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Trading Places

As male in a small-town arts community, I’m an unlikely minority. At any given artists’ gathering I’m often one of few men, and I’m invariably surrounded by creative, talented, competent, hard-working, and knowledgeable women. 

Posted by Michael Hepher on Mar 14, 2020 in Art and Entertainment


We tend to think that complexity is what makes a good password, but we don’t really understand complexity. We think if it looks more complicated then it must be better, but entropy is a better measurement of difficulty in guessing than complexity.

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Mar 12, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Megan Haeusler

Drawing inspiration from the architecture and nature of her surroundings to create paintings that show the ever-evolving history and unique character of her adopted home, this small town nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

Posted by admin on Mar 08, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Wapiti 2020 Line Up Released

This August 7 and 8, the tenth annual Wapiti Music Festival takes place in the Annex Park, alongisde the majestic Elk River in beautiful Fernie, BC. Each spring as the event approaches the air is thick with anticipation. Who will headline this year? How can it trump the epic live performances we've enjoyed in past (Black Pistol Fire anyone)? One thing is for sure, the team at Wapiti never disappoints and getting early bird tickets is always a no-brainer.

Posted by admin on Mar 01, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Love at a Funeral

I met Lenore Rosgen when I was working at Riverside Value Drug Mart in Drumheller, Alberta, where I grew up. She was always quick with a funny jab or a sweet smile. She often accompanied her husband Richard who was on oxygen at the time, a charming gentleman farmer not far from town.

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Feb 22, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Ready or Not

Ready or Not is a horror film full of dark humour and over-the-top gore. It is directed by Americans Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Bettinelli-Olpin is an actor, screenwriter and director, while Gillett is a cinematographer, director and writer. 

Posted by Andrew Vallance on Feb 16, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Hard Times in Bad Lands

A few years ago I borrowed a friend’s car for a road trip. As I wound my way up the Kootenay Pass, the only music available was a stack of unmarked, burned CDs jammed between the seats. As I cycled through those discs each new track was an adventure.

Posted by Michael Hepher on Feb 12, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Kelty Pelechtyik

I have always been obsessed with rare, beautiful objects that tell a story. Things that people value and that withstand time, that are passed on to be cherished and adored. It’s at the heart of what I love about jewellery: composing a final, unique piece of art for someone to love forever.

Posted by admin on Feb 06, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

February 2020 Astrology

In this holographic Universe, some may recognize the old adage that our reality is mimicked back to us based upon the energy we exude. In this enlightened state, man has the ability to co-create his reality through self-mastery. Transcendental experience is something we are never without, however one must recognize themselves first to do great work.

Posted by Ashley Kristina on Feb 04, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Freakin’ Streakin’

Knowing Mike Bull is a lot like arriving at an amusement park with an unlimited amount of ride tickets clenched tightly in your sweaty palm. It’s thrilling, wild, and full to the brim with unadulterated joy.

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Jan 18, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Streaking for Art’s Sake

I love my creative life—I wake up in the morning, make coffee, help the kids out the door to school, and at that moment the routine in my life ends. For the rest of the day, I could be setting some type for a new poster, carving a block for a print commission, working on paintings for a solo show, or putting together an application for a future public art call. 

Posted by Michael Hepher on Jan 15, 2020 in Art and Entertainment


Yesterday tells the story of Jack Malik, a struggling musician who, on a dark and stormy night, gets hit by a bus and wakes up in a world in which The Beatles do not exist.

Posted by Andrew Vallance on Jan 15, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Brina Schenk and The Proud Art Post

There are a few moments and experiences that have lead Brina Schenk to where she is right now. It feels serendipitous as if there’s nothing else she should be doing. 

Posted by admin on Jan 08, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

January 2020 Astrology

There is a special energy that happens at the change of the year, every year, providing a blank slate and a fresh optimistic start. There is no doubt in my mind that this is why the Gregorian Calendar marks this time of year as the ‘new year.’ 

Posted by Ashley Kristina on Jan 05, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Mountain Reads

Beach reads? Nah. They’re about as satisfying as Tic Tacs. Mountain reads are the sticky-toffee-pudding of books. Deep, dark, and full of substance.

Posted by Shelby Cain on Dec 22, 2019 in Art and Entertainment