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Succession Planting for a Longer Season

Here we are in August – after a few months of explosive growth fueled by long, sunny days, the garden is looking quite different. The spinach and radishes that flourished in the cooler temperatures of early summer have bolted. Most of my head lettuce has been harvested for salads, and one row of carrots has been pulled – mostly for crunchy, impromptu garden snack breaks. Suddenly there’s a surprising amount of free space – and while it’s admittedly difficult to find the time for planting in the height of summer, the savvy folks who make the time in August will benefit from a harvest that extends well into autumn.

Posted by Hilary Thomson on Aug 05, 2023 in Health

August 2023 Astrology

August begins with a full moon in Aquarius and ends with a full moon in Pisces, which is also the end of the lunar year. The sun travels through Leo until August 23 where it moves into Virgo. Venus went retrograde July 22 in Leo and will travel into Virgo while Mercury and Mars travel in Virgo all month. Mercury will turn retrograde August 23 to September 14 (in Virgo) and Uranus will turn retrograde August 28 - January 27, 2024 (in Taurus).

Posted by Ashley Kristina on Aug 05, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

Too Busy to Ignore Inspiration

One of the characteristics of a small town art practice is that it’s most often made up of several pillars. Some artists will paint and run a small gallery. Others will throw pots and work as a studio tech. Still others will work a part-time job while growing their illustration practice. It often feels like there isn’t quite enough work to JUST paint, or JUST make pots. Perhaps that’s just the reality of being an artist anywhere. 

Posted by Michael Hepher on Aug 03, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

What Stresses Out a Fish?

The life of a modern fish is becoming increasingly stressful. The already challenging tasks of finding food, reproducing, and avoiding predation are getting more difficult with direct and indirect human activity.

Posted by Evgeni Matveev on Aug 03, 2023 in Health

Untamed and Ali Cat Arts

Emma Stevens is the owner of Untamed, a clothing company in beautiful Fernie, creating flattering and wearable art.

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Aug 03, 2023 in Community

Core Exercises

In my school days I was never a drama kid, or a team sports kid (aside from one year where I fumbled my way onto the badminton team). Mostly I drifted through high school unnoticed without really feeling connected to anyone in it. I found my ‘people’ much later in life, but it certainly would have been nice to kickstart that feeling of belonging in my high school years. 

Posted by Michael Hepher on Jul 27, 2023 in Art and Entertainment


Early in my programming career, when I started dealing with customers, a wise marketing fellow passed on this pearl of wisdom, “No one needs a drill. People need holes. Sell the ability to make the holes they need.”

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Jul 21, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

Adding Value to Your Hike

Gosh, it’s the beginning of July already! It’s been unseasonably warm and dry (especially compared to last year’s cooler-than-usual Spring).

Posted by Duncan Maisels on Jul 20, 2023 in Health

A Recipe for Long-Term Success

The alluring aromas of fresh bread, doughnuts and artisanal pastries have been wafting through the town of Invermere since Quality Bakery opened in 1956. Over the decades, the bakery has changed hands a couple of times, and been redubbed the Invermere Bakery. Most recently, in 2021 it became the property of its now-current owner, Theo Walta—a dream fulfilled with help from the Trust.

Posted by admin on Jul 20, 2023 in Business

Serge Gosselin

The first time I ever played disc golf was in Fernie. I was home from University for the summer, and new friends took me for a round. I had no idea what disc golf was, and when we parked outside of a private residence on Anderson Road, I was quite confused and then quite impressed that someone would create such a wonderful community asset and allow people to play for free. 

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Jul 19, 2023 in Community

Panto Poetry

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Jul 19, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

In the Weeds

Posted by Marianne Agnew on Jul 18, 2023 in Community

Evacuation Alert - St Mary River Wildfire

The RDEK has issued an Evacuation Alert for 23 properties in the Campsall Rd area west of Fort Steele due to the St Mary River Wildfire N11805. In cooperation with ʔaq'am, has expanded the Evacuation Alert area to include 35 additional properties.

Posted by admin on Jul 17, 2023 in Community

We’ll See

Are you someone who likes to watch the same movie over and over? Do you find comfort in knowing how something ends? You are not alone. So many of us place a lot of expectations on how events and relationships in life will turn out. This practice unfortunately can create a lot of pressure for us. This need to know can also lead to resentment and disappointment when things do not turn out as we hoped or anticipated. 

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Jul 16, 2023 in Health