Supporting Teen Spirit

Posted by Kerri Wall on Oct 12, 2019 in Community

Exploring the Columbia River Treaty by Canoe

Mayor Ange Qualizza meets up with Fernie resident Aislinn Dressler, for a follow-up conversation with her about her experience.

Posted by Ange Qualizza on Oct 08, 2019 in Community

October 2019 Editor's Fix

As adults, our lives are filled with tasks and timelines and schedules, to the point where we need to actively work on that connection with our spirit. While our kids might not be aware of it, they more easily live in this way and it’s something to be celebrated and emulated.

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Oct 04, 2019 in Community

70 Active Programs Supporting Basin Residents

Columbia Basin Trust is now providing over 70 programs and initiatives to Basin communities thanks to a strong year for its investments.

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Sara Funk

Sara believes fun and celebration is important. “It creates visibility.” Events such as Drag Queen Story Time and Bingo with Drag Queens exposes different age groups to the LGBTQ community. 

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CBT Enhances Outdoor Gathering Spaces

The Columbia Basin Trust provides over $1.9 million for 12 community projects. Picture: Jaffray Community Hall will be upgraded to create an inviting useable community space.

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Climate Change Info Centralized Online

There’s a new online source for people seeking easy-to-understand information on climate change specific to communities throughout the Columbia Basin and Boundary regions. The Columbia Basin Climate Source website - - was initiated by Columbia Basin Trust and developed by Selkirk College’s Applied Research and Innovation Centre.

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Bob Livsey

A fixture of our community, especially when it comes to the outdoors, Bob has been sharing his love and passion with our community for the past 19 years, ever since he arrived in the Elk Valley. So, just how did it all begin?

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Sep 12, 2019 in Community

Begin With the End in Mind

A wise way to approach parenting is to begin with the end in mind. What kind of human would you like to guide into existence? How do you want your son or daughter to be in the world as an adult?

Posted by Kerri Wall on Sep 08, 2019 in Community

Run, Hike, Ride - Enhancing Basin Trails

Walk, bike, hike, run or however you enjoy the front or backcountry, trails are critical for recreation. Around the Basin, 25 projects will be adding to or improving the region’s trails, with nearly $400,000 from Columbia Basin Trust’s Trail Enhancement Grants.

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The Demo Derby

No one is sure how it started. A bet? A dispute over a woman? Two guys trying to prove who’s the top dog? Maybe it was a case of road rage. Instead of taking it outside, into the alley behind the bar, they took it to the county fairgrounds.

Posted by Keith Liggett on Sep 02, 2019 in Community

The Friendly Face of Bylaw

Posted by Ange Qualizza on Sep 02, 2019 in Community