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Created by Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone is a Paramount Network television series focusing on John Dutton, a powerful Montana cattle baron, played by Kevin Costner, and his dysfunctional family 

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Lost Together

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Harman Delyea

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Spring Cleaning

How’s your PC doing? Does it feel like you may have purchased it back when Canadian teams were still winning the Stanley Cup? 

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Forest Filter

In a world riddled with worry and wonder, it is the greatest privilege to escape into the wild unknown for regeneration and reflection. But what happens when this lush haven of perpetual seeming landscape begins to vanish? Can protection or reclamation save our safe and bountiful sacred spaces? Environmental concerns are very real as we see the tragic effects of humankind on the planet Earth.

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Apr 16, 2021 in Art and Entertainment

Crafting a Greener Little Blue Dot

Humanity has played a significant role in changing the climate of our little blue dot. The past few decades have seen our time in the naughty corner increase, with Mother Nature (and David Attenborough, among others) scolding us to get our act together. We see her wrath in rising temperatures, thunderous storms, bushfires, floods, and extreme climates. She’s mad, and we did this. We need to do better. 

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Where the Wild Things Aren’t

As we start to collectively sway back into equilibrium, we should take a moment to note the things that we lost, and the things that we learned. How do we prevent our ecosystems from getting out of balance in the future? What are our keystone species? What have we done with our wolves?

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James Ouimet

My woodworking journey always starts with elevating the natural beauty of wood into distinctive, functional heirlooms for one’s home. I’m a stay at home dad and happy husband with a passion to create unique pieces out of beautiful, carefully selected wood. I honour the tradition of my grandfather, a French-Italian immigrant to Canada who skillfully and passionately carved his life and community out of wood.

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Speak Up, Support and Celebrate

With a focus on challenging gender bias and inequity, this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) seeks to provoke society to take action and accelerate gender parity. Choose To Challenge is the theme, and creating a more alert world is the aim. As their website says, “from challenge, comes change.”  

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Social Media Makeover

By now you or someone or everyone you know has watched The Social Dilemma. If you haven’t you should. It’s eye-opening. The purpose of the documentary is to educate you about how social media is affecting your life in profound and often undesirable ways.

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