Methane’s Mighty Force

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Journal Writing – Exploring Yourself

I love the feel of a brand-new journal. Fresh, smooth, untouched white paper that stares expectantly back at me with anticipation. I love the pens, paints, and pencil crayons that litter my desk, and 

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The Greater Good

I am very grateful for the good people in this community. One of those people, a kind soul, great new mom, and talented potter, gifted me a handmade coffee mug immediately post-election. The mug is embossed with trees and an image of the Lorax, the creation of Dr. Suess. You may see me using it at Council meetings.

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Robyn Peel

Did you know that approximately 9% of the world’s population is severely food insecure and one-in-four are moderately food insecure? This increased substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in food security becoming of increasing importance for individual households, community organizations and all levels of government. Just look at the gardens in our community that were created a few years ago and now flourish!  

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Rick Mercer Headlines Trust Symposia

Columbia Basin Trust is inviting Basin residents to celebrate the region together and discuss the future at three symposia taking place in Cranbrook (May 26 and 27, College of the Rockies), Trail (June 9 and 10, Trail Memorial Centre) and Golden (June 23 and 24, Golden Civic Centre). Attendees will enjoy local food, music and stories—and hear from keynote speaker, noted Canadian comic and television personality Rick Mercer.

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Galloway Lands Open Houses Taking Place March 30 and April 1

Reto Barrington, the Galloway Lands development proposal proponent, is excited to share his vision at two open houses at the Fernie Seniors’ Centre.

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Snow Fleas

Have you seen tinyblack flecks on the top of the snow, especially in the spring? You might have thought it was dirt, but these are tiny soil animals called springtails, or ‘snow fleas.’ They are not actually fleas but can jump like a flea using a tail-like ‘furcula’ that unfolds to launch them through the air.

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Fernie Needs Your Help to Make it to the Top 3 in the Mackenzie Top Peak contest

Fernie has made it to the Top 10 finalists in the Mackenzie Top Peak Contest.  Now they need your vote to get them to the top 3 in hopes of being crowned Canada's Most Invested Ski Community.

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Compassion for the Fearful Dog and Owner

A single traumatic event can lead to a lifetime of fear, and many reactive dogs have experienced trauma in their lives. That single isolated incident – maybe an attack by another dog – can produce fear that generalizes very quickly. Soon all dogs are something to be feared and reactive behaviour becomes a way to keep fearful things at a distance. Constantly feeling fearful isn’t a great way to live.

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Women of Resilience, the Family Caregiver

Sometimes their life stories haunt my dreams. Weaving tales of pain and sorrow, along with immense strength, resilience, and inspiration. I awake with lingering sadness, feelings of inadequacy, or fresh ideas of how to deal positively with my own situation. As I reflect upon the amazing caregiving stories that Elk Valley women have shared when they reached out for support, I am reminded of a quote from Dr Victor Frankl. 

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Recently I had the good fortune of speaking with a resident of our community who is an immigration consultant, but she was, at the time, unable to work due to a lack of childcare. This set of facts represents a missed opportunity that will not be lost on any business owner in the region.

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Amanda Dreger

My first experience going to a gym was in high school. There was an elective course called Super Fit, which taught proper weight training techniques as well as general anatomy and the importance of cardiovascular activity. At the time I did not think of myself as athletic but gave it a try and I am grateful that I did as it not only gave me confidence, it helped me to create healthy habits that I continue to value today. After speaking with Amanda Dreger, I realized what made it such a positive experience - working out with a supportive group of girls, three times a week for an entire semester. 

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March 2023 Editor's Fix

Equality has always been extremely important to me, but never as much as now, raising two young girls in an ever-changing world means I am quite literally faced with the challenges constantly. And just when we think we have taken many steps forward, extreme events happen, like a global pandemic, that take us many steps back. 

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A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

Fernie is a community that is full of strong, fierce, and dynamic women and girls—and that’s something to celebrate! 

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Tiny but Tough

Did you know...

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