Natural Pregnancy and Baby Care Part I

In the midwifery side of my practice, I see a lot of patients who struggle with common pregnancy, postpartum, and newborn ailments that I am generally able to effectively treat using naturopathic remedies.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Nov 22, 2011 in Health

Get Fit to Ski

The much anticipated ski season is fast approaching. Here are eight exercises to help you get ready for the season!

1. Squat: Knees over toes, chest up.
2. Bent Over Triceps Kick Backs: straighten arms behind you, parallel to ground.
3. Body Twist: engage your abs and gluts (bum).
4. Left to Right Hop: start slowly and increase to ski speed.
5. Lunge and Twist: alternate legs, slowly twisting in both directions before standing.
6. Push Up: make sure to drop to your knees if you feel any discomfort.
7. Back Extensions: squeeze/engage your gluts prior to each lift.

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Nov 01, 2011 in Health

Becky Swanson's Sweetcakes!

Becky Swanson was initially inspired by the Fernie Mountain Market - she wanted to be a vendor and offer something made in Fernie.

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Packing a Healthy Lunch

Fall is a time that's synonymous with “Back to School”. It's a time of change, of possibility, of all things new.

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Fall Outdoor Fitness List

Photo by V.Croome

With the heat of the summer behind us and those snowy adventures ahead of us, fall is a great time to push your limits in the outdoors. In case you didn’t already know, Fernie offers a number of options to stay fit this time of the year. Here are a few to squeeze in this month:

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Winter Health Tips

Travelling to Fernie this winter? Whether you’re here for a weekend, for two weeks, or for the season, here are some health tips to consider that will see you through to spring safely and healthily.

1) Pack Wisely – Fernie’s weather is constantly changing so bring enough clothes and gear to keep you warm regardless of what the weather brings. From clear balmy days, to wet, snowy days, to bitterly cold days, Fernie has it all. So prepared and keep yourself warm and dry.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Sep 27, 2011 in Health

In Honour of the Great Fruit Pie

The fruit pie reigns supreme of all desserts in my opinion and I have a difficult time deciding which pie is my favourite. Big fat plump blueberries coated in lemon and sugar baked to perfection in an all butter crust, just can’t be beat. But then peaches come into season and a peach pie is like no other. Fat chunks of the delicious fruit cut into wedges, also coated in sugar and a touch of cinnamon and lemon make for a most enjoyable finish to any summertime meal.

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Back to School Fitness

photo by V.Croome

Okay kids, this one is for you. In this fabulously fit town, you have little excuse to not be a part of the very healthy norm. Here are a few ideas for a variety of ways to improve your fitness, which ultimately will make you feel better about yourself. And at the end of the year, if you feel good about yourself, then I would say it was a pretty awesome year. Why not start the year with the goal of having an awesome one?

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Tips to Keep You Running

Early in my career I had an elderly gentleman approach me at the gym and say, “You know running is bad for you, it is like smoking!” I laughed to myself, thinking he was procrastinating doing his exercises by making conversation. Over the following13 years working as a trainer, I understood what he was saying and now know that he was definitely onto something (although I still contest that smoking is worse).

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Aug 24, 2011 in Health

Trends in Health

Trends in healthcare, particularly alternative healthcare, seem to come and go like wildfire. And like trends in general, some may be more valuable or appropriate than others and it’s up to you to research them before making a decision that may affect your health. I’ll talk about a few of the trends that I’ve noticed in recent months and discuss their validity, which will hopefully give you information that you can apply to other trends as they appear.

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Sean Kluzac - Okonomiyaki

photo by Henry Georgi

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Mark Butcher - Rib-Eye with Rosemary & Blue Cheese Compound

Mark has been cooking professionally for over ten years and is equally serious about his lifestyle and work. After bartending to support his ski bum lifestyle, he thought he’d try his hand in the kitchen. Inspired by a number of chefs along the way he decided to get his chef certificate at George Brown College in Toronto before diving into a life in the mountains which has included a lot of cooking (Lizard Creek Lodge, Island Lake Lodge, Bulldogs and now Picnic) and a lot of skiing. When I met Mark he was adamant about sharing some simple yet crucial tips regarding grilling meats.

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Sleep, Stress and the Adrenal Gland

It’s the end of the day, you can barely keep your eyes open through your favourite TV show, you finally get into bed, your head hits the pillow and…’re wide awake. While it’s true that some people have never had a sleep disorder, most of us struggle with sleep from time to time, if not all the time. Insomnia can be difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep but however it manifests for you, there are a multitude of causes and thankfully, a multitude of treatments.

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Sport Specific Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

Shoulder Press, Photo by V.Croome

Golf season is in full swing and I am often asked how people can improve their game and prevent injuries. Here are a few ideas to help you balance your body and drive that ball further.

1. Cardio

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Hot Fun in the Summertime

As a long, cold winter is slowly releasing its grip on us, most of us are making big plans for the spring and summer, plans that generally include outdoor sports and activities.

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