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Racer's Corner - John Merritt

Flying down Oh Dear, just about to take a corner I hear Emily scream ahead of me and see something small and black at her feet. “Is it a bear cub?” I ask until I realize it’s a dog. Then I see a sweat ridden John Merritt running towards us asking between breaths which trail he’s on. My bike partner thought it was the strangest site, but to those of us that frequent trails in Fernie it’s a farily normal occurrence.

Posted by Fix on Jun 01, 2010 in Outdoors

Chipping, Save Shots around the Greens

by Scott Shouldice CPGA Professional FGCC

For golfers of all skill levels, one of the easiest ways to knock strokes off your score is to improve your chipping from around the greens. Chipping the ball close can help you save par and lower your scores.

When approaching a shot close to the green, the first thing you should do is decide what type of shot you are going to play. The three most common types of chip shots are the bump and run, pitch shot, and lob shot or flop shot.

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Wild Beauty For a Lifetime

While walking in the woods the other day my attention was captured by a flash of purple. Closer investigation revealed a small, irregularly shaped flower with heart-shaped leaves growing from its base. Delicate black stripes drew my gaze to its centre. This early blue violet was heralding the arrival of spring.

Posted by Lee-Anne Walker on Jun 01, 2010 in Outdoors

Rousselle Family Thank You

Mike Rousselle and his family would like to thank everyone for their love and support since the terrible accident he experienced last fall and throughout his road to recovery. Without this, he wouldn’t be progressing the way he has been over these last seven months.

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Coming Out

The ski area closed with stacks of snow left high on the hill. The bottom devolved to a chaotic exercise in broken snow skiing, while the top remained stellar. The last two days of operation were 20-degree gifts of springtime. Digging out shorts. Finding sandals. Hanging out in the Plaza and watching great fiddle and a crowd celebrating the last of the year. Cold nights followed by warm days made all the warmer by five months of winter.

Posted by Keith Liggett on Jun 01, 2010 in Community

Fernie's Street Cleaners

Apparently Kirsty Morris, the inventor and author of Unsung Heroes, thought I needed to start my day a little earlier. I wasn’t so sure, but agreed nonetheless to track down a Fernie Unsung Hero of the Street Cleaner variety. Or should I say Beautification Attendant. That’s how Adam McNaughton, a Fernie resident and dedicated sweeper, shovel’r and pick-er up’r describes himself and his vital role that he unfailingly performs here in the heart of Fernie.

Posted by Abi Moore on Jun 01, 2010 in Community

Resident Profile – Melissa Fleischacker

Like many in our community, Melissa Fleischacker moved to Fernie from Ontario (Thunderbay) after finishing University. She got a job travelling across Canada as a support crew for Cycle Canada. “I knew I wanted to go somewhere west, but hadn’t picked a place yet. I didn’t want to go as big as Whistler or Banff. I thought maybe Golden, but when we arrived I thought it was too small. So I kept my ear out and knew people that had come to Fernie and thought I would try it out.”

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June Featured Events

I’ve really enjoyed my winter of film- from attending Think Tank screenings and the amazing Fernie Mountain Film Festival (Nature Propelled blew me away) and helping to organize the Indie Films circuit and the Reel Canadian Film Festival (if you still haven’t seen Cole, all I can say is- why not?) and finally last month, bringing Creston film Lovers in a Dangerous Time to Fernie. Now I’m looking for something new to try for the summer. I’ve walked or cycled past the Disc Golf Course in James White Park many times and thought I should try it out, so that seems like a good place to start.

Posted by Rebecca Hall on Jun 01, 2010 in Community

They've Got Legs

Mud-spattered grins are descending from the woods in full force these days. Shorts and sunshine. It’s the I-came-for-the-skiing-and-stayed-for-the-summer season. And there are plenty of men out on the trails, but there is some very serious representation by the women. “She’s got legs, and she knows how to use them.”

Posted by Carolyn Nikodym on Jun 01, 2010 in Art and Entertainment

Through the Lens – Lighting and Contrast

Living in Fernie, it's easy to think about the mountains as large and dominant. When I took this shot of Mt. Fernie, the Three Sisters and Mt. Proctor, I used a wide-angle lens because I wanted to emphasize a different perspective than our typical experience of these mountains. Putting them into a visual context that is mostly sky and atmosphere reminds me that just because something is perceived as dominant doesn't necessarily mean it is.
Kevan Wilkie

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The Wolfman

The Werewolf of London was Hollywood’s first mainstream werewolf movie. It was made in 1935 and starred Henry Hull, an American character actor who appeared in 74 movies between 1917 and 1966. His role as the werewolf is the part he is best remembered for, but the movie was not a commercial success.

Posted by Andrew Vallance on Jun 01, 2010 in Art and Entertainment

Feature Artist - Mae Moore

The Fernie Writers’ Conference is back this July and with it a new schedule and array of exciting instructors and courses. One of these instructors is acclaimed Canadian singer/songwriter Mae Moore, teaching a course on songwriting, the first time a course of this nature has been included in the Conference’s lineup.

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Preparing for your 2010 Tax Returns

The Tax Season or Time has been over for a month now. While the experience is still fresh in our minds and we are only five months into 2010, I thought it would be a good time to give you a few tips for the next one.

Have a “special” folder for all the receipts that can be used towards a tax credit. This comment is aimed at the younger readers since I am sure most of you have one these already. In this folder put the receipts that relate to the following:

Medical Expenses

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June New Business

Woven Gardens Horticulture, 250-278-0402

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