Access to Justice

Access to justice refers to people getting legal assistance when they need it. It is usually lower income persons who are left out of having access to justice because they simply can’t afford it. The knee-jerk reaction is to blame lawyers for access to justice issues, but, is it the lawyers’ faults? While nearly everyone reading this article may point out that I am biased, the problem is much more complex than pointing the finger only at lawyers.

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References – Your Personal Employment Health Report

During the recruiting process an employer is focused on making a good hiring decision. Their goal is to find a well-suited and highly qualified job candidate. This is not an easy decision. They have a small window of time and limited opportunity to learn about each job candidate.

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March 2014 Business News


AFRoS, the francophone association of the Southern Rockies, invites you to FrancoFest, a celebration of the Journée internationale de la Francophonie (International Francophone Day). Whether French is your mother tongue or just how you like your fries, check out this family-friendly evening of films, music, food and drink at the Arts Station, March 20, 6-9pm. Singer-songwriter Kathleen Décosse will perform live.

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March 2014 New Business

Lysh Hair Salon
461 2nd Ave

Lysh Hair Salon recently opened in downtown Fernie, and is a boutique salon offering something for everyone whether it’s for a quick haircut, complete hair makeover or a bridal session.

Enjoy modern luxuries such as massage chairs in their waiting area, complimentary beverages and snacks, and watching HDTV at hair station. A courtesy “before and after” photograph is offered with any service provided. A free make up refresher is available after receiving any color treatment.

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Creating a Little Love

Much attention in the world of employment tends to focus on skill building. This is essential to your ability to obtain a job and will impact your ability to maintain and sustain employment; however, during this month of “love” let us focus instead on the role of values in the workplace. I promise not to descend into ballads.

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There are all kinds of relationships: romantic, friendly, good, bad, unhealthy and… legal! Indeed, most people are involved in some type of legal relationship, or a contract, everyday. A contract is a legally binding agreement and can exist whether or not it is in writing. For example, every time you buy a coffee, you have entered into a contract, the terms of which are that the vendor will give you the coffee of your choice and you will pay for the coffee.

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February 2014 Business News

College of the Rockies Fernie Campus
342-3rd Ave

A three-week training program is being offered by The College of the Rockies, Fernie Campus, in partnership with Teck. The goal of the program is to introduce women to careers available within the surface coal mining industry.

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February 2014 New Business

Jenna Woods
Fernie Real Estate
1602 9th Ave

Jenna Woods began her Real Estate career on Vancouver Island and earned success by delivering expert advice, professional ethics, and unparalleled customer service.

“I love helping people reach one of their most personal life decisions. I’m progressive with a down-to-earth sensibility. I am truly excited to bring my skill and passion to Fernie Real Estate.”

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Recharge Your Career Plan

The days when people held one job for all or most of their working life are largely gone. So, we all need to take some time to recharge our career plan at least annually... even if the word career sends you running or doesn’t feel relevant. An annual refresh can help you in getting, keeping, and building towards better jobs.

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Stress Free Rentals

January is time of year for resolutions, detoxes, gym memberships and also when Fernie receives an influx of temporary residents. Since many of these temporary residents (or “ski bums” as they are fondly called) will be renting, this is a quick guide for landlords and tenants to hopefully have an uneventful rental relationship.

In British Columbia, the Residential Tenancy Act (“RTA”) is the legislation that governs residential tenancies. The RTA applies to residential tenancies only, not commercial units or accommodation occupied for vacation (like hotels or ski condos).

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January 2014 Business News

The Fernie Arts Station

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January 2014 New Business

Nourish Through Nature

Krissi Hyland is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Whole Foods Chef. She created Nourish Through Nature cooking classes to empower people in their own kitchen. Her goal is to make healthy nourishing foods taste awesome and teach new skills to bring home to friends and family. Ingredients are always gluten free and can accommodate food sensitivities if informed in advance.

Cooking classes are now available through the College of the Rockies

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'Tis the Season for Roadblocks

With the holidays approaching, you can bet with it will be more roadblocks set up by the RCMP. We should be thankful for the increased police presence at this time of year because it keeps our streets safer.

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Interviews - Party or Panic?

It is common knowledge that during an interview, employers will form opinions and assumptions based on how you look, how you present yourself and how you respond to their questions. Indeed, the purpose of an interview is to allow an employer to get a feel and understanding of you. It is also a time for you to do the same.

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December 2013 Business News

The Arts Station

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