Digging in For Summer

May in Fernie. We are heading into busy times. Squeezing recreation in with work around the home, a job and often children. Some of you would love to include a garden this summer. Gardening is an invaluable skill to learn and the produce we eat is much more nutritious when it goes straight from our garden to our plate. It also teaches our children that some of our produce need not come from a store, and demonstrates a process of life from start to finish. A fun and healthy activity for the whole family, there are a few important factors when choosing to start a vegetable garden.

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Are You Ready to Run?

What better way to celebrate our community than to take a run through it? Running is not only a time efficient way to get fit, but it requires little equipment and is also very accessible. Around Fernie, there are many trails appropriate for all running levels. The important question, however, is to ask yourself if you are ready to run.

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Eco-Friendly Pregnancy and Baby Care

Not well-defined as a rule, I choose to think of the term "ecofriendly" as meaning that these products are natural, are made in a way that does less harm to the environment, and in a way that is ethically and socially responsibly, can be

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Getting All Up In Your Grill For Earth Day

My dad is one of the hardest working people I know. He worked 8-5, plus occasional weekends and overtime, in order to support his wife and their six kids. As kids, my brothers and I counted down to Dad’s summer vacation the way many kids countdown to Christmas. We would go on family camping trips and road trips. And for two weeks straight, most of our meals were cooked over the charcoal barbecue. Perhaps that is why barbecued anything, is among my favourite foods.

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Green, White and Yellow


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Green-up Your Workout

With Earth Day this month comes the wonderful reminder of reducing our carbon footprint. Consider the following ten green fitness challenges this Aril:

1. Walk/run/bike to work. Ditch those keys for some added fitness to your day! Start a challenge between co-workers or friends to see who can go the longest without driving.
2. Carpool or walk to the gym. Incorporate getting to and from the gym into the cardio portion of your workout. If you live too far, carpooling can be a great motivator to get to the gym.

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In Praise of Oats and Wine

I am a big fan of oats, and when I walked into the local health food store recently to buy some organic whole oats, Norm and I had a conversation that went like this.

Norm: “What did you forget? You were just in here?”
Christa: “I forgot oats and I love oats.”
Norm: “Who doesn't love oats? All the best things are made with oats.”
Christa “ Yea like apple crisp, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and my all-time favourite, date squares.”
Norm: “Exactly!”

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Eating for Health

Spring is almost upon us and for many of us, it's a natural time of year to do a cleanse, incorporate a new activity, or consider making adjustments to your diet. I don't subscribe 100% to any of the dietary trends that are out there (and there are A LOT), but rather I do some research into them and incorporate them into my diet and the diets of my patients as appropriate. I truly believe that there is no one right way of eating for everyone, all the time.

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Standing Tall

Posture, posture, posture! It should be a no-brainer that improving posture can result in feeling thinner, better and more confident. March is a great month to check yourself and make sure winter sports are not taking a toll on your posture. If you are not sitting and standing as tall as you can as often as you can, you are increasing your risk of posture related injuries such as neck, shoulder and lower back pain.

Four Keys to Good Posture

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Easy Targets

I remember, in the late ‘80s, I had a Grade 5 classmate who wore his long johns under his neon shorts in PE and did a lot of other things that did not help his social status, including frequently getting into trouble with the teacher. Not only did the rest of the class distance themselves from him, but they also gave him mean nicknames and made fun of him. He was an easy target.

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Pizza, Meatballs and More

Handmade pizza is my new craze and I have a few favourite recipes that we serve in our house.

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Partner Training

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I decided to offer some tips on sprucing up your relationship in the gym. Partner training can be a great tool to improve your motivation and adherence to a fitness program by making your workouts more fun and competitive. When looking for a good partner to train with, consider your schedules, motivation, training styles and goal compatibility. Set yourselves some partner goals (number of work outs in a month, cardio hours/week, weight loss etc) along with a reward system for each goal achieved to add to your enjoyment.

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Oxytocin: The "Love" Hormone

Chances are, if you haven't had a baby or aren't involved in the babycatching business in one way or another, you probably haven't heard of oxytocin, yet it is a naturally occurring hormone in all men and women, secreted by the posterior

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New Year Options

Food Buys
On a cold and wintery day one of my favourite comfort foods is chicken potpie. It is fun to make, but when I don't have the time I have discovered a great, quick and easy alternative. Made right here in BC and available in the freezer section of Overwaitea Foods are Piper's Pies. I love the Curried Chicken but they make a good Turkey, Steak and Mushroom and their Tortiere is also delicious. $6.49 for the 250gram size. $10.99 for the 750 gram size.

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Moving Forward

Photo: Janus, the God of beginnings and transitions

Robert Crais is a novelist who writes detective stories. Great detective stories. I was stretched out on our couch reading one of his books when my brain started to wander, reflecting back over the year that was 2012. Lots of change, including a new job and returning to university after almost a decade-long hiatus. The low point for me was early in 2012, when my wife and I had a miscarriage. The high point for me, was the August day my wife told me we were pregnant again.

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