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January 2012 - This Month in Movies

January 3: Even though it’s about a pandemic that takes out millions of people in a few months, Contagion is not a regular disaster movie. There is no grandstanding or melodrama.

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Top Ten Cinematic Treats

I watch many movies; so many in fact that it’s impossible for me to review everything I see. So to bring in the New Year with a bang, I thought that I would provide you with ten of my top cinematic treats. These movies, some on DVD, some in theatres now, are not necessarily from the past year. They are just movies that I think have a certain quality, whichever time frame they come from.

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Gordon Sombrowski - The Crow

The Crow
The invitation to share some thoughts as a writer came as a surprise. But I’m new to being an author and anyone interested in my writing is a delight to me, and so I agree to the interview. Now the young journalist, an attractive blonde woman in a pale pink and blue flowered sun dress sits in front of me, her eyes expectant, her legs crossed, red painted toes clinging to the strap of a lime green sandal that dangles in the air. She takes a sip of the iced tea I have offered and then asks, “Tell me something about your creative process?”

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A Window on the World

Researching this column is always a treat, but never more so than when I come into contact with the inspirational people who touch our lives. These people come from all corners of community life but some of my favourite Fernieites are rarely to be found here. I’ve only been able to speak directly to an elusive few, but whether I’m interviewing them or reading about them in someone else’s column, these have been my favourite Fix stories over the past five years.

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December - This Month in Movies

December 6: Based on Kathryn Stockett’s best-selling 2009 novel, The Help is about the lives of African-American maids in early ‘60s Mississippi and the young white woman who wants to tell their story.

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Alfred Charles Kinsey (1894-1962) was professor of biology, zoology and entomology at Indiana State University, as well as being one of the pioneers in the field of sexology (the scientific study of sexual behaviour). Kinsey authored The Kinsey Reports, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” (1948) and “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” (1953). Both publications were based on data that were gathered from thousands of interviews conducted by Kinsey and his staff about the sexual activities of the participants.

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Michael Hepher

On July 1, 2011, a small caravan wound through the mountains towards the Southeastern corner of BC and the town of Fernie. The caravan carried not only my family and all of our worldly possessions, but also a glowing pebble of a dream that would become Clawhammer Letterpress & Gallery.

I have always been creative - first in pencil, then in pen and ink, then as a musician, as an artist blacksmith, but significantly, in 2001, I submerged myself in the world of digital design, founding my own design firm in 2003.

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Happy Anniversary to The Fix!

I clearly remember browsing through the first issue of The Fernie Fix five years ago. I gave it a once over, turned to my husband, and said “It’s great, but it’ll never last. For one, Krista will run out of Featured Artists within six months.” I didn’t believe Fernie had the population to sustain a monthly culture magazine.

How’s that for a confession better kept to myself?

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Vigilanties are cool, or at least that is what the great minds behind some of the world’s most popular comic book heroes would have you believe.

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For the Love of Film - Fernie BC's Movie Scene

One question I am asked a lot when talking about one of my favourite things – movies screening in Fernie – is 'Which Film Festival is that?' You're excused for being confused; while Fernie may be an outdoor enthusiasts' paradise, one of our favourite things to do when we head indoors is to watch a movie. As a result we have several regular offerings as well as two major Film Festivals. Let me break it down for you.

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This Month in Movies - November 2011 DVD Releases

November 1: A Better Life tells the story of Carlos, a Mexican immigrant working in Los Angeles illegally. Carlos is trying to make a go of it to give his son the chances he never had. At fifteen, his son Luis is slipping away.

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Kerri Holmes - "I Make Pots"

I make pots. I fall asleep at night thinking of them. Thinking of how, in the clay state they are soft and wet, then rough and dry in the biscuit state. I imagine them glowing orange-hot in the kiln and their ultimate ceramic form with a new skin of glaze. I dream them as plentiful and varied as books on library shelves.

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The Boy by Betty Jane Hegerat

Writers’ Festivals charge me right up. Every time I go to one, I make a discovery. At Campbell River’s Words on the Water, I was drawn into the ambitious work of the beautiful and stirring Kate Braid. At Saskatchewan Festival of Words, I was moved by the gutsy and energetic Elizabeth Bachinsky and her politically-charged poems. What I admire most about both of these poets is the way they grab onto the inkling of inspiration and let it guide them, even (or especially) when it takes their work in unexpected and untried directions.

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It's the end of the world as we know it, and Bubba Tres feels fine...

Last May, a man named Harold Camping was getting a lot of press. If you remember, he predicted that the Rapture would happen on May 21, followed by five months of fire, brimstone and plagues, until October 21, when it would all end. The world watched, waited, and while waiting, created Facebook pages for things like, “The Rapture After-Party.” Camping, of course, had to amend the prediction: the world is going to end October 21.

And here we are in October.

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The Road

Hollywood has a strange fascination with stories that take place in dystopic futures.

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