RDEK Urges Residents to Be Prepared and Aware as Rainfall Possible This Weekend

As most rivers and streams recede across the region, the BC River Forecast Centre has downgraded the East Kootenay to a High Streamflow Advisory from a Flood Watch. And, while that is encouraging news, the RDEK is urging residents to continue to be prepared and aware in the days and weeks to come.

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Free Robot Week for Students and Families Interested in Robotics

GLOWS is thrilled to be partnering with Live It to bring you Discovery Foundation Robot Week virtually from June 15-19, 2020.

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Self-Fill Sandbag Stations Established as Snow Melt Continues

With the arrival of warmer day time temperatures and an anticipated seasonal rise in creeks and rivers, a series of self-fill sandbag stations has been established around the region. 

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Council Approves 2020 Budget, Tax Rates and Five-Year Financial Plan

At the Regular Meeting of Council held on May 11, 2020, City of Fernie Council approved the 2020 budget, 2020 tax rates, and Five-Year Financial Plan.

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Elk Valley Quarantine Journals

Photo: Gabi and her dog, Timbon. "I don't have many photos of myslef and I'm always carrying a camera."

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Two New Programs Support Basin Food Producers

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of a reliable food supply and has increased the demand for locally grown products. To help Columbia Basin food producers meet this call, Columbia Basin Trust is introducing two new programs: one that provides loans for operational and equipment needs and one that provides wage subsidies to hire workers.

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In the Company of Community

One of the first things adults are anxious to teach a young person is sharing. Apparently greed is still a deadly sin, and we hate to see our kids deny siblings or friends a chance to try their toys. But this makes sense because the ability to distribute and sometimes ration food and supplies was a survival skill for our ancestors

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The Little Distiller that Could

Many businesses woke up to an alternate reality this month, wondering how they would even survive the impact of Covid-19, trying to see a path through nothing but uncertainty. Unlike other business however, distillers found themselves stepping into an arena they had never considered for no other reason than they felt a moral obligation to serve the immediate needs of Canadians by producing hand sanitizer.

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Joy Falk

This winter, I had the opportunity to spend some time at Brooks Creek Ranch. We were in search of a quick winter escape and time together as a family, and even though it was just a 20-minute drive from our front door and for only one night, it was a rejuvenating vacation. It was here that I met Joy Falk, as she was our morning chef.

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Stronger Together

Fernie and other Columbia Basin communities are vibrant, welcoming places thanks to the people who live here, the opportunities they provide and the resources they offer that support well-being. As all communities respond and work together to meet the new challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Columbia Basin Trust is here to help.

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May 2020 Editor’s Fix

You’re all doing a fantastic job. Just look around at what’s being done in our community, families reaching out to support one another, volunteers leaping to be there for our more vulnerable population, businesses reinventing themselves to not only make it through this but to be there for us during this time, the Elk Valley Hospital, City of Fernie, Fernie Food Share, Salvation Army, Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Fernie… and countless additional organizations working around the clock to ensure we are safe, healthy, feel secure, and that we’re going to make it through this.

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Green Career Planning

Are you familiar with the Japanese concept of ikigai? Ikigai basically translates as one’s purpose in life or reason for being. Some say that you can find your own ikigai by locating the convergent answer to the following four questions.

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Social Distancing Front Porch Project

Even though this may be a challenging time in our lives, and likely the first of its kind for many of us, it’s also a historic event and an opportunity to document aspects of how it affected families in Fernie. Mckenzie Jespersen decided to do just that by taking part in the Front Porch Project to raise funds for Fernie Food Share.

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Escaped Fire in Hosmer Area Leads to Fine

Members of the Hosmer Fire Department responded to a quickly spreading grass fire in the Hosmer area this afternoon.

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