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B2, photo by V.Croome

B2 Body Beauty, 571 2nd Ave 250-423-2181
B2’s mission is to have you looking on the outside as you’re feeling on the inside. On the outside, their bath and body boutique is filled with skin care products, hair care products, cosmetics and pampering bath salts and bubble bars made in house. Their private label athletic wear is focused on inspiring active lifestyles and their range of lounge wear and pajamas are chosen to help you wind down for the day. B2’s full service salon and cosmetic services are a great opportunity for bridal parties and events.

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El Guapo, photo by Leslie Prentice

Birch Meadows, 4485 Hwy 3 250-423-4236

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Change Your Habits and Save

After a month of indulging, your belt is probably feeling a little tight! I know mine is. I cannot resist food. It should loosen up in a few weeks after we return to our regular eating habits. While we are on the subject of belts and habits, why not try to change some of our spending habits so that we can tighten our belts?

I have a few suggestions for your New Year resolutions list:

1. Turn down the thermostat a few degrees. Layer up. There is no reason to be in a t-shirt and bare feet in the middle of the winter.

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New Business

Community Listing Service

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Business News

Elk View Lodge,, 250-430-1089/1-888-7FERNIE,

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New Business December 2011

DID Ltd.
Deliberate Industrial Design Ltd. specializes in the design and fabrication of custom skis, snowboards and surfboards. Every unit is handcrafted one at a time in Fernie, BC and is unique featuring custom shape, flex, hand-painted top graphics and custom base die-cuts. DID Ltd. offers a high level of customization with its clear wood cored skis and boards. Custom skis and boards are designed and shaped to suit any customer's specifications. Get what you always wanted: shape, flex, art. DID will build it for you.

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December 2011 Business News

Edge of the World, 421B 2nd Ave 250-423-9292
Edge of the World has relocated! They can now be found next to the Green Petal in downtown Fernie, and have new hours to accommodate winter shoppers - 9am-8pm. They carrying Libtech, GNU, volcom, airblaster, thirty two, ride, stepchild, bataleon, K2, Holden, Anon, Dragon, Electric, Von Zipper, Matix, Neff, Nikita, Coal, Cilia, Me Glad, Altamont, Analog, Dakine, Hippy Tree, Protec, Red, Saxx, Vans, Circa, Emerica, Lakai, DVS, Hoppipolla and more.

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Reducing the Financial Aftershock of Christmas

I bought an Advent Calendar in October. I know, it seemed early at the time but it is a popular one and I was afraid it might sell out. While paying for my purchase, I was chatting with the store employee and she mentioned how some or most people overspend during Christmas and are still paying for their purchases well into the month of March. I thought this could be a good topic for a column.

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Maternity Leave and Entrepreneurs

During my research, I found that the number of women entrepreneurs has significantly increased in the last decade and continues to do so. As a result, I thought I would be able to find a master plan on how women entrepreneurs cope with having children and continuing to operate their businesses. Not so!

Their biggest challenge is the same as any working mother, that is the balance of life and work! The main suggestion for trying to achieve this balance is support from your loved ones and reliable childcare.

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November 2011 Business News

Fernie Fix Best of Fernie 2011
The Best of Fernie competition is back! And just like last year, it’s your opportunity to vote for your favourite in Fernie in 2011. AND win a season’s pass at Fernie Alpine Resort! So how does it work? Click on the Best of Fernie 2011 icon, complete the quick survey, and you’re automatically entered in the contest and have voiced your opinion on which businesses, events, seasons, activities, etc. had the most impact on you last year.

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Children and the Value of Money

I am looking at my older daughter’s bedroom and it looks like not one but multiple bombs have exploded in it. Every surface available is covered with toys, clothing, books, etc. Since her bedroom serves as a guestroom, we need, that is, I need to tidy it up before my in laws arrive. They come often, so fortunately, I should not be finding any furry creatures during the hour it will take to clean it.

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October 2011 New Business

Silver Lining Therapeutic Recreation Service, 778-519-2114

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Budget for After School Activities

It’s that time again! You have already spent a small fortune on school clothes and supplies and now you will be spending another one on after school activities.

Here a few ideas on trying, if possible, to reduce the costs associated with these activities.

Establish a budget and respect it.

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September 2011 New Business

Happy Cow, 561B Highway #3 250-423-8381
Fernie’s newest addition is Happy Cow Ice Cream and Desserts, located along the highway next to the Cincott Market. Wendy Lyn and Dan Worth are creating handcrafted ice cream and desserts, including ice cream, waffle cones, cakes, pies and much more. Happy Cow will be open all year round, and offer pre-orders for special occasions and seasonal surprises. For more information visit their facebook page or stop by the shop.

True Axe Timber Crafts, 250-423-6119,

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