December 2020 Business News

Fernie Arts Co-op
572 2nd Ave

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Team FBC Shares Some of Their Must Watch Movies

Fuel your winter stoke and get inspired by these must watch movie picks. Check it out here!

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Shop Local

One thing we have heard a lot of this year is the call to action to “shop local” or “support local.” It is a concept that has always been important to local downtown cores and small businesses. But the message has been dramatically amplified (including by the Fernie Chamber) as people increasingly turned to shopping online during the pandemic over shopping at local stores – as it was perceived to be safer. 

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Making The Move to Fernie

Each season has its unique advantages in Real Estate. While listing a property for sale in the winter typically sees a less crowded market with little competition, we are seeing some new trends emerge as more purchasers have taken to online property searches due to the pandemic. 

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Boosting Life Insurance

If you’re a Millennial – born between 1981 and 1996 – you’re either in the very early or relatively early stages of your career, and as the old song goes, you’ve got a lot of living to do. Still, it’s not too soon to think about a financial issue you may have overlooked: the need for life insurance. 

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November 2020 New Business

Knine Excursions is owned and operated by Fernie local Jess Link. As a local Jess knows how the mines, tourism and outdoor activities can keep you busy and out of the house for sometimes the entire day!

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Essential Pandemic Resources

Brad attempts to distill all of this down to three essential pandemic resources for any business owner or manager operating in BC. Having spent most of the past eight months trying to keep up with all this, I believe these three authoritative resources are the most comprehensive and helpful.

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November 2020 Business News

Fernie Heritage Library
492 3rd Ave

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2020 Virtual Fernie Business Awards Winners Announced

The Fernie Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate the winners of the 2020 Virtual Fernie Business Excellence Awards. The awards gala was held virtually on the evening of Friday 23 October.

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October 2020 New Business

Colour Infusion

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Fernie Business Excellence 2020 - Finalists Announced

The Fernie Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the three finalists in each category of the 2020 Virtual Fernie Business Excellence Awards. This year over 60 local businesses were nominated for an award, and each business was asked to complete an awards application that was submitted to a panel of independent judges from outside the Fernie area.

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October 2020 Business News

Fernie Food Action Strategy

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Preparing for the ‘New Retirement’

A generation or so ago, people didn’t just retire from work – many of them also withdrew from a whole range of social and community activities. But now, it’s different: The large Baby Boom cohort, and no doubt future ones, are seeking an active lifestyle and continued involvement in their communities and the world. So, what should you know about this “new retirement” and how can you prepare for it?

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Risk Tolerance and Stage of Life

As an investor, you’ll always need to deal with risk of some kind. But how can you manage the risk that’s been made clear by the recent volatility in the financial markets? The answer to this question may depend on where you are in life.

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September 2020 Business News

Fernie Pride Society

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