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Good Playmates

Many dog owners want their dog to play with other dogs. And why not? Like us, shouldn’t dogs get a chance to play, have fun and make some new friends?  

Posted by Valerie Barry on Feb 06, 2023 in Community

Investing in People

The Snow School is all about creating relationships, and there is no better month to talk about relationships than February.

Posted by Wendy Reade on Feb 02, 2023 in Health

Helena de Jong

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved pottery. My mom took a few classes when we were little kids, so I grew up with a random assortment of handmade pots to use. Every time I sat down to use one, it amazed me that she had created this precious piece with her own hands. When I had the opportunity to give it a try in high school, I couldn’t resist. I fell hard for clay and wanted to pursue it professionally but as so many teens do, I got nervous and went with a ‘safer’ route. 

Posted by admin on Feb 02, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

Esso Fun Days - An Opportunity for Girls to Try Hockey

This March and April, a six-week girls' hockey program is taking place at the Fernie Memorial Arena as part of Esso Fun Day! This program is designed to familiarize beginners to hockey with basic skills in a fun, positive and welcoming environment at no cost the first-time participant. This enables participants to become contributing members of a team effort, experience team spirit, develop self-confidence, and experience a sense of achievement. 

Posted by admin on Feb 02, 2023 in Health

Youth: Apply Now for the Free Leadership Summit

Expressing opinions, developing ideas and planning to take action in their communities: these are some of the ways that youth will be inspired at the Basin Youth Network Leadership Summit, taking place in Kimberley from May 12 to 14, 2023. Youth aged 14 to 18 are invited to apply now to this unique, free opportunity, hosted by Columbia Basin Trust.

Posted by admin on Jan 31, 2023 in Community

New Beginnings

When I ask people what goals they have with their puppy, most respond with a list of obedience behaviours. I tend to view puppy training as an opportunity to prevent future issues and to lay the foundation for our relationship and communication. Here are some of the things I train first when I have a new puppy.

Posted by Valerie Barry on Jan 26, 2023 in Community

Fernie Youth Soccer Association Launching a Spring Registration

Fernie Youth Soccer Association (FYSA 2023), a non-profit organisation that has been running soccer programming in Fernie for decades, is launching its Spring Soccer Registration this month, with an Early Bird discount available until February 10, 2023. By registering early, you receive $10 off of each player you register this year. 

Posted by admin on Jan 26, 2023 in Community

Password Reset

It’s a new year, and with all the resolutions flying around, now is a great time to make another. Specifically, getting your online security in order. This is a good time to go through your important accounts: bank, email, apple, amazon, social media, etc. and create new passwords. Each account should have its own password. Record them all in an application such as Lastpass or 1Password. Ensure that a trusted person has access to that application.

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Jan 19, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

Svitlana Dovganych

My name is Svitlana Dovganych. I was born and grew up in Ukraine. As a child I liked to create things with my hands, which is why my parents encouraged me to enter the Art College which I did. There for the first time in my life, I was immersed in an artistic environment. I was so happy to meet famous artists who readily shared their experience with us students. While trying different media I realized that most of all I like to work with ceramic clay. I like the way you can easily shape it, creating anything you can imagine.

Posted by admin on Jan 18, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

Nordic Opportunities

Often visitors are happily surprised by the variety of Nordic opportunities available in Fernie. We are after all a small community however are a community that enjoys spending time in the beauty and nature that surrounds us. We are also fortunate to have hard working and dedicated organizations and volunteers who ensure these opportunities exist. For those looking for a little glide during your stay, here are your options.

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Jan 18, 2023 in Outdoors

Basin Residents Invited to Share Input on Future of Region

Columbia Basin Trust (the Trust) is inviting you to have your say about the future of the Columbia Basin region. You will soon be able to share your ideas as the Trust travels throughout the region to meet with you, listen to your input, and plan together for the future. 

Posted by admin on Jan 18, 2023 in Community

Kevin Allen

Over the last while, I have encountered Kevin Allen regularly. During this fall’s civil election. When researching an upcoming conference the Fernie Pride Society is hosting. While perusing the REEL Canadian Film Festival and Columbia Basin Trust sites. And most recently, in a press release from a new society, the Fernie Heritage Trust Society. 

Posted by admin on Jan 18, 2023 in Community

Local's Perspective: Lindsay Reynolds

Lindsay Reynolds
Three Sisters Day Spa

Posted by admin on Jan 18, 2023 in Business

A Focus on Trails Means Enjoyment and Employment

Some trails will be longer, get upgraded surfaces, or have new bridges or benches. In 17 communities, 26 projects are improving trails, supported by Columbia Basin Trust. In addition,16 organizations are receiving Trust funds to offer 38 trail-crew jobs. 

Posted by admin on Jan 16, 2023 in Outdoors

Backcountry Safety Know Before You Go

Anyone visiting Fernie during the winter will be drawn to the amazing backcountry, whether on skis/snowboards, snowshoes or a snowmobile. While the experience can be one of the highlights of your visit, once you set foot outside controlled areas (essentially Fernie Alpine Resort), you expose yourself to substantial avalanche risk. Fernie’s legendary deep powder and steep mountains can be fatal if not approached with respect.

Posted by Fernie Search a... on Jan 16, 2023 in Outdoors