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The Raven’s Gift: A Scientist, A Shaman, and Their Remarkable Journey through the Siberian Wilderness by Jon Turk

In December, I had the privilege of reading a pre-publication version of Jon Turk’s The Raven’s Gift in manuscript form. This month, we all get the privilege of having Jon launch the real thing right here in Fernie. On January 22, you can hear Jon speak about the trials and tribulations that led to his startling and revelatory third book – a memoir that questions some of Western culture’s primary modes of thought and being.

Posted by Angie Abdou on Dec 30, 2009 in Art and Entertainment


Zombies and film go together like peanut butter and jam. They are a mainstay of the horror movie genre.

The first modern zombie movie, Night of the living Dead, was created independently in 1968 by George Romero. The film is considered a classic and spawned a number of other splatter-flicks including Hell of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead.

Romero’s version of the zombie-monster has inspired numerous film-makers in recent times to create such movies as 28 Days Later, a post-apocalyptic gore-fest starring Cillian Murphy, Christopher Eccelston, and Naomi Harris.

Posted by Andrew Vallance on Dec 30, 2009 in Art and Entertainment

Rosemary Brydon

While Emily Brydon is omnipresent in Fernie conversation of late, her mother - the pillar of strength supporting this resilient Olympian – remains far from the forefront, hard to believe when you meet her. Taller than Emily with a witty sense of humour that takes you by surprise and a personality that fills the largest of rooms, Rosemary is hard to miss.

Posted by Fix on Dec 30, 2009 in Community

The Nature of Work

“That’s the real work: to make the world as real as it is, and to find ourselves as real as we are within it.” Gary Snyder, interview summer of 1977

Posted by Keith Liggett on Dec 30, 2009 in Community

Let’s Talk French! Parlons Français!

Maybe you’ve seen the posters around town regarding the possibility of a French school in Fernie. You may have noticed Isabel’s name and number at the bottom? Isabel is part of a group of Francophone parents looking to start this French school. She came to Fernie several years ago for a winter of skiing and a summer of paddling and as they say, one thing led to another. With the birth of her son two years ago, the idea of having his education be primarily in French became a priority for her and her partner and she found several other like-minded families here in our community.

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Once in a Blue Moon

2010 started under the lunar shadows of an auspicious occurrence, a blue moon on New Year’s Eve, not to be repeated again until August 2012. This unusual celestial event, a second full moon in a calendar month, got me thinking about some of the exceptional local nature experiences that happen “once in a blue moon”. Sometimes perceived as commonplace to us, these are truly rare for many people around the world.

Posted by Lee-Anne Walker on Dec 30, 2009 in Outdoors

Health on the Net

Ah New Years. There are few days as laden with the burden and hope as the first day of a new year. The hope of course is the promise that this, this new year, this year could be better than last year. And thus is the burden created. The responsibility of carrying the promise of an entire better year. Well, let me tell you, it's more than most days could bear. And if you're the kind of person that puts stock in the idea of making a commitment, a promise, a resolution on this day, well that's where a little technology just might come in handy.

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Dec 30, 2009 in Bits & Bytes (deprecated)

FSS's International Flare

The date is September 2, and I am sitting in the Cranbrook airport nervously awaiting a sister I’ve never before met. Little do I know what an amazing impact she and others like her will have on my school, my community and myself. But in the back of my mind maybe I do know. Every six months people disappear and return home, leaving a home behind. They leave a space, sometimes never to be filled. Do we regret that?


Posted by Chalice Walker on Dec 30, 2009 in Health

January Immune System Boost

It’s winter, it’s dark, it’s cold, and we’ve all just come out of a season of excess only to be faced with numerous viral enemies: flu viruses, cold viruses, stomach viruses…and the list goes on. With few exceptions, most winter illnesses are the result of viruses, not bacteria and thus are immune to antibiotics. Our only true defenses against these organisms are prevention and having a strong immune system to reduce the impact they have on our health and our lives.

Posted by Dr. Taina Turcasso on Dec 30, 2009 in Health

Fernie Loves Film!

So you’ve put in a full day on the mountain, you’ve apres’d your ski boots off and you’re scrubbed, buffed and full of sushi. What next? Well, do you know that Fernie has more film screenings per capita than any other town in Canada? Okay, I made that bit up; but it could be true, - we really do love film here, and there’s no shortage of great screenings in more genres than you can shake a snowboard at.

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Feeling Comfortable in the Gym

For many people the gym can be daunting. Common excuses include not being a gym person, not feeling fit enough, too many people, the age demographic, not feeling like they know what they are doing, or feeling like people are watching them. Like it or not, the gym is the most successful way to get strong, healthy, and prevent injuries and as it is the new year and time to turn over a new leaf, here are a few coping mechanisms to help you gain confidence:

Posted by Sarah Ingram on Dec 30, 2009 in Health

January Patrol Report

The Fernie Alarm Clock?

Posted by Fernie Ski Patrol on Dec 30, 2009 in Outdoors

Uncharted Territory

It was a clear powder day mid season in 1993. We had taken the Face Lift and saw a boot pack leading to a nice pocket of snow below the rocks of Lizard Bowl, took off our skis and started the quick ascent. Just 13 at the time, consequences were never considered mostly because we didn’t realize what they were. Hiking the saddle into Curry Bowl, it was the same thought process. “Wow, someone put in a boot pack, let’s drop in too!” Transceivers? Nope. Shovels? They’re too heavy! Probes? What are those? Knowledge of the terrain? Not a clue.

Posted by Fix on Dec 30, 2009 in Outdoors

Where You Lay Your Guitar is Home

You walk into a bar on a cold winter’s night and its warmth greets you. Some folks at the back are laughing and talking, but the ones closer to the stage are quiet. You notice the band on stage and immediately recognize something familiar. When the singer’s closed eyes open and alight on you, the moment lasts, like she is singing to you, singing the words right out of you.

Posted by Carolyn Nikodym on Dec 30, 2009 in Art and Entertainment

Snow Makers

It looks absolutely gorgeous outside. The snow is sparkling, the sun is shining and it’s a blue bird day, yet I’m afraid to walk out the door. The temperature gauge says its -24. It’s freezing!

While I’m debating whether or not to even go outside Nate is already at work on the hill. Making snow. Outside.

Nate Trueman has been working the hill for the last seven years. He spent a year in the mechanics shed before getting into snowmaking and has worked his way up to supervisor.

Posted by admin on Dec 30, 2009 in Community