Bears Are Getting Ready

Illustrated by Sarah Pullen

Posted by Sylvia Ayers on Nov 26, 2022 in Community

November 2022 Editor’s Fix

As October comes to a close, I begin to feel a bit of a loss… for daylight, warmth and what feels like an abundance of time. Daylight Savings coming to an end November 6 doesn’t help. But I know, once I settle into the month, with its beautiful changing of seasons so obvious from town with the colours creeping up the mountainsides transitioning to snow dusted peaks, I’ll begin to feel the stirrings of anticipation creep in.

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One common reason dogs growl or bite is when people try to take something away from them. This is called Resource Guarding: “Behaviour that discourages another to take, or get too close to, an object or valued area in a dog’s possession.” (Dr. Patricia McConnell)

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City of Fernie Council

Congratulations to Fernie’s new City Council! As they prepare for their first meeting this month, we thought we would check in with a few questions to see how they are dealing with the anticipation of their new role, representing the best interests of our community!

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Preparing for Opening Day

It’s a spooky scene when I pull up to the 7am morning meeting, as Mountain Operations Manager. As everyone gathers outside the maintenance shop, a thick mist and dim light shrouds the crew. Conversation mills around their exceptional weekend adventures. Priorities become the topic. Opening day looms on our calendar. Anticipation creeps in, looking forward to the soon-to-come silent fall of hundreds of centimetres and that gentle caress of floating through deep soft snow, connecting with friends on a spiritual level as you enjoy your common love for winter.

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Nature as Comfort

Illustrated by Sarah Pullen

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Basin Businesses Eligible for Support to Address Changing Climate

Basin businesses now have a new resource to draw on when it comes to addressing climate change. Just launched from Columbia Basin Trust, the Business SMART Grants help small- and medium-sized businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

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Does your dog come when you call? Teaching your dog to come when he’s called (what we trainers call “Recall”) is an essential skill. If you’ve got a pretty good, but not perfect recall, you can improve it. The training isn’t complicated, but you do need to practice effectively to truly perfect it. 

Posted by Valerie Barry on Oct 18, 2022 in Community

Firefighter Fall Recruitment Drive Underway as RDEK Seeks to Boost Numbers

A firefighter recruitment drive is underway for the Columbia Valley and Elk Valley & South Country Rural Fire and Rescue Services and the RDEK is appealing to residents to consider stepping forward to become part of the team.

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Fernie Chamber Announces Resignation of Executive Director

The Fernie Chamber of Commerce is announcing that Brad Parsell has resigned from the organization effective mid-November. Having started the role in April 2019, Brad Parsell has served as Executive Director for the Fernie Chamber for three and a half years.

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October 2022 Editor's Fix

When presented with the theme of Comfort many of our columnists chose to discuss the importance of leaning into discomfort. And as was likely their aim, it made me pause and reflect. It may seem as though I am a leaner, spending so much time on my bike, pushing myself into challenging physical states and exposing myself to fear and risk. But the reality is, biking has actually become comforting. I know that minutes into a ride, even one that is undoubtedly testing my fitness or contains sections that terrify me, I will feel like I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. 

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2022 Election Candidates

With two candidates for Mayor, 14 for Council and three for Regional District Area A Director, it is going to be an exciting election season. We asked all candidates the same four questions in an effort to provide a fair opportunity to share their views and provide voters with one location to review these perspectives. It is important to recognize that this is but a snapshot – take the time to learn more about each candidate and consider attending the All Candidates Forum, October 4 at the Fernie Community Centre, in person or virtually. Presented by the Fernie Chamber of Commerce, candidates will be presented with a few pre-submitted questions and there will also be an open-mic portion for the audience to ask questions that haven’t been discussed. 

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The Comfort of Hospice

“The end of life deserves as much beauty, care, and respect as the beginning.”
~ Anonymous

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Adrienne Demers

While in high school, I was somewhat aware of the Kootenay Learning Campus (KLC) but thought it was specifically for individuals who were keen to work on their own, were going to be away, or wanted to upgrade. It wasn’t until the pandemic began that I became more curious about the KLC. 

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