RDEK Seeks Nominations for Electoral Area Volunteers of the Year

The RDEK is seeking nominations for outstanding volunteers throughout the rural areas of our region for the 2023 Electoral Area Volunteer of the Year award.

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Winter Highlights

It is fantastic to see the events calendar continue to grow after a couple of years of being ‘at least six feet apart.’ Here are some of the highlights throughout the season, make sure to visit for more information and the full list of opportunities to choose from during your stay. 

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The Fernie Army

“Give me candy and we will be friends.” ~ Logan

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Fernie on Fire 2023

The popular Fernie on Fire event, Fernie’s biggest bonfire of the year, is once again taking place this January 7, 2023.

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December 2022 Editor's Fix

Sometimes, I take on too much. (Okay, my family might say most times. But acknowledgment is the first step, right?) The holidays make it challenging for me to ignore this… habit? addiction? of mine, as I begin to feel increasingly overwhelmed with the list of things that need to get done, alongside the regular school / work / activity schedules.

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Beavers in Winter

Beaver activity creates wetlands which are among the most biologically productive ecosystems in the world? They increase plant, bird, and aquatic life, and improve water quality for thousands of species.

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It’s a Dog Meets Dog World

It’s a social time of year! It’s a time to come together with friends and family and enjoy all the camaraderie and the things that make this time of year special to you. Dogs are social creatures too and, like us, seek each other out for companionship.

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The Holidays: Stress or Success

As we navigate through the journey of life there are circumstances, including aging parents, illnesses or disability in the family that may take precedence. 

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Small Communities Take Big Steps to Fight Wildfires

Fifteen small communities and First Nations in the Columbia Basin are upping their abilities to prevent and fight wildfires. These projects are being done with support from Columbia Basin Trust.

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Fernie Chamber of Commerce announces new Executive Director

The Fernie Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the appointment of the new Executive Director, Wendy McDougall.

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Gayle Vallance

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CBT Supports 16 Projects to Boost Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Photo: The Fairmont and District Lions Club is constructing two pickleball courts with support from the Trust.

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REEL Canadian Film Festival Lineup

REEL Canadian Film Festival 2023 Lineup Announced

The REEL Canadian Film Festival is excited to announce the lineup of the 15th Annual REEL Canadian Film Festival! These five films represent the diversity and talent found in Canadian cinema, with a wide range of themes and genres that will interest all film lovers. 

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Holiday Helpers

This time of year, we all tend to want to spread the love and support, not only because ‘it’s the season of giving,’ but also because we recognize the challenges and emotions that can come with the holidays. So, just how can we make an impact locally?

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Fernie Heritage Trust Purchases Knox United Church

Photo: Representatives from the Knox United Church and the Fernie Heritage Trust Society Board at the church altar.

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