New Year's Balance

We all know it is important to have balance in life and a good place to start is by improving your balance! If you are new to the balance or “wobble” board, get acquainted with it by timing how long you can stand still on it. Once you feel more comfortable try some of the exercises below.

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Resolve to Have Better Health in 2013

As the December holidays come and go, many people start the New Year off with resolutions to start something new, to eliminate an old habit, or to make small changes in their behaviours.

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Orphan Dinners

“I get by with a little help from my friends”

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Asses Yourself

Injuries can be detrimental to your chosen activities, so it is always a good idea to check yourself. These basic motions provide a good starting point, and should all be easy and pain free.

Should you experience discomfort during any of the exercises, you can work on and improve your range of motion by repeating the movement five to ten times within the pain-free range. Findings of pain may also be a good indicator that you should be making an appointment with someone who can help.

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Preparing for the Holidays

Great Food Related Gift Ideas ~
It's gift giving time of the year. I have toured this little town of ours and come up with some of my favourite food-related gift ideas. Here are just a few.

Le Grande Fromage is host to a large number of cool food-related gift items, including a variety of cheese and cutting boards. From slate to bamboo, acacia and olive wood and beautiful custom made maple boards by Fernie's own Bisaro Woodworking. $7-79

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Autoimmune Disorders

Celiac Disease. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Multiple Sclerosis. Type I Diabetes. SLE (lupus).

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Chef Jason Durig's Roasted Beetroot & Pickled Fennel Salad Recipe

Max Restaurant at Park Place Lodge has a new chef. Jason Dirug is an enthusiastic and articulate guy passionate about his work. Born and raised in Squamish, BC, Jason has been working in kitchens since high school. “I come from a large European family – I'm half Italian and half Swiss and everyone in my family is into food and cooking. My mom still loves to cook and bake and my sister is a pastry chef.”

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Getting Pumped for the Ski Season

If you are motivated by feeling strong, preventing injury or being the best you can be, this routine will definitely help you show up your friends and relatives on the slopes this winter season.

I have chosen the Bosu for some of the exercises because it challenges balance at the same time as working muscles. If you do not have one, you can use a box or bench instead which will make it easier, or a wobble board which will make it harder.

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Protecting Against the Flu Virus and Other Infections

I set out to write an article on the seasonal flu vaccine but as I waded through the research – some good, some bad – I decided that I didn't want to be the one to tell you whether or not the flu vaccine is appropriate for you and your f

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My Cup of Tea

“I came for the winter, but stayed for the summer.” I hear this a lot in Fernie. For me, I love all the seasons. Fall is hard to beat for sure.

Of course, skiing is not my cup of tea (just ask anyone who has seen me try). I grew up in a small Nova Scotia hockey town. Before arriving in Fernie, my skiing experience was limited to one Grade 5 trip to the local ski hill named The Keppoch (all nine runs). The only thing I remember about that day is the t-bar. I fell off halfway up the “mountain,” turned around to catch the next bar, and caught it… with my forehead.

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Exercise in Pregnancy

Exercise is such an important component of health and well being for everyone, and pregnant women are no exception.

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Helping to Make the Little Things Count

On day number one of my Bachelor of Education degree, our class was required answer the question, “Why do you want to teach?” Due to my preference for sitting on the edge of a room, I would answer last.

One woman answered, “My mother taught, and I always loved hearing her stories at supper.”

My mother taught too. Of her ten siblings, seven went into education. My relatives played a role in my choice to become a teacher, but they were not the reason.

A well-dressed guy answered, “I got into trouble lots as a kid. My Grade Ten teacher turned my life around.”

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Scavenger Hunt

This month to spice up your fall trail runs, walks or hikes take the Scavenger Hunt challenge. Try to find each obstacle on the following list and perform the given exercise slowly and controlled until exhaustion before continuing.

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On Anniversaries

Photo by Kyle Hamilton

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Summer Six Pack

When your regular exercise routine is replaced by outdoor pursuits such as hiking or a day at the lake, it’s a good idea to remind your core how to engage and shine in that swimwear. Here’s a quick routine for your summer six pack.


*Make sure none of the exercises cause pain or discomfort- muscle burning only!
*Perform movements slowly and smoothly while breathing regularly. Holding your breath may cause hernias, which can seriously dampen your summer!

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Aug 03, 2012 in Health