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How Volunteering Brought Workplace Camaraderie, Balance and Movement Back into My Life

In high school, I volunteered as a youth lawyer to help kids clear their driving records by assigning community service. It was amazing to help people in real and meaningful ways, but as I got older volunteering lost its lustre. I began to feel that volunteer work was reserved for the well-off to feel less guilty about their well-offness. Now as Stage two of my nine-month Canadian Conservation Corps program comes to a close, I’ve learned that volunteering can change your relationship with work and re-route your path back to something that provides meaning in your life.

Posted by Zanele Chisholm on Jan 18, 2024 in Health

It’s Me. Hi.

Posted by Shelby Knudsen on Jan 18, 2024 in Community

New Year Security

A new year is a good time to consider your computer security. Because so much of our lives are happening in, on, and around computers these days, it is simultaneously necessary and daunting to tackle computer security. But fear not, it doesn’t have to be a giant task.

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Jan 17, 2024 in Art and Entertainment

How to Socialize Your Puppy

We all want our dogs to be friendly and get along with people and other dogs. That starts with socialization. Breed type, genetics and early learning play a strong role, but once we choose a puppy, our job starts with socializing.

Posted by Valerie Barry on Jan 17, 2024 in Art and Entertainment

Brian’s Powerhouse Chocolate Cake

This is the year you start baking. Well, maybe not but, this cake has an incredible “Wow!” factor and can easily be your go-to next time there’s a birthday or celebration. 

Posted by Claire Smallwood on Jan 17, 2024 in Community


Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Jan 15, 2024 in Health


Posted by Andrew Vallance on Jan 15, 2024 in Art and Entertainment

How to Help

Having a child learning a new language is exciting, but it can also be daunting to know how to help. As Grade 5 and 6 Late French Immersion students, we understand this better than anyone.

Posted by Par La Classe d... on Jan 15, 2024 in Community

Nordic Loops for Everyone

Nordic skiing seems to grow exponentially with each year. Perhaps it's the growing Fernie Nordic Society, with nearly 1200 annual memberships and 1000 day use trail passes sold. Or it could be the numerous locations one can get out on Nordic skis.

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Jan 14, 2024 in Outdoors

Aidan Chudleigh

When you consider sports in a town like Fernie, mountain biking, hockey and skiing are likely what comes to mind. But this has changed. As Fernie has grown and evolved, so have the recreational opportunities for both kids and adults. People move to town, bringing with them their expertise and knowledge and they can’t help but get involved. Aidan Chudleigh is one of these individuals, who has been instrumental in turning Fernie into a swimming community. ​

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Jan 13, 2024 in Community

Sounds of Fernie

Have you heard the sound of music flowing through the Elk Valley? There’s nothing quite like experiencing live performance and we are lucky to have multiple venues in town supporting artists!

Posted by Alex Kozak on Jan 11, 2024 in Art and Entertainment

Keeping it Fun

Posted by Tarah Leggott on Jan 11, 2024 in Health

Travelling in Puglia

From Salerno on the Amalfi Coast to Santa Maria de Leuca on the very heel of the boot shaped Italy is a drive of five hours on four lane divided highway over and through the mountains. In the distance one spots hill towns perched high on the mountain sides. 

Posted by Patrick Robertson on Jan 10, 2024 in Health

Good News Year

As the new year begs for peace and innovation, imagination and reconciliation, the question that hangs in the air is, “what will this year bring?” 

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Jan 10, 2024 in Art and Entertainment