Beyond Recycling

April’s heroes, in a slightly tedious-link sort of way, stem from pizza. Pizza being utterly delicious must surely result in some pretty special heroes.

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Jennifer Heath

This column always seems to enlighten me, and I hope you. When we decide to feature an individual from our community, it’s typically because of something they have begun, are involved in or have accomplished that deserves recognition. The enlightenment happens during the interview, when I realize the reason behind choosing them only scratches the surface of their involvement, passion and commitment.

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Our Canadian Future

Photo by Martina Halik, Raven Eye Photography

Fernie is a more tied to the earth than any place I have ever known. Strip mining prosperity sits side-by-side with ecological protection and preservation, while everyone involved just wants to enjoy the outdoors the best way they know how. Fernie is the confluence of mountains and technology, past and future, history and the present; it is our home, our sustenance, our refuge and our inspiration.

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I LIft Up My Eyes to The Hills

What nuclear disarmament was to the Sixties, and AIDS was the Eighties, so environmentalism is to today; the morally-invested i

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The Green Theme

We live in a small community. We are just 4500 people, living in a narrow valley working hard to stay here. We see the value in where we live and we work hard to protect it. We appreciate those among us and we work hard to build alliances and find ways to work together. We may be small, but time and time again we prove that size doesn’t matter.

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It's Grim Down South

Down here in New Zealand, I live in a town called Dunedin which is right at the bottom of the South Island.

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Back to the Future

Power of Powder Exhibit at the Fernie Museum, photo by V. Croome

Spring, and March in particular, is a time of awakening, of regrowth and renewal. This year there are two very special reasons to look to the past to help strengthen Fernie’s future.

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Griz Days a Cometh

Photo by Joni Krats

March seems to have appeared out of nowhere. A moment ago it was Christmas and a month that often shows signs of spring seemed an age away. Yet, after the perhaps most memorable winter month of the year in terms of snowfall, March is here. Hallelujah! And hello to longer days, warmer mornings and a much loved event in everyone’s calendar, the 35th Annual Griz Days Festival.

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Editor's Fix - March 2012

I am a fan of driving. There is something meditative about sitting behind the wheel with a long stretch of highway ahead of you (accompanied by the perfect playlist of course). Getting from point A to B, with minimal electronic distractions and nowhere else you have to be. I think attending University in towns situated far from Fernie accentuated this love – in one direction I would be coming home, in the other heading towards change, challenges, friends and fun.

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Fernie Mountain Film Festival Crew

This year's MAST class, photo by V.Croome

February. A month that resides between the cleanse enduring January and the vague glimpse of spring that is March. It’s a month of heavy snowfall, brighter mornings and a host of events to secure tickets to. This month’s Unsung Heroes focus is on one of the biggest events in Fernie’s winter calendar, which embraces the essence of our Fernie lifestyle, many a true Fernie’ite and some Fernie feel good times.

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Still Got the Blues

In my musical tastes, as in much else, I suspect I might be somewhat of a disappointment to those with romanticized notions of “Irishness”’; those who envisage a land of misty mountain tops and green fields, in which toothless old men knock back pints of Guinness, and where raven-haired beauties and feisty colleens stomp their feet at raucous fiddle-playing before bursting into a jig, then wrapping their shawls around them and skipping home to their thatched cottages.

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Stephanie Rogers

The East Kootenay Foundation of Health (EKFH) is a valuable non-profit society and public charitable foundation with a sole purpose of fundraising for “health care equipment, patient comforts and educational support for Interior Health facilities in the East Kootenay region.” You might be wondering why fundraising is necessary, and the bottom line is that our provincial government does not have the funds needed for specific products and services that this organization and countless others would like to have offered in our region.

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Preparing for Flight

In the early days of my career I worked, on numerous occasions, as a medical volunteer in India, Nepal, and South America. It was rewarding work and something I will likely return to once the kids have taken flight. The second of these trips, to South America, was the most enlightening.

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Small Mountain City or the Next Telluride

Fernie – a “small mountain city with big ski dreams” according to Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail in an article published January 20, 2012. Not surprisingly, after 170cm of snow fell in a week, Fernie received a lot of attention. Heck, even I was contacted for an interview with CBC and was questioned about “Champagne Tuesday” and the “20cm Rule”. While the buzz was exciting, (but not nearly as exciting as the snow) it had me thinking. Just where does Fernie fit? Small-mountain city or “the next Telluride”?

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The Art of Perception

“Does Grandma live in another world?”

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