Kids and Credit Cards

While I was getting my weekly latte and muffin, the owner of the coffee shop mentioned that she was concerned with young adults being offered credit cards with high limits and that they did not yet have the life experience to use them properly.

Credit cards are a good way to establish a credit history which is needed when applying for loans or mortgages and they are convenient when travelling, that is all!

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June Business News

Kinesis, photo by Vanessa Croome

Alpine Enthusiasts, 250-423-0564

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Budgeting... #$@!?

For most of us, the month of May is when we take care of the things we neglected during the winter season. We put away our winter gear and take out the summer and thoroughly clean our houses because in a month from now or so there won’t be any time for that again!

Since you will have more time on your hands you may want to consider keeping track of your expenses for a couple of months and see how you can “tweak” them a little to be able to afford some new gear, to travel or to achieve the financial goals that matter to you the most.

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May 2011 New Business

photo: New Yoga Studio in Sparwood, Maitri

Country Animal Hospital (CAH), Fernie 1-406-889-5535 or 1-406-260-1454

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May 2011 Business News

photo: Ahead of the Curve - Bob Maudie

Ahead of the Curve, 250-423-3423
Ahead of the Curve Physiotherapy, the Elk Valley's physiotherapy expert for custom foot orthotics and advice on walking and running, is pleased to announce that as of May 1, Bob Maudie will be taking over the practice as owner/operator Heather Kerr starts her maternity leave.

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Personal Tax Credits

You are probably trying to get over the fact that there are only 3 weekends left of skiing… I am too!

This is a reminder, not a gentle one, that your personal tax returns are due by the end of this month, on April 30th.

For those of you who haven’t filed them yet, you have 4 weekends left or 3 if you will be participating in the Powder Pedal Paddle Relay Race!

Here are few non-refundable tax credits, and if applicable to you, they can help reduce your taxes payable.

Medical Expenses

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March New Business

Beanpod Chocolate Bar, 691A 2nd Ave 778-519-5008

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March Business news

City of Fernie, 501 3rd Ave 250-423-6817
In 2004 a committee was formed to honour Fernie’s heritage. After much research and discussion, a plan was formulated and presented to council and the City became an integral partner to the project, particularly because the exhibit will be placed on the front lawn of City Hall. This building was the original Crows Nest Coal Company office and is an important artifact of mining history in Fernie.

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Tax Advice for the Self Employed

If you have a home-based business and or operate a business without being incorporated, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) considers you to be self-employed or a sole proprietor.

You will be reporting your income on lines 135 to 143 of page two of the T1 General Form. Please don’t wait to the last minute to get your printed T1 forms and guide from the post office since they usually run out of them very quickly.

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valentine's day, chocolate covered strawberries at Rocky Mountain Chocolate

February Fernie Business news

Fernie Nature Tours 250-423-4306
Fernie Nature Tours invites you to experience an evening of nocturnal adventure, sweetheart stories in the heavenly stars, while stealing a kiss under the bright moonlight. While love is in the air create a memory with someone you cherish. Wrap up the evening with a decadent chocolate dessert fondue, champagne and roses for the ladies. To book a Valentine’s Day snowshoe tour from 7-10 pm, call 250-423-4306.

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RRSP versus TFSA

A frequently asked question is whether it is preferable to invest in an RRSP or a TFSA. We would like to receive an answer that is “cut and dry” but that’s impossible since we are all at different stages in our lives and our goals and objectives vary.

To refresh our memories, here is a brief recap of the characteristics of each plan.

_ You can contribute up to 18% of your prior year’s earned income to a maximum of $22,000 for 2010;
_ Your unused contribution room is carried forward to the next year;

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January New Business

Cristallin Toullec, Manual Osteopathic Practitioner & Life Coach 761 7th Ave, 250-423-7774

Practicing Osteopathy since 2004, Cristallin Toullec completed his thesis on the influence of osteopathy on eyesight correction (heterophoria). He specializes in the psychosomatic dimension of physical dysfunctions and has done specific research in the fields of human behavior and psychological models of personality with NLP. He combines NLP and astrology to create his life coaching experiences.

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January Business News

Brecan Building Systems Ltd., 250-423-1580
Brecan Building Systems Ltd, a joint venture between building design and supply professional, John Merritt, and construction management and quantity surveying expert, Dorian Medlicott, of Medlicott Homes Inc, has opened an office at 571b 2nd Ave. Brecan provides unbeatable fixed-price materials packages or construction to lock-up to the contractor and home owner markets.

Fernie Nature Tours, 250-423-4306

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