Little Critters

Illustrated by Sarah Pullen

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What’s That You Say?

My husband, Gary, has an inoperable brain tumor that wraps around three lobes of his brain. This can affect his memory, hearing, comprehension, speech and more, but he copes remarkably well. His biggest frustrations for himself deal with his issues surrounding aphasia (difficulty expressing oneself through speech), anomia (difficulty remembering names of things), and hearing loss.

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Fireworks and Thunder!

Halloween is at the end of this month and that means fireworks! There are many dogs who are sensitive to loud noise and most common is a fear of thunder and fireworks. No one knows whether they experience pain or whether it’s a negative association formed from such a startling or traumatic event. 

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Lindsay Vallance

Lindsay is currently the Manager of Collections, Archives and Artifacts. Early on in Lindsay’s role, Louise Ferguson, the Executive Director at the Arts Station asked for them to write a Ghost Tour. 

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Elk Valley Snow and Avalanche Workshop

The Elk Valley Snow and Avalanche Workshop Society is proud to be hosting our annual event again this year. The full-day workshop returns October 28, 2023, with a theme that speaks to the diversity of the winter backcountry landscape: Carving a Path Together: Strengthening Avalanche Safety Across the Community.

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Agents of Change

As summer transitions into autumn and the larch fade to pale green then to gold, it’s almost impossible not to think about change. And, when you live in a community you love it is a constant lingering consideration, perhaps not in the forefront, but in the background. 

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Tricks for Treats

Have you ever thought about teaching your dog some tricks? 

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Sonia Roy

It always intrigues me how sometimes things so obviously align... like they are meant to be. 

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Kudos to the Clothesline

Illustrated by Sarah Pullen

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The “Scents” of Smell

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New Mexico Red Chile Enchilada Casserole

Nothing can rival the charm, ease, wow factor, and the umami-dense flavour of an enchilada casserole. When you mix red chile sauce, copious amounts of cheese, veggies and/or meat together with some corn tortillas—it’s gonna be a good time. Enchiladas are a core component of New Mexico’s culinary heritage and I’m excited to share this recipe with you! 

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Even More of the Basin to Access High-Speed Internet

Funding has been announced for rural communities and areas in the Columbia Basin—encompassing 5,429 homes—to create access to high-speed Internet. This new multi-year, $82-million project is being funded by the federal and provincial governments, the regional districts of Central Kootenay, Columbia Shuswap, Kootenay Boundary, East Kootenay and Columbia Basin Trust.

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First Annual Arthur Sombrowski Tennis Tournament

The first annual Arthur Sombrowski Tennis Tournament was held in Fernie on a glorious weekend of July 15-16. 

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