An Ode to the Cottonwood

It’s fall and the Elk Valley is painted a shining golden hue. As cottonwood trees prepare for winter, they lose their green chlorophyll leaving only the yellow/orange “carotenoid” pigments behind. Just weeks ago, the dense canopy of these towering giants cast a deep shadow; a welcome respite from the summer heat.

Posted by Evgeni Matveev on Oct 18, 2023 in Health

Change is Hard

Most people are not big fans of change. We often consider those who do not make efforts to change their lives unmotivated or lazy. In reality we often do not consider that change takes effort, our brains like  to do things involuntarily and based on previous patterns.

Posted by Tyla Mackay on Oct 12, 2023 in Health

Popular Hikes and Travelling in Groups

September is the last month of summer and the first month of autumn. Those lingering warm days in the Northern Hemisphere provide a lovely time to travel, especially since the intense heat and summer rush has passed.

Posted by Patrick Robertson on Sep 21, 2023 in Health

Favourite Month

They’re wrong… it’s not… don’t listen… to whom? Those glass-half-full people who have gleefully been telling you since June 21 that ‘the days are getting shorter’ and now that September has arrived, ‘summer’s over.’

Posted by Duncan Maisels on Sep 10, 2023 in Health

Direct Communication

Last month I was sitting at Freshies with another Fix writer writing. Some friends joined us and expressed a worry that they were interrupting us. I laughed and said, “no if you were, I would just tell you directly,” and they responded with, “can that be your next article?” The need for saying how you feel and what you want directly with kindness. It sure can!

Posted by Tyla Mackay on Sep 09, 2023 in Health

What Makes a River Healthy?

The Elk River watershed interlaces the valley, providing clean water for vegetation, wildlife, and humans. Healthy streams are vital for all life; but what makes a stream “healthy?” The Elk River Alliance has monitored Elk Valley waters for over a decade, and we’d like to explain.

Posted by Evgeni Matveev on Sep 04, 2023 in Health

Gimme Shelter

As I write this with the sun blazing in through an open window, it’s hard to imagine that autumn is just around the corner. After the sweltering dog days of August, I’m looking forward to some cooler temperatures - that said, I’m not ready to let go of summer entirely. In the garden, my chard is going strong and the rows of kale that I seeded in August are still sizing up. I have hopes for some late season salad harvests and I would prefer that they not be dashed by the first hard frost. 

Posted by Hilary Thomson on Aug 30, 2023 in Health

Financial Insecurity and Mental Health

One trip to the grocery store and we are bound to feel the impact of the seemingly endless rise in the cost of living our country is experiencing. In this valley we already had an inflated cost of living compared to cities and non-tourist small towns, so we feel the current financial crisis even more. We talk about it, budget, plan, or for some simply pretend it is not happening. 

Posted by Tyla Mackay on Aug 24, 2023 in Health

Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer are the hottest days of the year. Named during Roman times, this spanned from July 24 to August 24. In summer the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, rises and sets with the sun. Sirius translates directly as burning or scorching and is known as the dog star as it is the binary star of the Constellation Canis Major. 

Posted by Patrick Robertson on Aug 17, 2023 in Health

Succession Planting for a Longer Season

Here we are in August – after a few months of explosive growth fueled by long, sunny days, the garden is looking quite different. The spinach and radishes that flourished in the cooler temperatures of early summer have bolted. Most of my head lettuce has been harvested for salads, and one row of carrots has been pulled – mostly for crunchy, impromptu garden snack breaks. Suddenly there’s a surprising amount of free space – and while it’s admittedly difficult to find the time for planting in the height of summer, the savvy folks who make the time in August will benefit from a harvest that extends well into autumn.

Posted by Hilary Thomson on Aug 05, 2023 in Health

What Stresses Out a Fish?

The life of a modern fish is becoming increasingly stressful. The already challenging tasks of finding food, reproducing, and avoiding predation are getting more difficult with direct and indirect human activity.

Posted by Evgeni Matveev on Aug 03, 2023 in Health

Adding Value to Your Hike

Gosh, it’s the beginning of July already! It’s been unseasonably warm and dry (especially compared to last year’s cooler-than-usual Spring).

Posted by Duncan Maisels on Jul 20, 2023 in Health

We’ll See

Are you someone who likes to watch the same movie over and over? Do you find comfort in knowing how something ends? You are not alone. So many of us place a lot of expectations on how events and relationships in life will turn out. This practice unfortunately can create a lot of pressure for us. This need to know can also lead to resentment and disappointment when things do not turn out as we hoped or anticipated. 

Posted by Tyla Mackay on Jul 16, 2023 in Health

More Fun, Less Watering

Summer is here! Patio season; warm, lingering evenings; bike rides on sun-baked trails; cooling dips in the Elk River. There is much to love about these gloriously sunny months.

Posted by Hilary Thomson on Jul 13, 2023 in Health

Deals Galore

Posted by Patrick Robertson on Jul 06, 2023 in Health