What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Becoming a family caregiver was never on my bucket list. I didn’t know it was a job description, and I had much grander ideas of how I was going to save the world. Apparently, life had different plans for me and, as the oldest daughter, I fell into caregiving for my mother as dementia required her to have more care.

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February 2023 Editor’s Fix

Recently I was listening to a podcast featuring Esther Perel, a Psychotherapist known for her work on human relationships. During the podcast, the discussion shifted to sex education and how we are failing our youth, and it really made me think. I have a seven and nine-year old, and the curiosity specifically when it comes to body parts and sex is ramping up. But also, the challenges they are facing with relationships is, too. 

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Love for One’s Community

I’m not sure why anyone would do this job if not for love. Love for one’s community, wanting the best for all its citizens, and a general love of people in all their varied crankiness, kindness, and complexity. This month, February, I have been in the job for just over three months. 

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Brenna Sullivan and Cari Munro

Last year around this time, our family’s babysitter, Shelley Bennett and some friends / colleagues (Brenna Sullivan, Cari Munro and Tabitha Simpson) started a non-profit organization – the Uplift Association. Having known Shelley and the care she provided my daughters for over five years and the support she offered other families in our community whose kiddos needed a little extra help, made it an easy decision to get behind Uplift and to sign up to their first inclusive program offering – No School Day Groups.

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Thousands of Local Students Learning Outside

2023 is a year of renewal in many respects, and this is certainly the case for teachers as they think outside the four walls of their classrooms.

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Love Makes a Family

What is love? (Besides a banger 90s hit.) It comes in so many different forms, shapes, and colours that you can put in what you like, take from it what you will, interpret and feel it depending on time of the day or where you are in your journey through life.

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Good Playmates

Many dog owners want their dog to play with other dogs. And why not? Like us, shouldn’t dogs get a chance to play, have fun and make some new friends?  

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Youth: Apply Now for the Free Leadership Summit

Expressing opinions, developing ideas and planning to take action in their communities: these are some of the ways that youth will be inspired at the Basin Youth Network Leadership Summit, taking place in Kimberley from May 12 to 14, 2023. Youth aged 14 to 18 are invited to apply now to this unique, free opportunity, hosted by Columbia Basin Trust.

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New Beginnings

When I ask people what goals they have with their puppy, most respond with a list of obedience behaviours. I tend to view puppy training as an opportunity to prevent future issues and to lay the foundation for our relationship and communication. Here are some of the things I train first when I have a new puppy.

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Fernie Youth Soccer Association Launching a Spring Registration

Fernie Youth Soccer Association (FYSA 2023), a non-profit organisation that has been running soccer programming in Fernie for decades, is launching its Spring Soccer Registration this month, with an Early Bird discount available until February 10, 2023. By registering early, you receive $10 off of each player you register this year. 

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Basin Residents Invited to Share Input on Future of Region

Columbia Basin Trust (the Trust) is inviting you to have your say about the future of the Columbia Basin region. You will soon be able to share your ideas as the Trust travels throughout the region to meet with you, listen to your input, and plan together for the future. 

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Kevin Allen

Over the last while, I have encountered Kevin Allen regularly. During this fall’s civil election. When researching an upcoming conference the Fernie Pride Society is hosting. While perusing the REEL Canadian Film Festival and Columbia Basin Trust sites. And most recently, in a press release from a new society, the Fernie Heritage Trust Society. 

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January 2023 Editor’s Fix

According to the Chinese Zodiac, also known as Shuxiang, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit… a year where the “sacrifices of the past are rewarded generously. All the seeds of effort we have sown shall finally bear fruit whose sweetness is determined by the purity of our heart’s content.”

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Community Appreciation Day at Fernie Alpine Resort Returns

On Sunday, January 22, 2023, Fernie Alpine Resort (FAR)  will say ‘Thank You’ to local communities by offering a day of skiing and riding to the residents of the Elk Valley – Fernie, Elko, Elkford, Grasmere, Jaffray and Sparwood  – as part of the annual Community Appreciation Day.

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Go Ahead, Make My Day

Sometimes going to the grocery store causes me anxiety. Not that I don’t like shopping, but in a small town, that is where you meet everyone you know. 

The first questions people ask when they see me are usually:

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