Editor's Fix: Thoughtfulness vs. Bling this Valentine's

There is a lot of hype around Valentine’s Day, whether people take it to “heart” or find its commercialization offensive. Perhaps you’re asking yourself what the point is in setting aside one day a year to show your loved ones how you feel when it should be something ingrained in our daily life. Honestly, how often over the last year have you taken the time to express your feelings or gone out of your way to do something meaningful and thoughtful for your partner, sibling, parent, grandparent or child?

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All You Need is Love?

Many of us grow up expecting that we will graduate from high school, go on to university or college, meet the man/woman of our dreams, get married, and raise a family. We are socialized in North America to believe that this is "normal". Many of us do just this, and to a large degree, do it successfully. Some of us do it less traditionally; we do it in multi-generational, multi-cultural, sole parent, blended families, and all with a measure of success. What keeps us all on the same page are the values we have, not only as parents, but as a community.

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Griz Bar staff at Fernie Alpine Resort

Keepin Rippers Ripped - Griz Bar, Fernie Alpine Resort

I’m not sure there’s anyone of legal bar attending age in Fernie who hasn’t stepped over the threshold of the infamous Griz Bar. Furthermore, I doubt anyone has ever left without a large smile on their face, whether from the ski boot stomping live tunes, or from devouring an excessive amount of nachos. Which is why, this month’s Unsung Heroes are the “faster than light, know what you want before you actually order” staff of Fernie Alpine Resort’s Griz Bar.

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Fernie Ski Patrol, Canadian Avalanche Dog Association, Fernie Alpine Resort,

Steve Morrison, Fernie Ski Patrol and CARDA Representative

Steve Morrison is someone most people in the ski community recognize or know well as he is one of the friendly faces you often come upon at Fernie Alpine Resort, where he has been working over the last 15 years that he’s lived here.

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2011 Fix Picks

Each and every month we uncover gems in Fernie and share their stories with you. It never ceases to amaze me that while we live in a community of less than 4,200 residents, the number of individuals going above and beyond is far outside the norm. While there are so many groups and individuals worth mentioning, here are a few big picks to follow in 2011!

Angie Abdou

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Parenting Resolutions by Virginia Robinson

What, if anything, will inspire you to be a better parent this year? It's hard to teach your children to be strong and good natured in the face of adversity when the simple of act of trying to get the car seat jammed closed over a bulky snow suit ignites a string of expletives.

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For those who live in or are lucky enough to visit Fernie on a regular basis, we are blessed with the great outdoors and an endless number of outdoorsy things to fall in love with. And so, with the abundance of outdoor activities, comes a demographic that could be described as mountain lovers, snow lovers or perhaps even pet lovers.

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Dee Hatina

Undoubtedly you have been positively affected by Dee Hatina at some point during your time in Fernie, whether you know you have or not. This lovely “import” to our community just has a way of making you aware of all that you can do.

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Editor's Fix - Jump Into the New Year By Setting Goals!

I've never been much of a goal setter. Sure, I scribble down the general New Year's resolutions most years, but they are typically the vague “be more giving to friends and family” or the unsubstantiated “be healthier”.

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The Geology of Ski Towns

On a recent evening walking by the smoking section of Bulldogs, I heard the following conversation between two 20-somethings and a 30-something.

“You’re FROM Fernie? Were you born here?”

“No. I moved here seventeen years ago.”


And with a seeming little bow, the two 20-somthings conferred serious respect on their elder, then took another pull on their cigarettes.

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Have a Crapless Christmas

I met some nice people this summer. Two of them were a couple biking across the country promoting their documentary, The Clean Bin Project.

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The Fernie Ghostrider Champions

In my mind, an Unsung Hero is defined by unwavering dedication, humility or kindness. And, since taking over the researching and writing of this monthly article that highlights such an individual, from someone who encompasses all three, it was tricky to know where to start.

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Evelyn Cutts

Evelyn Cutts is someone I’ve known through various realms throughout my years in Fernie.

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A Letter Home

January 1, 2011
Dear Mum,

Sorry I haven't called yet, it's been a busy time getting settled in to Fernie for the winter; I've got a great place right downtown with some fantastic roommates, we have a lovely two bedroom apartment and there's only eight of us sharing so I've even got my own bed. I've been getting to know everyone; the locals here are so friendly it takes two hours to buy milk.

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Editor's Fix - 'Tis the Season

When weighing the scales summer wins over winter for me. Partially because of a love affair with a particular mode of mountain transportation (biking) and partially because I like to be warm. (As you’ve probably guessed the biking portion of that pie has the bigger slice.)

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