Child Support Need Not Result in World War III

When parents of children separate, one of the first issues that should come up is what amount of child support should be paid. Initially, this can increase tension in an already tense relationship, but it really shouldn’t. You see, child support is to support the child or children in the relationship. This seems like a very basic principle, but it’s something that often gets lost in the emotion of a separation and/or divorce.

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Back to School for Grown Ups

September is back to school month, which is a big change for school-aged children. But, adults, even those that don’t have young children, also need to tweak their habits in so far as driving is concerned. When the kids head back to school, all of us drivers need to be more aware of where school speed zones start and end. We also need to pay special attention to our responsibilities toward school buses.

The Motor Vehicle Act establishes the maximum speed and time periods allowed in all school zones. Section 147 of the Motor Vehicle Act reads:

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September Business News

Fernie School-Aged Care

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Keep Them Safe

With hunting season right around the corner, and some recent events that were on the news regarding firearm storage in the flooded town of High River, Alberta, I thought an appropriate topic would be safe fire arm storage.

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August 2013 Business News

B2 Body Beauty
571A 2nd Ave
B2 Body Beauty would like to welcome Lindsay Reynolds to its team. Lindsay moved to Fernie in 2008 from Oakville, Ontario. Soon after her move, she fell in love with the community and lifestyle that Fernie had to offer and knew this was where she wanted to call home. She decided to pursue a career in Esthetics. Having the chance to work in a spa in a ski town was the perfect fit for her.

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Use 'Em or Lose 'Em

Last month’s article discussed your right to remain silent upon arrest or detention, which is something that too many people don’t take advantage of. As promised, this month I will deal with some of your other rights upon arrest or detention.

When police arrest you, they must identify themselves and tell you the reason for the arrest. If you are not sure, ask the police if you are under arrest and why. You do have a right against arbitrary detention, which means several things, including that you do not have to go with the police if they have not placed you under arrest.

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July 2013 Business News

Claris Media
841 7th Ave

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Mum's the Word

This article is the first in a two part series about your rights and obligations upon investigation, detention or arrest by police.

In Canada, we have the right to remain silent. If you think this is called “taking the fifth,” you watch too much Law & Order because that saying is a reference to the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Rather, in Canada, your right to remain silent is found at sections 7 and 11(c) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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Where to Stay

One of the first decisions when planning your vacation or visit to Fernie is where to stay. Does staying on the hill or in town better suit your needs? Is your group large enough that a house rental is the best option?

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June 2013 New Business

Fresh 10 Nails

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May 2013 Business News Part 2

Fernie Youth Soccer

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Accidents Happen

Hopefully you never need to know the information that is contained in this article because it is going to explain some of the things you should know if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in BC.

If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you may able to receive two types of compensation: (1) No Fault Accident Benefits and (2) Tort Damages.


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May 2013 Business News

Fernie Francophone School

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May 2013 New Business

Schnell Carpentry

Andreas Schnell brings over 20 years of experience in his family trade to Fernie. “Many of our homes are several hundred years old. They have character and history – and lots of problems when it comes to our modern lifestyles!” In Germany, when a home presents a challenge, it’s often the carpenter who finds a solution to maintain the integrity of the home and preserve the wellbeing of its occupants.

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Recyling in Fernie

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