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Over 115 bands have played at Wapiti since 2011
Takes 200+ volunteers to pull Wapiti off

Posted by Chantel Vincent on Aug 04, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

Backup CDs

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Never Enough Thyme

I spent 12 years working as a sous-chef at one of the most expensive chalets in Alta, Utah. Besides the top-quality skiing right out the door, the chef and I curated memories using one of the best tools in the world: food. 

Posted by Claire Smallwood on Jul 10, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

Nick Nault

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Stinging Retreat

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” - Michael J. Fox

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Jun 21, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

A Trick of the Light

The master painters of the Renaissance brought many things to the practice of art that we continue to use, among them are mathematical perspective, proportion, foreshortening, and chiaroscuro. In the 19th century the expressionists bent many of those rules—Van Gogh’s swirling brilliance for example. In the 20th century artists like Dali and Picasso found ways of unshackling us from them completely. Only one rule remained largely untouched: chiaroscuro.* 

Posted by Michael Hepher on Jun 16, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

June 2022 Astrology

Happy June! The Sun travels through Gemini until June 21 where it moves into Cancer and marks the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Posted by Ashley Kristina on Jun 04, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

Todd Weselake

I began Raven Eye Photography in the early 2000’s, and over time grew it into a photography conglomerate. Operating Raven Eye Photography has allowed me to discover many parts of the world, travelling to over 30 countries covering action sports, adventure races, tourism jobs and high-end commercial work. From peaks to valleys, jungles to mega cities, I developed a creative sense of photography that is truly a product of the world and the experiences they have given me. I have always had a strong passion for photography, naturally evolving from growing up in Fernie, and wanted to share these adventures and scenery of the surrounding area with others.

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A Pattern Community

Communities are like quilts – they need a balance of unity and variety to function properly. Finding like-minded people is good for unity, but how would we ever learn and grow if we weren’t confronted with ideas or ways of doing things that are unexpected or different from ours? How bored would we be if everyone we met on the street was just like us? In our lives, as well as in our paintings, too much repetition is constrictive. A composition, as well as a community, need variety to thrive.

Posted by Michael Hepher on May 18, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

Jackie Impey

I am an abstract artist that paints intuitively, with the goal to elicit joy. My paintings are an internal expression of what is occurring around me. I’m inspired to paint when happy, so I often hear that my paintings are fresh, joyful and fun. It makes sense, because I like fun! I paint with music and am most happy when I can paint outside by the river or in my backyard with a view of the mountains. 

Posted by Krista Turcasso on May 13, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

Enough is Enough

Every year around earth day I take stock of the environmental impact of my art practice. I’ve always worked hard to minimize my footprint, and my studio is the place I spend the most time so it makes sense for me to create green processes wherever possible. I do use some petrochemicals because the oil-based letterpress inks need a little muscle to get clean and mineral spirits are the only thing up to the task, but at a liter per year that’s not a big impact.

Posted by Michael Hepher on Apr 14, 2022 in Art and Entertainment