New Business April 2019

Cat Chartrand, certified pastry chef is currently offering her services to the Elk Valley community and New Roots Hair Co. opens its doors.

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SoleBeats Dance Studio

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March 2019 New Business

Born to Adventure

Mini Adventures. Mighty Adventures. They all deserve to be remembered!

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Canada Pension Plan Enhancements

Some of you may have noticed that your employer is with-holding more Canada Pension Plan (CPP) in 2019 than they did in 2018. This increase is the first of several steps to increase the CPP benefits receivable in the future. 

Posted by Gerald Price on Mar 11, 2019 in Business

Why Listicles Resonate

Who doesn’t love a good list? Whether it’s the top ten episodes of Seinfeld or the top things to do in Fernie, we have an insatiable appetite to create lists and rankings.

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March 2019 Business News

The Arts Station's Wednesday Concerts Series are set to return this summer and the Christ Church Anglican hosts a a veteran touring duo, for a fundraising music concert.

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Five Ways to Maximise Your Impact

You’ve set up your social media, cleaned up your website, and are sticking to your communications strategy and plan. You have laid your foundation – so now what?

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Last month Gerald wrote about investing and the thrill experienced from receiving money that you did not work for. This article is even better. How you can get money from the Government or at least keep some of your money from going to the Government.

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February 2019 Business News

GearHub now operates a rentals-focused second location at the Fernie Stanford Hotel and Sue Burgman has joined the team at Wild Heart Therapies and Farmacy.

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Community Investment Co-op

Gerald Price agreed to be a founding director for the Elk Valley sub-region and the Board consists of a minimum of five directors with representation from each sub-region, to a maximum of twelve directors.

Posted by Gerald Price on Jan 16, 2019 in Business

January 2019 Business News

Edge of the World's colouring contest, Fernie Fire and Appliance opens under a new name and catch the Fernie Nordic Society this month.

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Adding a Platform

New year, new you – right? This is the time of year you should really take a moment to reflect on your own social media presence.

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January 2019 New Business

The Old Elevator Chinese Restaurant and McKenzie Jespersen Photography are now open for business in Fernie.

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Edge of The World Colouring Contest

Calling all GROMS…

Do you like cool prizes? Check. Do you like colouring contest bragging rights? Check. Do you want an EPIC resume addition (EOW colouring contest 2019 champion)? Check. 

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Income Tax Planning

Most of us avoid thinking about our income tax return until it is time to file it. We are taxed on the calendar year so here are some suggestions that may reduce your 2018 income tax expense.

Posted by Gerald Price on Dec 17, 2018 in Business