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Community Events - On Your Bike

Photo by Kirsty Morris, FAR

Posted by Rebecca Hall on Jul 30, 2010 in Art and Entertainment

Hooker & Brown by Jerry Auld

By the time this review is published, many of you will have heard Jerry Auld speak at the opening reception of the Fernie Writers’ Conference, and you will already know what I am about to tell you: Auld is a writer perfectly suited to our little mountain town, and his novel should be on the must-read list of every mountain-sport enthusiast.

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July Featured Events

If four pages of festival fun hasn’t tempted you out of Fernie, there’s plenty going on around here to keep you occupied. The warmer weather offers plenty of options for getting outdoors, from the Mountain Market on Sundays in Rotary Park to floating on the Elk, or try one of these options:

Canada Day

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Through the Lens - Portrait


Captured in Pure Innocence -Photo by Brenna Dominick

"How carefree they can be. Scout had climbed from her crib, to fall asleep on her dresser beneath the warmth of the sunlight."

Fulani Boys

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Patient Frame by Steven Heighton

Steven Heighton is coming to Fernie! I know at least a few literary ladies in Fernie whose feet haven’t touched ground since they heard the news. Plus, it’s not only Fernie’s writing community who thinks Heighton is hot stuff – lately, I can’t seem to open a national newspaper without seeing him and his words splayed across the book section. And soon he will be here in Fernie, with nothing to do but talk writing with us.

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Feature Artist - Erin Frances

It was midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The church was dark and silent, full to the rim with people in the historic Fernie Catholic Church. The sound of an angel singing “Oh Holy Night” seemed to come from heaven itself as shivers raised on the arms or those in attendance, and tears sprung to their eyes.

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They've Got Legs

Mud-spattered grins are descending from the woods in full force these days. Shorts and sunshine. It’s the I-came-for-the-skiing-and-stayed-for-the-summer season. And there are plenty of men out on the trails, but there is some very serious representation by the women. “She’s got legs, and she knows how to use them.”

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Through the Lens – Lighting and Contrast

Living in Fernie, it's easy to think about the mountains as large and dominant. When I took this shot of Mt. Fernie, the Three Sisters and Mt. Proctor, I used a wide-angle lens because I wanted to emphasize a different perspective than our typical experience of these mountains. Putting them into a visual context that is mostly sky and atmosphere reminds me that just because something is perceived as dominant doesn't necessarily mean it is.
Kevan Wilkie

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The Wolfman

The Werewolf of London was Hollywood’s first mainstream werewolf movie. It was made in 1935 and starred Henry Hull, an American character actor who appeared in 74 movies between 1917 and 1966. His role as the werewolf is the part he is best remembered for, but the movie was not a commercial success.

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Feature Artist - Mae Moore

The Fernie Writers’ Conference is back this July and with it a new schedule and array of exciting instructors and courses. One of these instructors is acclaimed Canadian singer/songwriter Mae Moore, teaching a course on songwriting, the first time a course of this nature has been included in the Conference’s lineup.

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Fernie Loves Local Film

People from small towns often migrate to cities in search of things; excitement, opportunity, wealth...What often brings them back is the sense of community that is so hard to find in the concrete jungle.

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