Being More Mindful on Social Media

Mindfulness is the act of focusing on the present and being completely engaged in what is going on in our surroundings instead of being distracted. In so many ways, social media can be the opposite of mindfulness, the opposite of being present.

Posted by Christina Pilarski on Nov 07, 2018 in Business

Fernie Brewing Company Launches Fresh New Look

Fernie Brewing Company (FBC), BC’s most easterly brewery, is excited to announce the launch of a fresh new look, which is hitting stores throughout Western Canada over coming weeks. With no change to the brews within, their new look is clean, crisp and bold, and is set to transition across their entire product portfolio.

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October 2018 Business News

The Fernie Museum recognizes the 100th Anniversary of the Closing of the Morrissey Interment Camp and the Fernie Women’s Resource Centre invites you to “Trick or Treat at the Movies".

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How Much Life and Disability Should You Have?

In order to financially protect our family and ourselves, we should have some life and disability insurance. The biggest factor in how much life and disability insurance you should have is how much you can afford to spend.

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October 2018 New Business

Fernie hosts it's first Elk Valley Snow Avalanche Workshop, yhe Fernie Volleyball Club prepares for the upcoming season, the Tourism Master Plan and for kids that love bounce castles, the Kid’s Cafe at Mountainside Community Church is a great new program.

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Six Reasons to Know your Online Neighbour

Knowledge is power when creating your social media strategy. The more you know about your community, your audience, and your industry means the more you can leverage to bolster your profile.

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September 2018 Business News

Fernie Alpine Resort is expanding its events, activities and programs into the autumn months, Fernie Physiotherapy's newest addition, Katie Joyce Yoga joins forces with The Guide's Hut and Rooftop Coffee Roasters celebrates 3 years in Fernie.

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Island Lake Lodge's Fall Harvest Beer Makers Dinner

The leaves are starting to turn and fall is definitely in the air. Island Lake Lodge's local farm partners are harvesting and their favourite beer company is putting out some seasonal favourites.

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Ponders of PST and Pedalling

Fernie truly is a mountain bike town where bicycles often rival the number of cars on Main Street. Therefore it is not surprising to discover that our PST program is not all that straightforward.

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September 2018 New Business

Brecan Furniture Studio opens it's store downtown, Heart To Hand offers small private home care service and Wild Heart Therapies and Farmacy.

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Fernie Brewing Co.’s “Cheers to Charity!” Program hits $100,000 and Counting!

With over 29 recipients since its inception in December 2013, Fernie Brewing Company (FBC), is proud to announce that its “Cheers to Charity!” (CTC) Fund has now

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Five Tips for Non-Creatives

‘Not being creative’ cannot be an excuse for a poor execution of your business’ social media and communications program.

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August 2018 Business News

Fernie Pizza and Pasta
1221 7th Ave

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Most people choose a trusted family member or close friend to be the executor of their will. We choose an individual that we trust to carry out our final directions on what to do with our property after we pass on, but what do we do to ensure that they can complete the task with minimal effort on their part?

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August 2018 New Business

Fernie BMX Racing, Alpine Pathways Psychological Services opens a private practice, join the pickleball Fernie team and a bluegrass festival alongside a weekend full of workshops. 

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