How Are Businesses Feeling?

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Digital Disruption: The Rise and Fall of the Recorded Music Industry

Remember vinyl records? Cassettes? CDs? I sure do! My basement is full of them. Living rooms and dens around the world used to be bursting with these, with audiophiles boasting about their expansive collection of physical media. Now, every track or album you ever would want to listen to is in the cloud and can be streamed on to your mobile device with the tap of a button. 

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June 2022 Business News

CENTURY 21 Mountain Lifestyles Inc.
362B 2 Ave

CENTURY 21 Mountain Lifestyles is pleased to welcome Mariah Runions to their team.

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Events Are Back and So Is Fernie’s Vibrancy

Summer has finally arrived y’all! And unlike the past two summers, this year we can dare to look forward to a full-scale return of Fernie’s signature festivals, events, races, and activities. Events are such a key part of what makes our mountain town so vibrant, and it’s been tough to see many of them sidelined or significantly scaled down for years on account of the pandemic. But it seems the light has finally appeared at the end of the tunnel.

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Fernie Chamber of Commerce Turns 120 Years Old

We are so lucky to have such a vibrant mix of community groups serving all kinds of different needs here in Fernie. There is so much passion and dedication from these groups to making our way of life here more rich, more interesting, and more sustainable. One of the oldest community groups in the Elk Valley is the one I happen to work for – the Fernie Chamber of Commerce.

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iPhone Upgrade or Not

Way back in January of 2009, I wrote an article about a new device that was taking the world by storm. The iPhone. You may have heard of it. When I bought one, it was version 3 and had been out for about 18 months at that point.

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March 2022 Business News

Community Volunteer Income Tax Programme

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Fernie Chamber Announces Line-up for Housing Information Session

The Fernie Chamber of Commerce is announcing the line-up of speakers for the Housing Information Session being hosted as part of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in-person event on Thursday April 21st. Celebrating 120 years since incorporation, the Fernie Chamber is excited to return to an in-person format at the Cast Iron Grill (Fernie Golf Club) after two years of virtual AGMs.

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Results from Elk Valley’s Largest Ever Business Survey Released

The Elk Valley Economic Initiative (EVEI) has released the Elk Valley Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) survey report. BRE surveys and reports are an effective economic development tool that encourages local businesses to stay and grow in the community through identifying and responding to their needs.

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Sustainable Tourism

As I write this month’s column, I am in Richmond for the 2022 BC Tourism and Hospitality Conference. It has been amazing to be back in-person with colleagues from the Kootenays and across the province. The theme of the conference was ‘Kickstarting the Comeback,’ and there was a lot of thoughtfulness and optimism as the BC visitor economy looks to the future beyond recovery from the pandemic. 

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Equality in Business

Local businesses impact all our lives everyday – whether we work for them or buy goods and services from them. Our local businesses are powered by people, and those people come from all walks of life and backgrounds.

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March Madness at Fernie Brewing Company

Keeping up with February’s momentum, FBC is releasing four more brews this month – two new releases, along with two returning favourites, making for a March full of delicious craft beer.

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