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Our People

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Jan 05, 2021 in Health

Emotional Contagion

Posted by Ange Qualizza on Jan 05, 2021 in Community

January 2021 Horoscopes

May we all welcome a blessed 2021 with a moment of intention or a good thought for the well-being of the whole for this upcoming year.

Posted by Ashley Kristina on Jan 04, 2021 in Art and Entertainment

Fernie Art Streak 2021

Posted by admin on Dec 31, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

William Bell

In 1979 I accepted a teaching position in Fernie. I moved here from Vancouver, not liking the city life and decided that Fernie was where I wanted to be. I think it was only a few days before I was off exploring. A long term interest in history and geology attracted me to Wild Horse Creek, site of a big gold rush in 1863. 

Posted by admin on Dec 31, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Fernie Delivery & Take Out Options Continue to Grow

Fernie is increasingly known for its access to some of the best outdoor opportunities in the world. For its breathtaking views and landscapes just minutes from town. For its unique history and colourful, artistic community. And for the small businesses and boutiques that line its shopping centres. Fernie is also a mountain town known for its array and diverse culinary choices.

Posted by admin on Dec 28, 2020 in Business

RDEK Honours 2020 Electoral Area Volunteers of the Year

The RDEK is celebrating its 2020 Electoral Area Volunteer of the Year award recipients.

Posted by admin on Dec 23, 2020 in Community

Special Public Avalanche Warning issued for much of Western Canada

Avalanche Canada, in partnership with Parks Canada and Alberta’s Kananaskis Country, is issuing a Special Public Avalanche Warning for recreational users of backcountry and frontcountry avalanche terrain, in effect immediately until Sunday, Dec. 27.

Posted by admin on Dec 23, 2020 in Outdoors

Backup Google and Export Emails

Twice in the last couple of weeks, I’ve had friends ask me about getting emails off of Google. Having everything up on Google seems pretty secure. Google’s not going down anytime soon. But there are issues with having all your email, documents, photos, etc. up there and not anywhere else.

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Dec 21, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

The Ridge

I slam my beat-up ski boot into the icy rime of the windswept ridge. The pounding of my heart thumping with the crunch of snow. I’m thankful for the warm, calm March weather, a stark juxtaposition to the cold, hard knot that has a stranglehold on my guts. I need to find confidence in the next step. In every step. For her sake too. We’re in it together, but as always, I feel responsible.

Posted by Shona Rubens on Dec 18, 2020 in Outdoors


Al Capone is a legend to the extent that his name is often the first one that comes to mind when people hear the word “gangster.” He was an American mobster and businessman who attained notoriety during the Prohibition era in Chicago. And yet his reign as a crime boss lasted only seven years and ended when he went to prison at the age of 33.

Posted by Andrew Vallance on Dec 18, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

Nycki Wannamaker

Every single time someone has an injured bird they don’t know how to help, skunks with babies living beneath their shed, a scared dog difficult to catch, or just questions and tips related to pet care or wildlife, Nycki’s name comes up. And she responds, saves and supports. Provides information and love. 

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Dec 18, 2020 in Community

City of Fernie Spaces to Explore

Nestled between rugged peaks and along cool waters, Fernie has long been considered among the world’s premier winter holiday destinations. With snowfalls of 30 feet or more, Fernie residents and visitors alike embrace the season by making the most of our vast outdoor playground. We are especially lucky to be able to enjoy our open spaces during these pandemic times and remain active year-round. Whether you’re looking for a low-key stroll or a heart pumping ride, we’ve got an outdoor space for everyone!

Posted by Wynne Cairns on Dec 17, 2020 in Community

Running a Marathon

It is mid-November and I am pretty sure I can hear the ticking of a clock close by. Somewhere surely, Krista’s beautiful smile is imploring me to make my deadline. Hurry up. 

Posted by Ange Qualizza on Dec 16, 2020 in Community

Provincial Park Snowshoe

It’s the holiday season and you may be looking for the gift that keeps giving. We have just what you need! The Fernie Trails Pass keeps giving as you enjoy the trails all season long (note the pass runs a calendar year, from Jan 1 – Dec 31). This is the perfect gift for the active person on your list. 

Posted by Julie Kelly on Dec 16, 2020 in Outdoors