Sean Kluzac - Okonomiyaki

photo by Henry Georgi

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Mark Butcher - Rib-Eye with Rosemary & Blue Cheese Compound

Mark has been cooking professionally for over ten years and is equally serious about his lifestyle and work. After bartending to support his ski bum lifestyle, he thought he’d try his hand in the kitchen. Inspired by a number of chefs along the way he decided to get his chef certificate at George Brown College in Toronto before diving into a life in the mountains which has included a lot of cooking (Lizard Creek Lodge, Island Lake Lodge, Bulldogs and now Picnic) and a lot of skiing. When I met Mark he was adamant about sharing some simple yet crucial tips regarding grilling meats.

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Sleep, Stress and the Adrenal Gland

It’s the end of the day, you can barely keep your eyes open through your favourite TV show, you finally get into bed, your head hits the pillow and…’re wide awake. While it’s true that some people have never had a sleep disorder, most of us struggle with sleep from time to time, if not all the time. Insomnia can be difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep but however it manifests for you, there are a multitude of causes and thankfully, a multitude of treatments.

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Sport Specific Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

Shoulder Press, Photo by V.Croome

Golf season is in full swing and I am often asked how people can improve their game and prevent injuries. Here are a few ideas to help you balance your body and drive that ball further.

1. Cardio

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Hot Fun in the Summertime

As a long, cold winter is slowly releasing its grip on us, most of us are making big plans for the spring and summer, plans that generally include outdoor sports and activities.

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Biking Your Best

Now that most of the snow is gone biking season has started. This is a great time to re-focus your exercise program to sport specific biking routines which help improve your bike riding and prevent injuries.

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Barrie Rebbeck-Elliot’s Prosciutto Wrapped Stuffed Trout

photo by Matt Kuhn

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Health Through Community

Community is an interesting concept that can be defined in many ways. Community is the town you live in, the family you grew up in, the family you created, the hockey team you play on, the people you work with, the elementary school you go to, and so on. It is the interactions within your various communities that help to define not only who you are but also who you strive to become. How can these interactions and relationships not have effect on your health?

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Get Fit Through Community Teams and Clubs

One of the easiest ways to adhere to an exercise program is to become accountable to someone or a group of people. Additionally it’s easy to keep exercising when it’s fun. Trying to find your perfect fit for fitness can be challenging, so this spring perhaps you can challenge yourself by joining in with our fit community and trying a new form of fitness. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Evolution Health and Fitness classes: Sign up the day of class for Pilates, spin class, powerfit, yoga or dance. Get a buddy to commit to going with you to keep you on track. 250-423-3344

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Driving Towards a Greener Option

Every year when April comes around we tend to think about the future. School is finishing, for the last time in my case. As summer approaches, planning needs to be done. Schedules and lists for the future made and other things considered. April is also earth month and consequently the future of the planet and our place in it is on my mind. I break out my bicycle more often than not, in an attempt to try to save our atmosphere from the detrimental effects of the internal combustion engine. But is that really the only solution?

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Baker Arek Szewc of Loaf

Arek Szewc is from a town near Krakow, Poland and spent a number of years training and working in the UK before making Fernie home. As head baker of Loaf Bakery, Arek makes every single loaf of bread fresh each morning at the bakery. He is a gifted artisanal baker who prides himself on making loaves by hand in the old fashion and traditional ways.

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New Mom's Springing Back into Shape

With spring arriving, many mothers are sighing with relief and excited to get outdoors. The days battling with snowsuits and winter boots are almost over and it is a great time to get back into a fitness routine.

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Overthinking Over Eating

“What is for dinner?” This may be one of the more frequently asked questions directed at parents, at least mine. It is the result if our culture’s deep rooted obsession with food, being passed from generation to generation.

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Fernie Finest Chefs: Yan Therien

Like many of the chefs I know Yan started along the chef path early in life. The only difference is Yan was set on a career in politics and working in kitchens was merely a means to pay for the things he wanted.

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Healthy Travelling

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always associated travel of any kind with an increased likelihood of some kind of illness.

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