Pistol Squat Progression

Living in a mountain town, quad dominance is a common trend and is a subject I think we need to bring some light to. By balancing out our strengths and utilizing the entire body, we are setting ourselves up for success and ensuring that we can continue to do the things we love.

Posted by admin on Sep 20, 2020 in Health

Navigating Resources Wisely

In our culture there is so much emphasis placed on preparing for pregnancy and even for labour and delivery and perhaps not enough on preparing for parenthood. There is so much self-doubt and so many questions that need answering so where do you turn for advice? 

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sep 18, 2020 in Health

Our Trickster Brains

Our brains tell us lies each and every day. 

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sep 15, 2020 in Health

Veterinary Health Care

One of the most difficult aspects in being a pet owner is facing the challenge in our animals not being able to tell us how they’re feeling when they aren’t well. It doesn’t take long for us to feel lost and helpless. Most of us will do just about anything to help them and there is no better way to achieve that than by working with the right veterinarian. 

Posted by Val Lanthier on Sep 07, 2020 in Health


Self-help comes in many formats. A walk in the woods, books, flyers, and websites. In the past few years podcasts have become an integral part of the mental health landscape. Research and evidencebased practice shapes psychological best practice. 

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Aug 10, 2020 in Health

Cooking with Corbs - Cream Puffs

Can you believe August is here?! And with it, the last of our online Summer Series: Cooking with Corbs! We hope you have enjoyed this feature, and are looking forward to providing more of this type of content in future. Yes, we love Becky and Corbs!

Posted by admin on Aug 05, 2020 in Health

SUP Dogs

We are spoiled by so many great places to get on the water, some days it’s hard to choose where to go. If you have a dog who insists on joining every adventure, try stand-up paddle boarding together! It’s easier than it looks and here are some helpful tips.

Posted by Val Lanthier on Aug 04, 2020 in Health

Finding Your Vitality

To me, the idea of a revival or being “revived” translates to bringing yourself back to life. It has been so wonderful seeing this revival happening around us as businesses start to open, people venture out of their homes, and we begin to see and spend time with the people we love. 

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Jul 30, 2020 in Health

Finding Focus in Your Life (and Health)

The last few months have been unprecedented for all of us and while it has been a time of great uncertainty, fear, and for many, loss, it has also presented us all with opportunity. Opportunity to examine our lives and really consider the possibility for change.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Jul 18, 2020 in Health

Sun’s Out, Guns Out

Attempting to do most of my physical activity outdoors becomes rather easy with help of great weather and warm temperatures. Fitness friends and I often use the term ‘Sun’s Out, Guns Out’ when planning workouts during the summer months and find the term incredibly fitting as they often entail short bursts of high intensity work combined with slower strength focused movements. 

Posted by Maddy Alaric on Jul 15, 2020 in Health

Be Uncomfortable

We do not develop six packs or becomes a marathon runners without sore muscles along the way. Similarly, we cannot gain strength in our mental health without processing pain, sadness, and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. The past few months of 2020 have certainly prompted discomfort as we learned to live in new ways and sat with our thoughts and feelings about the world and the humans who inhabit it. 

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Jul 10, 2020 in Health

A Pain In The Neck

None of us want our dogs to be uncomfortable after all and yet they can’t tell us so we just go on without knowing. Veterinarians are starting to suggest that neck injuries could be contributing to certain symptoms and even misinterpretation. 

Posted by Val Lanthier on Jul 08, 2020 in Health

The 100’s Club Movement Challenge

June seems like a nice month for a challenge. How does completing 100 reps of different movements each day throughout the month sound?

Posted by Maddy Alaric on Jun 15, 2020 in Health

The Courage to be Ordinary

You read that right, the courage to be ordinary. Not the strongest, fastest, smartest, prettiest, or best. Ordinary and good enough.

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Jun 10, 2020 in Health