Know Your Seed

Posted by Ashley Lortscher on May 13, 2022 in Health

Turning Your Bathroom Green

There are a lot of reasons for wanting to switch up all of your hygiene/beauty products for something a little bit greener, including wanting to have a little less of an environmental impact, and trying to be a bit healthier. What do body products have to do with environmentalism?

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Apr 14, 2022 in Health

Solitude Spot

“To sit in solitude, to think in solitude with only the music of the stream and the cedar to break the flow of silence, there lies the value of wilderness.” John Muir. 

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Mar 31, 2022 in Health

Finding and Building Belonging

If you’ve been following this column in the Fix for the past few months, I’ve been sharing some concepts and opinions around mentorship in the mountains. I wrote about learning how to lay the perfect skin track with my friend Grania, the Queen of the Selkirks (December 2021), I shared that mentorship often is inaccessible by those who need it most (January 2021), and last month I explored some risk management and decision making techniques for backcountry skiing. 

Posted by Claire Smallwood on Mar 16, 2022 in Health

The After Years

Menopause, the final phase across the life span that we will be discussing. The last big shift we experience in our bodies as females, but unfortunately a shift we may not feel fully prepared for. Most of us are aware of hot flashes, mood swings and the ending of our menstruation, but in my experience a lot of women are not prepared for other changes that can occur, and most wonder why we aren’t educated earlier on. 

Posted by Stephanie McDowell on Mar 14, 2022 in Health

Understanding Gained

Slow travel gives you the luxury of time to experience and understand new cultures. Studies show that travel increases understanding and empathy towards other cultures. It allows us to see the connections between cultures that let us understand our similarities and differences.

Posted by Patrick Robertson on Mar 09, 2022 in Health

You, Before Connecting to Others

We show up for the humans in our lives. As soon as we wake up, we are taking out our pets, making breakfast for others, organizing our day around who needs what. We support our partners, our kids, our colleagues, our family, and our friends without even giving it a second thought.

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Mar 04, 2022 in Health

Equality in Health

We go though our lives with the benefit of only our own perspective. We see our experiences and the experiences of those around us through that one perspective, which makes it difficult to fully understand what the true experience of others is like. As a result, it can be challenging to recognize when equality in health and social care is lacking for other people or even ourselves but us not recognizing it doesn’t make it any less of a concern. 

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Mar 03, 2022 in Health

What Does Human Connection Mean to You?

Connection. We certainly talk a lot about connection, especially in a connection-themed issue of the Fernie Fix, but what does it mean? Why is it important? Well, fundamentally, humans are reliant upon other humans in order to have their needs met. None of us could exist in a bubble devoid of all human interaction, contact, or input.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Feb 17, 2022 in Health

Feeling Fabulous - Mighty Moose Dragathon

It’s the day before the first Mighty Moose Dragathon. Strutting down 2nd Ave in my thigh-high burgundy heels, a sexy coal miner gives me $100 and a warm, passionate kiss on the lips…

Posted by Isabella GiaVulva on Feb 11, 2022 in Health

Good Judgement

“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.” —Rita Mae Brown

Posted by Claire Smallwood on Feb 06, 2022 in Health

Shame and Relationships

What is the purpose of living? Why are we here? 

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Feb 03, 2022 in Health

Everyone Can Be a Mentor

The concept of mountain mentorship might be outdated. 

Posted by Claire Smallwood on Jan 22, 2022 in Health

New Year, New Resolve

I’ve spent a lot of years writing articles about kick-starting your health in the New Year as we are all conditioned to believe that January has some magical power to it, and that any deficiencies we see as we take stock of our health and wealth at the end of December can be addressed with sudden and severe changes to our lifestyles. 

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Jan 18, 2022 in Health