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Backup Best Practices

To be fair, some of the threats have lessened to a degree. If you have an iPhone and turned on iCloud backup then you at least have two copies of your photos and possibly other files on your phone. The challenge with iCloud that I keep seeing is that people run out of free space and then start deleting things rather than create more space or look for an alternative backup.

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Sep 18, 2021 in Art and Entertainment

Grow Up You, Grow Up Me

Every artist knows that having the right tools gives you the best chance at creating a successful piece of art. Painting oils with water colour brushes does not give good results. Carving a linocut with a butter knife is useless. Additionally, the proper tool wielded improperly can be dangerous.

Posted by Michael Hepher on Sep 16, 2021 in Art and Entertainment

New Supports for Climate Resilience in Basin

Local communities around the Columbia Basin care deeply about the environment and the impacts of climate change. To support Basin communities in preparing for, responding to and adapting to challenges associated with our changing environment, the Trust has created a new Climate Resilience Program for collaborative projects in the region. 

Posted by admin on Sep 16, 2021 in Community

Celebrate World Rivers Day with Elk River Alliance’s Annual Shoreline Cleanup

The Elk River is an iconic ribbon of life essential to the Elk Valley, and after this hot dry summer it’s been heavily used by people. Unfortunately, where we are, trash seems to follow. This year, the Elk River Alliance (ERA) asks residents to celebrate World Rivers Day by giving back to our “ribbon of blue” and collecting shoreline trash.

Posted by admin on Sep 15, 2021 in Community

Kerry Peters

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Sep 15, 2021 in Community

Loving the Grind

I first met Dylan Bailey and Jena Greaser at Gearhub through different filming projects. Dylan and I went out onto the trails to film a promotional video for the Fernie Enduro, a local human powered downhill race event. I first met Jena, a bike instructor where we filmed an instructional bike series in collaboration with RideTheory, a mountain bike lesson organization in town.

Posted by Danyal Taylor on Sep 12, 2021 in Outdoors

Mind Control

It’s not every day that I discover a collaborator like Niki Sombrowski. I first met Niki as a high school senior, working hard on his education, playing Junior B hockey for the Fernie Ghostriders. Once his season was over, he was looking forward to playing elsewhere.

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Sep 12, 2021 in Art and Entertainment

Over 2,400 Project Received Trust Support in 2020/21

As people and communities in the Columbia Basin faced challenges over the last year, Columbia Basin Trust was humbled by the resiliency, strength, and the continued innovation and hard work by so many across this region, as evidenced in the release of the Trust’s annual report.

Posted by admin on Sep 11, 2021 in Community

Including All In Our Community Hub

Fernie is diverse by nature and inclusive by choice. As a community we not only welcome but encourage others to spend quality time in our mountainous backyard. We embrace those who have come to visit, and those who decided to stay.

Posted by Jessica Bozoky on Sep 09, 2021 in Art and Entertainment

September 2021 Editor's Fix

Black and white. Us and them. Old and young. Boy and girl. Big and small. Short and tall. Local and visitor. 

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Sep 08, 2021 in Community

September 2021 Business News

Christa Moffat Feng Shui + Astrology

Posted by admin on Sep 08, 2021 in Business

Inclusion in Health Care

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Sep 08, 2021 in Health

September 2021 Astrology

September has a theme of practicality and organization as the sun travels through Virgo and enters Libra on the Equinox.

Posted by Ashley Kristina on Sep 04, 2021 in Art and Entertainment

Kevin Frank

Art for me first and foremost is about processing, it always has been whether or not I realized it. It would be a stretch to say that when I started painting in high school, I was aware of this but at this point in my career it is a unifying truth within my work.

Posted by admin on Sep 02, 2021 in Art and Entertainment