Functional Anatomy Part 1 – The Illiotibial Band

This series focuses on specific muscles to help you better understand the importance of strengthening or stretching to prevent or heal injuries. We begin with the IT Band, and will continue with Quads in December, Hamstrings in November, Hip Flexors in February and Lower Trapzius in February.

1. Where is this muscle?
It originates at the top of the outside of the hip (anterior superior iliac spine) and inserts below the knee on the outside of your lower leg (lateral chondial of the tibia).

2. What does it do?

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Career Planning

This past month I started my last year of high school and a question I am constantly asked is what my plan is for my career. I am sure that other seniors can identify with the feeling of being unceasingly reminded that your future holds no certainty. Of having a long stream of questions boil up from their place, constantly lurking at the back of your mind. Every time I am asked that loaded question, the following is the general thought process that goes through my mind.

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Fernie Foodies

The Fernie Women’s Resource Centre has been busy lately with a fundraiser that showcases the diversity of our community and will appeal to local foodies. Fernie Foodies, a cookbook that was the brain child of board member Judith Johansson, has taken on a life of its own since its inception.

“The number of local people who submitted recipes and offered to help out was phenomenal,” says assistant coordinator of the Women’s Centre, Lauren Fox. “The response was overwhelming and inspiring all at the same time!”

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Moussaka - A Gift From the Greek Goddesses

We began meeting over 15 years ago- a group of women all about the same age, friends for one reason or another. In common was life in a mountain town, relationships with partners, children, parents and siblings. The idea came from me - I was home alone most days with two small boys, which at times I found isolating and lonely and craved a connection with other women. These gatherings were all about connecting with each other and having time to ourselves at a time in our lives when we spent most of our days looking after others.

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Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the things that endeared me to Fernie was the commitment to healthy lifestyle that so many in the community had. It may seem that genetics plays a major role in the incredibly fit bodies that so many have, but if you dissect each of these individuals, the biggest trait they have is their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I have discussed with many clients how to create this in their own lives and here are a few key points that seem to work:

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The Melody of Saint-Michelle

A melody rises above the crowded streets of the Hungarian city of Budapest. The year is 1937. Young Yules clings to his mother’s hand, as she drags him from shop to shop. The music grows louder as they approach the Violin maker’s shop. As they walk by Yules stops, enthralled, to watch the fluid movements of the violinist. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. Music seemed to flow from his fingertips, along the body of the violin and out the door, over the many roofs of the city. It was at this moment that Yules knew this was his future.

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Lentil Enchiladas

At 25 I found Fernie and the home I had been looking for since I left my family home and food became a central theme once again in my life. I had my own kitchen and although it was small, I was inspired to make it my own. Once we decided to start a family I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen and it was important to me that it be bright and roomy. Before long we renovated making it three times the original size of our 1950’s bungalow kitchen.

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Back to School Fitness

September is that magical time of year when everything goes from lazy to crazy. The kids go back to school and new routines get developed…bedtimes, homework, and various organised activities are all added to your schedule. So how do you fit your own exercise regime into it all? Here are a few ideas to help the grown-ups out:

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Back To School Health Tips

Although my days in formal education have ended, I will always think of September as back-to-school time.

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The Community Of Camp

For the summer, my life consists of learning through service. I am living at the Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp (CLBC) as part of a volunteer staff that allows this miraculous camp to run, year after year.

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Sensational Lemon Roll

The eight years that my family ran a small inn and French restaurant in Mont Tremblant, Quebec were instrumental in creating who we all are today. I worked in the restaurant business for many years afterward while travelling around Canada looking for a place to call home and have always loved food and cooking.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Exercise


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10 Things You Need to Know About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vitamin that has been getting a lot of press over the past year, particularly since some research was published supporting its ability to prevent H1N1. It is an important vitamin to know about, as we live in a northern latitude without much sunlight in the winter and in a culture that has been trained to either avoid the sun completely or to religiously use sunblock.

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Chicken Fun!

There were two fatalities in our family this morning. The second and third this week. My father was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee this morning as I stumbled in. When he told me the news, I asked what he did with the bodies? He said that he buried them... in the compost. Poor chickens.

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Tomato Butter Recipe and Local Restaurant news

At 13 my real food experiences truly began when my parents had an offer to move the whole family from Toronto to the Laurentians (north of Montreal) to run a hotel for one of my dad’s business partners.

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