Mountain Resort, image by Chuck Finlay

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Jul 24, 2018 in Outdoors