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July 2019 Editor's Fix

Our Editor's thoughts on potential are more related to Fernie. I have been sitting on committees and boards for some amazing, community-minded organisations, and am so very proud of the work being done. But when I move from one to the next, sometimes I can’t help but think… how could we be doing this better?

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Jul 05, 2019 in Community

The Potential in a Small Smoked Chicken Wing

Never underestimate the potential of an invite to a BBQ or the small things, in this case it was the potential contained in a small smoked chicken wing that did more than just taste good.

Posted by Lacey Wilson on Jul 05, 2019 in Health

The Garden

Ralph's garden is a gardener's dream; well-established, metamorphic, an enchanted yard full of za za zoo. And so, one sunny afternoon in June Jesse joins Ralph for homemade iced tea under the shade of an umbrella to talk worms and dirt. To talk about how you can get your garden to look like his.

Posted by Jesse Bell on Jul 04, 2019 in Outdoors

Saving is Good, But it’s Not Investing

Saving and investing — that’s a winning combination.

Posted by Roman Rybar on Jul 04, 2019 in Business

July 2019 Astrology

July is a month of incredible potential and as potential energy builds to transform into forward momentum, this transformation has been building for a long time.

Posted by Ashley Kristina on Jul 03, 2019 in Art and Entertainment

The George S Majic Spiritus Award

It is hard to walk around our community for even a brief amount of time and not be aware that there are community builders all around us, leaning in and supporting whatever they are passionate about. 

Posted by Ange Qualizza on Jul 02, 2019 in Community

The Feeling of Freedom

Parenting can feel like a prison when your kids are small. Home becomes a jail and the rules are all related to the eating and sleeping schedule of the little tyrant who runs the place.

Posted by Kerri Wall on Jun 21, 2019 in Community

Who's Calling?

Caller ID has been around for years. Most of us have it on our phones. We use it to decide if we need to answer that ring. It’s especially handy at letting us know when we don’t need to answer. But caller ID is being weaponized to get you to answer even when you don’t want to.

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Jun 21, 2019 in Art and Entertainment

Art That Looks Like Science, and Things Get a Bit Fishy

Over the next few months, I will make art supply suggestions that I have loved using with children. This month’s art item is the small but mighty pipette. I bought mine at our local IGS.

Posted by Michelle Senior on Jun 20, 2019 in Art and Entertainment

Air Search and Rescue Flies Closer to Fundraising Goals

Committed to safety while on and off the job, North Coal is proud to support Elk Valley Air Search and Rescue Association (EVASARA) with a $5000 donation for their plane and hanger purchase.

Posted by admin on Jun 18, 2019 in Community

Fernie Alpine Resort's Community Appreciation Program

Due to the Timber Chair maintenance projects, Fernie Alpine Resort's 2019 Summer Community Appreciation Program will include special offers to locals from July 2-5 and July 8-12.

Posted by admin on Jun 18, 2019 in Community

How Your Finances Stack Up

Do you know how well you're doing financially? Surprisingly, many of us have no accurate idea, because we've never taken the time to figure it out.

Posted by Roman Rybar on Jun 18, 2019 in Business

The Freedom of Fitness

Ah, June. Hello Summer, adventure and hello freedom. The time of year to dust off the ol’ hiking boots, bring out the bike, set up the tent and shift into all day adventure mode.

Posted by Maddy Alaric on Jun 18, 2019 in Health

Freedom to Forage

With the anticipation of Summer Solstice, Fernie Catering Co. has planned a solstice celebration dinner for you. Each month we will be focusing on something forgeable, fermented or a specific cooking method for you to try out at home, “Fernie Catering Co. Fundamentals” if you will.

Posted by Lacey Wilson on Jun 17, 2019 in Health