Winter, Words and Wounds

In the seasonal cycle that is the life of a ski-bum, November can be somewhat of a fell period.

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Fernie's Time in Between

It’s undeniable, winter is fast approaching and the filming of Santa Pups has perhaps helped many come to terms with this season that seems to envelope Fernie for nearly six months.

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The Winters of Parenting

The first snow has fallen. Today, down on the ground, parents shuffled to school under rain soaked hoods, their eyes trained on a dozen rubber boots running by: ladybugs, frogs, spidermen, assorted bogs with new fall designs. Nobody was looking up, only down. Perhaps wondering if this sort of weather justified splurging on a really expensive coffee. But later in the day, when the clouds lifted, there it was: a snow line down to the Bear’s Den. There can be no doubt what lies ahead: winter.

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Courtney Baker

In grade school, Courtney Baker was the girl you wanted on your soccer team. Not only could she run rather quickly, she could ‘send it’. Having traded those cleats in for a pair of running shoes, Courtney continues to impress with her six-day a week running regime that she continues right on through the winter. When asked how she copes with the cold weather, it’s a simple “the colder, the better”. It’s clear to see that Courtney is made for Fernie.

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photo by Jamie Hide, Fernie Kid's Triathlon

“Mom, what exactly does that mean: giv’er?”

I had the good fortune to volunteer at Fernie’s first kids triathlon. What a treat that was to watch, in my case, four to seven year olds run their hearts out. They were flushed, and sweaty, stopping only to retrieve the oversized shoe that they mis-happened to run out of on the trail. They were cramping and holding on to their sides as they rounded the last bend. They ran faster if you cheered louder. And then it was over.

How was the race yesterday?
Did you have fun?

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Fernie Heritage Library Heroines

Last month we celebrated behind the scenes Unsung Heroes, offering a service which invariably goes unnoticed and of which little is known about.

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A Nation Once Again?

The Rugby World Cup is taking place here in New Zealand at the moment, with rugby being, as you may be aware, a sport of which New Zealand is somewhat fond.

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Dr. Mike Rumpel

It was a transition point in life that brought Mike Rumpel to the then sleepy town of Fernie. “I was frustrated with my career in bio chemistry so I decided to clear my mind and bought a pick up to head west for a few months,” says Mike, recognizing that his story parallels that of many Fernie residents. It didn’t take long for him to settle into Fernie life, having met his wife Kari but there was still a piece missing from the puzzle.

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Stay gold, Fernie. Stay gold!

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
~ Robert Frost

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Late Night Thoughts on Education

My son sprints down to the water’s edge, shovel in hand, and comes to an abrupt stop. He is surrounded by a quartet of much larger boys at least two, if not five, years his senior.

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East Kootenay Addiction Services

As I’m constantly discovering, Fernie has Unsung Heroes hiding in every nook and cranny with surprises in the vast array of facilities, services and community offerings, many of which are unbeknown to the average Fernie resident.

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Back to School

Such is my devotion to the Fernie Fix that in order to ensure my contribution to the “Back to School” issue was fully informed, last year I put my ski-bumming on the backburner - for now - and returned to the academic fold to st

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Pam McLeod and Brian Glover

I distinctly remember the first time I sat in the counsellor’s office at Fernie Secondary School (FSS). I was in grade ten and had gotten in trouble at the school dance, and part of my retribution was a couple of sessions with Mr.

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September 2011 - Editor's Fix

I am surrounded by individuals going back to school, and can't help but feel a touch of envy. Sure, the thought of slipping back into the red makes me hyperventilate, but the opportunity, change and general “fresh start” feeling is incomparable and hard to replicate further down the road of life. Jobs, houses, children, bills, hobbies… we can easily get caught up in the day-to-day grind forgetting the adventure, challenges, failures and accomplishments that got us here.

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How to Save the World Part II - The Magic of Music

“There are people who think that art exists for its own sake, but I do not think so. Art exists for the human species. I think that all of the people who love art, those who teach art, and all of you, should burn with the obligation to save the world.”

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