Relay Ralliers

photo by Ryan Frazer

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Taking the Metro Scoffers to the Cleaners

For reasons too convoluted to go into here, I recently had to take charge of a ski-hut full of mattress covers (or “metro scoffers”, to ape, not unkindly, the pronunciation of a Dutch girl in the group) and ensure they were washed, aired

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Summer Socializing

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.
~ L. M. Montgomery

If you’ve read Anne of Green Gables, this quote from the famous Canadian author doesn’t surprise you. The kindred spirits of this famous series often rejoice at summer’s fresh beginnings, holding hands as they run through the landscape of the famed Prince Edward Island.

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Community at a Young Age

Starting a non-profit community daycare was not an easy task, and many Fernie community members logged a lot of volunteer hours to make it happen. Perhaps surprisingly, many of them didn’t require early childcare services.

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Getting Blitzed

Intoxication. Exhilaration. Sunshine. Laughter. The sweet scent of early flowers and the sound of birdsong in the air. A heady mix of stolen evenings and sun chasing, spring is Fernie’s drug of choice and we’ve been jonesing since February. After what seems like the longest winter in recent history, Fernie’s golfers and bikers are itching to bare their lilywhite legs and get a hit of the greens and trails.

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Art Advocates, Past and Present

Break a Leg

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Like many others whose hearts are now firmly in Fernie, I made my way there from elsewhere. I grew up in Ireland, spent several halcyon years ski-bumming in the Kootenays, then Immigration kicked me out so I moved out to New Zealand and went back to school. Well no, I’m being overly dramatic in describing my ejection from Canada. I wasn’t deported or anything: my visa ran out and, the variances of the Working Holiday Scheme being what they are, I wasn’t able to renew it. So! Onwards to New Zealand, for now at least.

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Kim Stokie, Freshening up Downtown Fernie

The Stokie and Morris two Fernie names that go back generations with many stories behind them. Part Stokie and Morris, it’s not surprising that Kim is not only passionate about the community, but she’s also one tough cookie when it comes to recreation in the mountains. “When we got into trouble, my mom would make us bike up to Island Lake on our BMX bikes, check with Gord or whomever was working up there, and then bike home,” she remembers with wide eyes. Boy, I was 24 the first time I made that trip on my mountain bike!

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Community - The #1 Reason People Live in Fernie

Community – the #1 reason people live in Fernie, as per the 2010 Fernie Fix Best of Fernie results. The next most voted answer, the people. Community. People. Both powerful influences in any person’s life and within any town or city, yet they seem to be more recognized in some than others.

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Fernie's Young Green Grasshoppers

My first recollection of a recycling bin was in first year university in Victoria, circa 1997. You couldn’t walk a block on campus or in town without being confronted with one. Although the learning curve wasn’t steep, it took effort to get going, learning all the steps as you found them. When I travelled to Seattle a couple of years later, I saw how much further they were as my sister and her friends were taking part in recycling and “green” living in a far more aggressive and user friendly way.

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Drips? Leaks? Trickles?

After five months on the sidelines, there is nothing like that first post partum ski. Elated, you shred down your inaugural line, snow billowing around you in a celestial state of mind… until you hit an enormous death cookie. Your knees fly up towards your chest. Your bladder, shocked by the sheer compressive force, simply opts to let go. Your knees hurtle still higher, towards your chin now; and the only thing separating a passing snowboarder from an ear full of breast milk is your very chic GORE-TEX®. You are utterly soaked - but you stick it.

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Earth Week

Since 1970, Earth Day has been a catalyst for change and a powerful reminder that just as we care for our brick and mortar homes, we must also care for and protect our global home- the planet that sustains and protects us. In 1990 over 200 million people in 141 nations joined in the very first International Earth Day to celebrate the biggest environmental event in the world.

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City's Water Workers

You may be surprised by this month’s Unsung Heroes, for little is known about the water developments taking place right under your feet. Such development dates back to the 1980’s yet is seemingly a surprise to many. Including myself.

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Casey Brennan

Casey Brennan is a Fernie resident known to many as the face of Wildsight, and thus a perfect fit for this month’s featured resident. What I wanted to learn and share was how this gem landed in Fernie and became the manager of the Flathead Southern Rockies program for Wildsight, among other notable positions and roles.

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April - Editor's Fix

This month one of the columnists asked how many “green” editions we have published. “This will be our fifth,” I said. It immediately sparked an interest, resulting in me going through the four previous April Fix’s in an effort to pinpoint what I took away from each one.

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