Wayne Gowanlock

This June 17 -25, the Special Olympics World Games are taking place in Berlin, Germany with thousands of athletes competing together in 26 sports. So, just what is the Special Olympics?

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Creating Community

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Diggin’ Into Spring

Does your dog love to dig? Puppies love to dig, and some grow into dogs who remain determined diggers, but the human end of the equation doesn’t always appreciate their digging “art.”

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May 2023 Editor's Fix

Spring has long been thought of a time of rebirth. A time of hope, playfulness, fresh air and childlike wonder. 

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Sid Marty Launches New Book in Fernie

On the evening of May 25, Sid Marty returns to Fernie to launch Oldman’s River: new and collected poems (NeWest, 2023), his latest volume, at Bramasole in the Garden Venue. For almost 20 years, Sid has been part of the writing and musical community in Fernie.

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Oddfellows and Strange Bedfellows

A long-unoccupied building in Fernie collapsed recently. Gratefully nobody was hurt, and it is now moving toward orderly demolition. In my memory it was a commercial storefront. When I was a boy, it was it was a Pop Shoppe, where you excitedly took your plastic crate of empties and, after returning them, you refilled the crate with a selection of your favourites like Cream Soda and Black Cherry, flavours the thought of which today make my teeth ache in my jaw.

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Wildfire Risk Prompts Community Action

From buying portable water tanks and equipment trailers, to providing specialized training and gear to their wildfire-fighting crews, 12 small communities and First Nations are taking action to reduce the threat of wildfires. These projects are being done with support from Columbia Basin Trust.

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Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 6th

Saturday, May 6th is Wildfire Community Preparedness Day and residents across the East Kootenay are being asked to take action to help protect their homes and properties from the risk of wildfire.

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Keep ‘em Connected: Homegrown Solutions to an International Problem

We all want to get where we’re going, safely. Animal strikes are a major road safety issue, and an expensive one. No one wants to experience an elk suddenly crashing through their windshield. Yet, each year at least 200 collisions with large mammals occur on Highway 3 between Hosmer, BC and the Alberta border, costing society $2.8 million annually in injuries and property damage. Further east near Rock Creek in Alberta, 38 collisions a year are reported. More go unreported. 

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Proposed Galloway Lands Bylaw Amendments Go To Public Hearing

A public hearing has been scheduled regarding an application to permit residential development on private property known as the Galloway Lands adjacent to Fernie Alpine Resort.

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April 2023 Editor’s Fix

There is just something about the month of April. Maybe it’s the feeling that spring has actually arrived. Perhaps it’s that we get to celebrate the end of our winter season with events like Hot Dog Day and Fernival. Or, I could cherish this month so much because it typically means my gravel bike has hit the roads. But more likely, it’s because I am an April (and also an Easter) baby. 

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