Starting a non-profit community daycare was not an easy task, and many Fernie community members logged a lot of volunteer hours to make it happen. Perhaps surprisingly, many of them didn’t require early childcare services.

Posted by Virginia Robinson on May 15, 2013 in Community

Fellowship: The Glue of Community

My favourite definition of “community” is “fellowship with others.”

Building fellowship comes often from sharing values and interests. In a diverse community that includes a spectrum of values and interests, how can you build bridges of understanding and fellowship this summer?

- Attend the Sunday Social and Wednesday Social events. Run with kids through the sprinklers and enjoy live music.
- Sell your wares at the Mountain Market, or buy some food and have a picnic while you enjoy the sounds of the drum circle, bamboo flutes and the smells of handcrafted soap.

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Jamming and a Blocking and a Little Skull Knocking

“Derby is a community,” someone once said.

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May 2013 Editor's Fix

Leah Sanders notes in this month’s Feature Resident column that spring is a time of gentle transition that represents hope and fresh beginnings. With the busyness of winter behind us, we take notice as the snow seems to magically retreat up the mountainside leaving behind a lush green landscape. Flowers and trees begin to bloom as residents ready their gardens and tidy their yards preparing for the many hours they soon will spend outdoors. Runners, walkers and bikers take it to the trails enjoying dirt underfoot or tire and catching up with friends or family they missed over last season.

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The Emperor's New Carbon Credits

Most small municipalities produce more greenhouse gasses than they reduce. This is because large-scale carbon-reduction programs can be too expensive to develop, and small programs like community-wide composting and switching to hybrid vehicles do not eliminate enough greenhouse gas to balance the carbon equation.

To meet carbon-neutral commitments, many small communities are now purchasing carbon credits, such as those generated by the Darkwoods Project—a protected forest near Creston that is now owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).

Posted by Joni Krats on Apr 20, 2013 in Community

IDES Grade 6 French Immersion Class

Times have changed, and we must be prepared to have the children of today scold us on our wasteful ways. This is what I learned when I recently met with three students of Isabella Dicken Elementary School’s Grade 6 French Immersion class.

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April 2013 Editor's Fix

In every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.

~ Iroquois Proverb

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What Colour Was Your March Break?

Comfortably seated at 30,000 ft I was trying to estimate the carbon footprint of our flight to Hawaii. The kids were seated directly in front of me watching a movie.

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Getting Active

Venting on social media and in Letters to the Editor is human and necessary, but doesn’t do enough to make Fernie a better place – mainly because these expressions of emotion happen in retrospect. Actions speak louder than words. You DO have the power to make our community better for yourself and your fellow citizens.

Here’s what citizens like YOU can do to actively contribute to the betterment of Fernie:

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Lana Barbir

I’ve heard countless times this year that Fernie is experiencing a baby boom. I’ve also heard this in previous years, and am sure to hear it in the years that follow. The gist is, people living in Fernie or moving to Fernie are starting families and the evidence is everywhere. One area I’ve especially noticed is the abundance of support on offer to young families and new mothers.

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Narcissism and the Fixed Mindset Trap

“You look fantastic today. I love what you’re wearing.”

“Thanks. I know. This skirt will swirl perfectly on the monkey bars. I am really good at monkey bars. Dad, did you sign my report card and put it in my backpack? Yesterday you forgot and it was very embarrassing when I didn’t have it for the teacher.”

I can’t decide if my five year old daughter is self-confident with natural leadership qualities, (a good thing), or a bossy, narcissistic, perfectionist (not so good).

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Ten years ago I moved to Fernie and tentatively dipped my toe in the volunteer pool.

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March, you never know what you're going to get!

March, you never know what you’re going to get. Will it be another month of epic snowfall, or an early spring? It truly can go either way in Fernie and I personally enjoy this mysterious quality.

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Feelings, Nothing More than Feelings

Today a Fernie resident gave me a big hug and apologized for blowing up earlier in the week. During a four-day snowstorm, she grew frustrated by the level of snow removal and road sanding by the school. She was understandably emotional because it was more dangerous for her grandchildren – she was scared, she was frustrated and she wanted to know why nobody was addressing such a serious issue. Be it an encounter on the street, a heated email or a Facebook slam, everyone on council has taken the brunt of somebody’s feelings at one point or another.

Posted by Joni Krats on Feb 20, 2013 in Community

David Pasivirta

For many of us, music was a cornerstone of our youth. The day my parents surprised us with a piano will forever be etched in my memory – I was four and so very excited to start lessons. I also keenly recall the exhilaration of finally being able to travel by bus to Fernie Secondary School (FSS) to take band, and the freedom in choosing my very own instrument.

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