Fernie Elks Lodge

Illustrated by Sarah Pullen

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Dennis Staples

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Passion Projects

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Farms Get Support to Face Climate Change

The Columbia Basin benefits from the wide range of food that is grown right in the region. Now, 26 farms are strengthening their abilities to adapt to and be more resilient to the impacts of climate change with support from Columbia Basin Trust.

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Having Heart

Are you a fan of the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz? My husband claims it is his favourite movie, and he loves the Tin Man the best. 

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Firesmart Activities Come to More Basin Communities

From educating residents on how to lower the risk of wildfire, to reducing the amount of vegetation that could fuel a fire, there are many ways a community can act to keep the threat of wildfire at bay. Now, 10 communities in the Columbia Basin are undertaking such projects with support of nearly $1.8 million provided through a partnership between the Province of British Columbia and Columbia Basin Trust. 

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A Pile of Should

Have you ever been in a situation where you are trying to be honest about your fears for the future and the response has been something like, “Don’t go there! You should think positive!”?

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Improvements Coming to Essential Emergency Facilities

People in the Columbia Basin rely on their communities for many reasons, including being able to turn to them for protection during disasters. To boost this ability, 13 projects supported by Columbia Basin Trust aim to help communities be prepared during situations like floods, wildfires or sustained power outages.

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Elk River Alliance

Illustrated by Sarah Pullen

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It’s Me. Hi.

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Brian’s Powerhouse Chocolate Cake

This is the year you start baking. Well, maybe not but, this cake has an incredible “Wow!” factor and can easily be your go-to next time there’s a birthday or celebration. 

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How to Help

Having a child learning a new language is exciting, but it can also be daunting to know how to help. As Grade 5 and 6 Late French Immersion students, we understand this better than anyone.

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