Biking Your Best

Now that most of the snow is gone biking season has started. This is a great time to re-focus your exercise program to sport specific biking routines which help improve your bike riding and prevent injuries.

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Jun 24, 2011 in Health

Barrie Rebbeck-Elliot’s Prosciutto Wrapped Stuffed Trout

photo by Matt Kuhn

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Health Through Community

Community is an interesting concept that can be defined in many ways. Community is the town you live in, the family you grew up in, the family you created, the hockey team you play on, the people you work with, the elementary school you go to, and so on. It is the interactions within your various communities that help to define not only who you are but also who you strive to become. How can these interactions and relationships not have effect on your health?

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Apr 23, 2011 in Health

Get Fit Through Community Teams and Clubs

One of the easiest ways to adhere to an exercise program is to become accountable to someone or a group of people. Additionally it’s easy to keep exercising when it’s fun. Trying to find your perfect fit for fitness can be challenging, so this spring perhaps you can challenge yourself by joining in with our fit community and trying a new form of fitness. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Evolution Health and Fitness classes: Sign up the day of class for Pilates, spin class, powerfit, yoga or dance. Get a buddy to commit to going with you to keep you on track. 250-423-3344

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Driving Towards a Greener Option

Every year when April comes around we tend to think about the future. School is finishing, for the last time in my case. As summer approaches, planning needs to be done. Schedules and lists for the future made and other things considered. April is also earth month and consequently the future of the planet and our place in it is on my mind. I break out my bicycle more often than not, in an attempt to try to save our atmosphere from the detrimental effects of the internal combustion engine. But is that really the only solution?

Posted by Chalice Walker on Mar 31, 2011 in Health

Baker Arek Szewc of Loaf

Arek Szewc is from a town near Krakow, Poland and spent a number of years training and working in the UK before making Fernie home. As head baker of Loaf Bakery, Arek makes every single loaf of bread fresh each morning at the bakery. He is a gifted artisanal baker who prides himself on making loaves by hand in the old fashion and traditional ways.

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New Mom's Springing Back into Shape

With spring arriving, many mothers are sighing with relief and excited to get outdoors. The days battling with snowsuits and winter boots are almost over and it is a great time to get back into a fitness routine.

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Overthinking Over Eating

“What is for dinner?” This may be one of the more frequently asked questions directed at parents, at least mine. It is the result if our culture’s deep rooted obsession with food, being passed from generation to generation.

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Fernie Finest Chefs: Yan Therien

Like many of the chefs I know Yan started along the chef path early in life. The only difference is Yan was set on a career in politics and working in kitchens was merely a means to pay for the things he wanted.

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Healthy Travelling

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always associated travel of any kind with an increased likelihood of some kind of illness.

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Functional Anatomy Part 5: The Trapezius

If you have ever experienced neck discomfort, it may be a smart idea to learn about the lower trapezius muscle fibres. This group of muscle fibres is part of the trapezius muscle. The lower trapezius fibres are typically under used in anyone who has poor upper body posture (forward rounded shoulders, slouching, poking chin) and can do wonders at improving posture and eliminating neck pain.

1. Where is this muscle?

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Fernie Fashion is Function

Fashion is North America’s ever changing variable. People conform annually to the norms set by a select few editors of prestigious style magazines. Hopefully I am not the only one who gets a good laugh from Vogue. Do they actually think that because one beautifully photo shopped woman is wearing a birds nest in her hair I am going to? Does Marc Jacobs really believe that because his models catwalked with hideously thick afros that they will be “spring’s new style”, and hair salons are going to make extra money in perms over the next few months?

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Women's Moods

PMS, postpartum depression, menopause, mood swings…all of these are labels for a specific type of mood disorder that is characterized as being the result of various shifts in hormone levels across a woman’s life span.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Jan 29, 2011 in Health

Fernie's Finest Chefs: Paul Haddon

Paul Haddon was surrounded by positive food experiences from an early age. He has fond memories of baking cakes with his grandmother as a child, but the real influence came from having young parents who loved to entertain. During their many dinner parties they would often find Paul in the kitchen helping out.

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Functional Anatomy Part 4: The Illiopsoas (Hip Flexors)

If you sit in front of a computer, mountain bike, cross country ski, snowshoe or ride the ski hill chances are your Illiopsoas muscle affects your life. This large muscle group is a definite troublemaker and causes plenty of low back pain in the Elk Valley because it is so commonly neglected. So if you are affected by lower back pain and want to learn more about it read on.

1. Where is this muscle?

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