February 2013 Business News

Fernie Griz Pond Hockey Team,

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Shovels at the Ready

It is winter. In Fernie. It hardly needs to be said, but, winter conditions are going to be everywhere in town – and for quite a while longer. Of course, this snow and ice can create slippery conditions for pedestrians visiting or passing over the property that you own or are renting. If you are wondering what your responsibilities are for clearing away this snow and ice, look no further.

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Dogs Deserve Leashes

Your dog is friendly, right? Your dog wouldn’t hurt a fly. Your dog has never hurt any person or animal. Your dog barks or growls, but it’s just its way of playing. If these are some of the justifications you use to let your dog out without a leash, this article is for you.

In Fernie, there seems to be an epidemic of dogs off leash, but if this is commonly how you deal with your dog, you aren’t doing your dog, yourself or your neighbours any favours.

In the Community Charter (S.C.B. 2003 c.26), a “dangerous dog” is a dog that:
(a) has killed or seriously injured a person,

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New Business January 2013

Dr. Karley Denoon, ND, 571 2nd Ave 250-531-0154
Having recently moved back to the Elk Valley, Dr. Karley Denoon, ND, is excited to have opened Fernie’s first Naturopathic medical clinic. With a convenient downtown location she looks forward to meeting clients, offering a 15-minute complimentary consultation to meet the doctor.

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January 2013 Business News

L'Association Francophone des Rocheuses du Sud
Parlez-vous français? L'Association Francophone des Rocheuses du Sud (AFRoS) does!

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The Law Doesn't Take a Break for the Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, you should be aware of possible liability as a result of the various festivities you might be hosting. Host liability can be divided into two categories: the “social host” and the “commercial host.” A social host is simply someone that has a party where alcohol is consumed and a commercial host is an establishment that serves alcohol for profit.

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December 2012 Business News

Big Bang Bagels, 502 2nd Ave 250-423-7778
Big Bang Bagels is very sad to report that, this coming winter season, there will be no Little Bang Bagels at Snow Creek Lodge. “We are grateful to have been able to serve you bagels and coffee the last three winters up at Fernie Alpine Resort,” says owner Carolyn Doyle.
“We hope to still satisfy your bagel need in our downtown location, which is still open 7am daily.”

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December 2012 New Business

Etheridge Law, 401 2nd Ave 250-430-0007
There is a new choice for legal services in the Elk Valley. Etheridge Law is a new law office in Fernie operated by Angela Etheridge, who has been providing reliable legal service to residents of the Elk Valley for over seven years. Etheridge Law will be located at 401 – 2nd Avenue (2nd Floor) and can be reached at 250-430-0007 or

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November 2012 New Business

Ivengar Yoga
Challenging, yet deeply relaxing, Iyengar Yoga is steeped in history and tradition and taught around the world. This method, based on meditation in action develops strength, mobility and flexibility through alignment in the mind as well as the body.

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November 2012 Business News

ccmarketing, 250-430-7802
Christa Moffat has been helping Elk Valley clients achieve their marketing goals for close to ten years. Her knowledge of regional and national media, social networking, event coordination and ability to work closely with designers makes her an asset to any business. If you are looking to create a brochure, any marketing material, update an existing website or create a new one, Christa also offers technical writing and works with both Drupal and Word Press sites.

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Welcome - But Watch It!

With all of the new people coming into town over the next few months, it is worthwhile exploring some legal issues that might be a surprise to newcomers to Canada and maybe even long-time residents as well.

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Business News

Evolution Health and Fitness, www.

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Gettin' Down to Business

It seems like every time you turn a corner in Fernie, there is a new business popping up. Indeed, even though our community appears to be driven by one or two larger industries, small business is a huge contributor to Fernie’s economy.

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New Business

Central Local House 301 2nd Ave The Central Local House has opened its doors and is proud to be serving fresh-made pizza, using 00 double zero flour, straight from Italy, which in simple terms makes a perfect authentic pizza crust, alongside unique toppings: house-made fennel sausage, smoked prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella. There are also vegetarian options, including a wild mushroom pizza with fontina cheese.

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Business News

Photo by Rory HInds

Fernie Women’s Centre, 250-423-4687
The Fernie Women’s Centre wants everyone to know about its free programs this fall.

Fernie Strong Start begins September 4 at the Isabella Dicken Elementary School. It runs Monday-Friday from 9:00-12pm. This is a child/parent interactive program for children aged 3-5, but younger children are welcome.

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