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Grandma’s Queso

Queso might be directly translated as “cheese” in Spanish but it is so much more. Short for “Chile con Queso,” in our family, it was known as “Grandma’s queso” and it was sacred.

Posted by Claire Smallwood on Oct 18, 2022 in Art and Entertainment


Does your dog come when you call? Teaching your dog to come when he’s called (what we trainers call “Recall”) is an essential skill. If you’ve got a pretty good, but not perfect recall, you can improve it. The training isn’t complicated, but you do need to practice effectively to truly perfect it. 

Posted by Valerie Barry on Oct 18, 2022 in Community

Fernie Hotel Donates $5000 to Elk River Alliance Summer Camp Programs

The Fernie Fox Hotel, located along HWY 3 in Fernie, has made a significant contribution towards the Elk River Alliance’s 2023 summer camp program for kids.

Posted by admin on Oct 18, 2022 in Business

Canning Timer

We’re well into fall now and that means a lot of us are preserving food and getting ready for the winter to come. Preserving food by canning is old technology, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be helped by new technology.

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Oct 18, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

Firefighter Fall Recruitment Drive Underway as RDEK Seeks to Boost Numbers

A firefighter recruitment drive is underway for the Columbia Valley and Elk Valley & South Country Rural Fire and Rescue Services and the RDEK is appealing to residents to consider stepping forward to become part of the team.

Posted by admin on Oct 15, 2022 in Community

Fernie Chamber Announces Resignation of Executive Director

The Fernie Chamber of Commerce is announcing that Brad Parsell has resigned from the organization effective mid-November. Having started the role in April 2019, Brad Parsell has served as Executive Director for the Fernie Chamber for three and a half years.

Posted by admin on Oct 14, 2022 in Community

Comfort Through Planning

Comfort is defined as a state of physical ease free from constraints and pain. That contented well-being and comfort when travelling comes from exhaustive planning. It is important to be thorough, and you want to make sure that you have the important things like travel and accommodations fully planned out and booked. 

Posted by Patrick Robertson on Oct 11, 2022 in Health

September 2022 Business News

Fernie Brewing Company

Posted by admin on Oct 11, 2022 in Business

Through the Lens of Loss

Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.
~ Euripides

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Oct 10, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

October 2022 Business News

Ahead of the Curve Physiotherapy

Posted by admin on Oct 07, 2022 in Business

Mount Rushka

Posted by admin on Oct 06, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

Seeking Discomfort

Homeostasis is a way that our body systems function through finding a steady state. Ideally this is calmness, but rarely in this society is it represented this way. Our brains are like data entry systems. They only know what gets inputted and unfortunately there is no filter for unhealthy or healthy behaviours or systems. 

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Oct 06, 2022 in Health

October 2022 Editor's Fix

When presented with the theme of Comfort many of our columnists chose to discuss the importance of leaning into discomfort. And as was likely their aim, it made me pause and reflect. It may seem as though I am a leaner, spending so much time on my bike, pushing myself into challenging physical states and exposing myself to fear and risk. But the reality is, biking has actually become comforting. I know that minutes into a ride, even one that is undoubtedly testing my fitness or contains sections that terrify me, I will feel like I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. 

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Oct 06, 2022 in Community