Buff Stuff

So, let’s get to it. Start squeezing those buns on the regular and bring your body to a place of balance.

Posted by Maddy Alaric on Jan 07, 2019 in Health

Japanese Cuisine to Make Your Own with Cam Carr

Each month we celebrate Fernie’s amazing food scene by challenging a local pro to create a five-ingredient recipe with delicious–and revealing–results.

Posted by Crys Stewart on Jan 05, 2019 in Health

Plant Powered

A vegan diet, which means abstaining from consuming animal products, so the only thing vegans eat is garden salad, right? This is far from true.

Posted by Katie Hamar on Jan 03, 2019 in Health

All About the Squat

Naked squats. One hundred naked squats. Do I have your attention? Fun fact, back before I had a toddler waking me up in the wee hours of the morning, I used to roll out of bed and do this. 

Posted by Maddy Alaric on Dec 18, 2018 in Health

Your Guide to Outerwear

Posted by Emma Polit on Dec 14, 2018 in Health

Food as Medicine

Medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last 100 years, particularly when it comes to surgical techniques and medications. Despite these advancements, there is still a place for seemingly old-school remedies, some of which may have been passed down through your family for many generations.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Dec 08, 2018 in Health

Fernie Distillers

Snow falls slow and thick as we make our way into Fernie Distillers. What a lovely thing to do on a snowy day, I think. What a lovely way to kick off the holiday season.

Posted by Katie Hamar on Dec 05, 2018 in Health

Prepare for Winter with Pilates

One of the primary objectives of the Pilates method is increasing adaptability – the body’s ability to adjust and respond to challenges that it meets; a skill that comes in handy when cruising down the mountainside on your mode of choice. 

Posted by Katie Richardson on Nov 17, 2018 in Health

Brain Fuel

The human brain is only about three pounds, however, it’s one of the most complex. Tiffany takes you through three key nutrients for a happy, healthy brain.

Posted by Tiffany Schebesch on Nov 09, 2018 in Health

Eating More Sustainably

This shoulder season, take a moment to reflect on your food purchasing habits and their impact on environmental sustainability. If we all made more mindful choices about food, we would contribute positively towards the issues facing the industry.

Posted by Katie Hamar on Nov 05, 2018 in Health

Charlie’s Carb Choices

“Wheat belly,” aka gaining belly fat from eating too much bread, and the rule to stay away from “white grains” like pasta and rice – so how true is this?​ Make a swap and add one of these high fibre, unprocessed, healthy carbohydrate choices to your grocery list today.

Posted by Tiffany Schebesch on Oct 05, 2018 in Health

Polly’s Picky Eating Predicament

Picky eaters in the house can be a constant frustration and worry for parents. Here’s a strategy to help your youngsters develop healthy relationships with food and take some of the stress off mom and dad’s shoulders.

Posted by Tiffany Schebesch on Sep 14, 2018 in Health

Plant Multiplication

There are a lot of plants that do take the tender care of growing from seed to seedling but you may be startled by the number of everyday house and garden plants that take no time at all to grow as they're already well on their way.

Posted by Ashley Taylor on Sep 08, 2018 in Health

Intuitive Eating

As we grow, we are taught there are “bad” foods, we shouldn’t surpass X daily calories, and diets are the fast-track to our goals. Intuitive eating aims to re-sync you with your body’s cues instead of listening to your mind that has been molded by varied opinions and media.

Posted by Katie Hamar on Sep 04, 2018 in Health

Too Cool For School

Your cheat sheet to acing some of life’s trickier issues.

Posted by Crys Stewart on Aug 30, 2018 in Health