Bike Stretches

Bike season is upon us, and regardless of the time you’ve put in on your trainer or in spin class you will likely experience tight and sore muscles. Here is a list of stretches you can do before and/or after your bike ride to help you prevent injury and recover faster.

These incorporate the use of a bike to aid the stretch, so make sure it is secured against something so it will not fall over. And remember to take your time and that stretching should never hurt.

1. Arm circles 5/direction. Slow pain free circles.

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Summer Health Rx

I love summer. It's is a great time of year to recharge your diet and your health.

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Tanya and Ray of the Blue Toque

Both Tanya and Ray, owners, operators and chefs of the Blue Toque Diner were active in the restaurant business in Calgary for years before they made their way to Fernie to buy The Toque. Tanya for the most part worked the front of the house but just prior to her discovering Fernie worked for a catering company called Redtree where she learned a lot about food and how to prepare it well.

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Training for Races

Last month I had the pleasure of racing in the PPP, a fun relay race organized at Fernie Alpine Resort. Throughout the day, I was inspired by what races embody: te

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Mary Heavey, Chocolatier at Beanpod

photo by Henry Georgi

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Recovering from an Injury

photo by V.Croome

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of casts, slings, and crutches around town and have had the pleasure of training a few within weeks of their injury. While you may think this is a bit aggressive, it can be a great tactic. After all, just because your arm is broken doesn’t mean your legs don’t work and vice versa. In fact, exercising your non-injured muscles when recovering is an excellent way to stay sane and decrease the amount of work when you’re ready for rehabilitation. In an effort to ease the recovery process, I broke it down into four phases.

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"Green" Health Tips

With April comes the Green Issue of the Fernie Fix, so I thought it might be a good time to go over some tips to decrease your exposure to unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals in some of the products you use in both the bathroom and the kitchen, and some other tips to decrease your environmental impact overall. Many of the additives included in these products are known carcinogens and can interfere with hormone levels. Here are five ways that you can improve your health and quality of life in an effort to be more “green”.

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If you were hoping for an article on a giant dinosaur, you are out of luck. If you were looking for something about a new piece of equipment that will make you feel as strong as one, keep reading...

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Probiotics and Gastrointestinal Health

I set out to do an article on digestion and gastrointestinal health this month but as I began to put together the article, I realized the vastness of the topic and decided just to start with something topical, like probiotics. Probiotiocs are getting a lot of publicity, from their inclusion in major brands of yogurt (and the focus of these yogurts’ ad campaigns), to the exponential growth in research with a focus on the role of probiotics and the potential effects of their imbalance or absence.

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Q&A with Sarah

This month to change it up I decided to walk through the gym and ask members if they had any questions they would like answered in the Fix.

1. "How do I prevent muscle soreness after I exercise?"-Josh

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Keshab Sapka: Head Chef at Mountain Tandoor

If you have ever eaten at Mountain Tandoor at the Stanford Inn then you know that it is authentic Indian cuisine.

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Locals Who Love to Cook with Amy Boeckner

Amy is known in her circle of friends as an adventurous cook and baker who isn’t afraid to experiment in the kitchen. I was intrigued by the stories I had heard, especially regarding her Bacon Jam! While Amy didn’t invent the recipe, she apparently perfected it.

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Natural Baby Care

In the new year, we welcome all things new; new lifestyles, new gym memberships, new habits, and of course, new babies. As I touched on in my previous article, there are many things that come up during pregnancy and the postpartum period that can often be easily treated naturally, with little intervention. This is particularly true for babies, who are so sensitive they may have a severe over-reaction to any stronger treatment.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Jan 10, 2012 in Health

Change: As Good As a Holiday

Okay, okay, it’s not quite as good, but you may be surprised just how good a little change feels! With a new year always comes a great excuse to freshen things up so here are some ideas on how you can create a healthier you this year.

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Locals Who Love to Cook - Pat Robertson

Photo by Christa Moffat

Pat Robertson was introduced to good food early in life. With a French Canadian mother, he grew up with traditional Quebecoise food and it was at home that he began his lifelong appreciation of food. As a boy while out camping with friends and in university, living with roommates he was always the designated cook, which pushed Pat to try new things in the kitchen. “Cooking is something you have to do every day why not make the most of it.”

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