Preparing for Flight

In the early days of my career I worked, on numerous occasions, as a medical volunteer in India, Nepal, and South America. It was rewarding work and something I will likely return to once the kids have taken flight. The second of these trips, to South America, was the most enlightening.

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Small Mountain City or the Next Telluride

Fernie – a “small mountain city with big ski dreams” according to Tom Maloney of the Globe and Mail in an article published January 20, 2012. Not surprisingly, after 170cm of snow fell in a week, Fernie received a lot of attention. Heck, even I was contacted for an interview with CBC and was questioned about “Champagne Tuesday” and the “20cm Rule”. While the buzz was exciting, (but not nearly as exciting as the snow) it had me thinking. Just where does Fernie fit? Small-mountain city or “the next Telluride”?

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The Art of Perception

“Does Grandma live in another world?”

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Brighter Beginnings

Once we’re filled with turkey and eggnog, spent more money than we thought possible and have had one too many late nights, January appears and with it a complete, yet welcome, change of scene.

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Willard Ripley

The City of Fernie welcomed new council members and mayor with the municipal election last November. With many energized by the opportunity of change, we thought it fitting to feature one of the newly elected in the New Year’s edition, in which the topic of change and resolutions is a primary focus.

Sitting with Willard Ripley over a bowl of soup at The Loaf, I had to ask why. Like all of us, I care about the community, work towards making it better and want to see it go in the right direction, but being a councillor sounds like a lot of work and stress.

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In It For the Long Haul

Before a recent Yuletide trip back to Ireland, I headed into a gift store to buy some choice Kiwiana for the family I’d soon be seeing on the other side of the world. The lady behind the till asked if I wanted my wares gift-wrapped.

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January 2012 Editor's Fix

In years past I have shared my own struggles, achievements, goals and dreams in this space.

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Five Year Reflections: “Making visible what is hidden as a seed.”

photo by Todd Weselake

Alongside the fifty years of lift access skiing we’re celebrating this season, five years seems miniscule. As Vanessa and I prepare for many more years, we’re taking the time to look back, remember the challenges we faced, the mistakes we made, and the many, many amazing lessons we’ve learned along the way. Upon reflection it’s not miniscule at all.

We feel very fortunate to be on this journey with you and in celebration of a five year milestone would like to share five of the biggest and most apparent lessons learned through Fixing.

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Fernie 2020: A Whole Systems Approach to City Planning By Ben Horowitz

The Corporation of the City of Fernie has committed itself to achieving carbon neutrality, joining the droves of other municipalities in British Columbia striving for similar targets.

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Squibble, Squabble

“MOM, my big sister took my stuffy.”

“It’s not his stuffy it’s my stuffy, I bought it at the garage sale with MY, MY, MY money.”

Oh, to be five again? If you had been privy to the argument in its entirety you might have a chance of sorting it all out fair and square. But you have been on facebook for the last half hour and they were playing so nicely. So really, you haven’t got a clue how it all came down to this adversarial moment.

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Five years have past; five summers with the length of five long winters.

December 2006, the month of the first Fernie Fix, stands out in my mind quite clearly for two reasons.

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The Salvation Army

There is no doubting that winter has arrived. For most it brings about smiling faces, knee deep pow and excitement over Christmas just around the corner. An exciting month, the end of a year, the start of ski season and after a seasonal social lull, you’ve now endless festive excuses to ensure you never spend a night in on the couch. However, even for Fernie’s finest, it’s a costly extravaganza and many people can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed.

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Snow Valley to Alpine Resort - Robin Siggers

Photo by Henry Georgi

As we celebrate five years, our ski hill celebrates 50. Thus we thought it fitting to feature a resident that has been and still is heavily involved with the ski hill. Robin Siggers has been working at the hill since 1976! “Thirty five years, that seems like a lot!” he says.

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December 2011 - Editor's Fix

December, 2006 Issue 1
It may seem that this publication has arrived out of thin air. You may be reading this magazine for the first time and thinking, “When did this happen?” Or perhaps you heard bits and bytes through various sources in town but thought it impossible to be accomplished in such a short period of time.

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Fernie Skating Club

submitted photo, Alexandra Pereverzoff and coach Jenna Harrod.

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