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She Said

Harvey Weinstein was one of the most famous producers in Hollywood. His production company Miramax, churned out quality films though the 90s and early 2000s, including Clerks, Pulp Fiction, Emma, The English Patient, Shakespeare in Love, Dogma, and Scream. He also helped to kickstart the careers of distinguished actors and directors such as Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Smith.

Posted by Andrew Vallance on Mar 14, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

Amanda Dreger

My first experience going to a gym was in high school. There was an elective course called Super Fit, which taught proper weight training techniques as well as general anatomy and the importance of cardiovascular activity. At the time I did not think of myself as athletic but gave it a try and I am grateful that I did as it not only gave me confidence, it helped me to create healthy habits that I continue to value today. After speaking with Amanda Dreger, I realized what made it such a positive experience - working out with a supportive group of girls, three times a week for an entire semester. 

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Mar 14, 2023 in Community

Neighbourhood Women / Femmes du Quartier

Many of us Canadians can speak a bit of French. If a person wanted, you could simply read the label of almost anything produced or imported in Canada to get a lesson. When I was younger and headed to school, a newly minted French Immersion program meant I would learn this romantic and seemingly available language. I value this experience and having the ability to write, read, and converse in this language is a privilege. My best pals learned alongside me in a neighbourhood of moms, leaning into a culture they knew little about but were keen to enrich their children with. 

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Mar 10, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

A Conversation with Louise Ferguson

The arts community in Fernie has so many talented, strong women working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure artists have spaces to teach, learn, and show. Louise Ferguson has been the Executive Director of the Fernie and District Arts Council (FDAC) for the past seven years. I deeply appreciate Louise’s involvement in the Arts Station. What follows is a small excerpt from a conversation I had with Louise in February. 

Posted by Michael Hepher on Mar 10, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

Women in Sport

The great thing about sport, is that anyone and everyone can participate. Choose your sport, choose your day, and choose your gang.

Posted by Wendy Reade on Mar 09, 2023 in Health

Kat Cadegan

My road to metalsmithing began in India in 2006. Surrounded by the gems and rich tradition of silversmithing, I took my first of what was to become many jewellery courses. In the chaos and beauty, I found my medium. Following India, I headed to the mountains of northern Mexico. I studied for two years under the maniacal eye of Master Silversmith, Billy King in San Miguel de Allende. After completing my studies in Mexico, I returned to Canada to continue my education at the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, BC. 

Posted by admin on Mar 09, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

Regional District of East Kootenay Celebrates E-mobility Successes

The Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) is celebrating significant progress in the transition to low carbon transportation.

Posted by admin on Mar 09, 2023 in Business

Bucks, Tracks & Collaboration for Local Winter Trail Grooming

There are three new pieces of grooming equipment plowing around Fernie’s non-motorized trails this winter thanks to a federal grant secured by Tourism Fernie.

Posted by admin on Mar 08, 2023 in Outdoors

March 2023 Astrology

March is the last month of the astrological year, as the Sun is reborn into Aries on March 21 welcoming spring. This is a time of year that energetically wraps itself up, and also marks an important transfer of knowledge. The Sun sits in Pisces, and Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in the late degrees of Aquarius - communication is strong. Venus travels with Jupiter and Chiron, meaning an expansion of love and the wound. Valentine, the asteroid of true love and Nessus, the asteroid of abuse, are also together – it might be a confusing time for love and what your heart is saying. Mars is also in Gemini, which changes its direction consistently and might add to this confusion. 

Posted by Ashley Kristina on Mar 08, 2023 in Art and Entertainment

March 2023 Editor's Fix

Equality has always been extremely important to me, but never as much as now, raising two young girls in an ever-changing world means I am quite literally faced with the challenges constantly. And just when we think we have taken many steps forward, extreme events happen, like a global pandemic, that take us many steps back. 

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Mar 07, 2023 in Community

March 2023 Business News

Community Volunteer Income Tax Programme

Posted by admin on Mar 05, 2023 in Business

Supporting Women Through Travel

Travel can be a powerful tool. It can expand the mind, satisfies the need for wonderlust and be an empowering experience for anyone, including women. My mother travelled by herself to Europe aboard the Queen Mary back in 1952 and again in 1955 with me at six months old. That was not the norm of the time.

Posted by Patrick Robertson on Mar 01, 2023 in Health

A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

Fernie is a community that is full of strong, fierce, and dynamic women and girls—and that’s something to celebrate! 

Posted by Claire Smallwood on Mar 01, 2023 in Community

Is Love All You Need?

I have a pair of shoes with “love is all you need” written on the soles. I used to wholeheartedly subscribe to this idea. I thought love would conquer all and get me through anything no matter what. While I still fully believe in the benefits of love, I have reframed the concept of “all you need” to include a few other important key ingredients because love is not enough. 

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Feb 23, 2023 in Health

Romance Abroad

February is a special month with two days dedicated to love. The Western version of Valentine’s Day resulted from Chaucer in the Middle Ages. The Western version of Family Day resulted from the provincial governments of Alberta and BC giving a day off to all the workers and students in their respective provinces. 

Posted by Patrick Robertson on Feb 21, 2023 in Health