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Uncharted Territory

It was a clear powder day mid season in 1993. We had taken the Face Lift and saw a boot pack leading to a nice pocket of snow below the rocks of Lizard Bowl, took off our skis and started the quick ascent. Just 13 at the time, consequences were never considered mostly because we didn’t realize what they were. Hiking the saddle into Curry Bowl, it was the same thought process. “Wow, someone put in a boot pack, let’s drop in too!” Transceivers? Nope. Shovels? They’re too heavy! Probes? What are those? Knowledge of the terrain? Not a clue.

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Where You Lay Your Guitar is Home

You walk into a bar on a cold winter’s night and its warmth greets you. Some folks at the back are laughing and talking, but the ones closer to the stage are quiet. You notice the band on stage and immediately recognize something familiar. When the singer’s closed eyes open and alight on you, the moment lasts, like she is singing to you, singing the words right out of you.

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Snow Makers

It looks absolutely gorgeous outside. The snow is sparkling, the sun is shining and it’s a blue bird day, yet I’m afraid to walk out the door. The temperature gauge says its -24. It’s freezing!

While I’m debating whether or not to even go outside Nate is already at work on the hill. Making snow. Outside.

Nate Trueman has been working the hill for the last seven years. He spent a year in the mechanics shed before getting into snowmaking and has worked his way up to supervisor.

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D.A.R.E Letters

Each year the grade five students at Isabella Dicken are put through the D.A.R.E. program to learn about making decisions when it comes to alcohol, drugs and peer pressure. When they have finished this ten week program each student must write a letter to themselves upon graduating from High School. Here are two letters from this year’s D.A.R.E. class. Congratulations from the Fernie Fix!

Dear 17 year old self,

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January Remark

2010 Hot List - Things to look forward to!
End of recession
The Olympics in BC
More powder days
Cheap flights
Late night bevies at picnic
A baby you know is going to be born
Hot Dog Day
Sex and the City 2
Your next road trip
Fresh starts
New phone technology/new bike stuff
Scrutinizing Hot Tub Time Machine
Drinking a beer over a campfire/jumping in a lake
Music festivals
The Stanley Cup playoffs
Bon Jovi at the Calgary Stampede
New music and fashion
Planting your garden

January Playlist by Heaven Stitch and Design

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Market Strength Extends Through 2010 - BCREA Fall 2009 Housing Forecast

Market Strength Extends Through 2010 - BCREA Fall 2009 Housing Forecast

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) recently released its Fall 2009 Housing Forecast.

BC Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) residential sales are estimated to increase 20 per cent to 82,900 units this year from 68,923 units in 2008. Residential sales in 2010 are forecast to increase a further 8 per cent to 89,600 units. The ten-year average is 82,800 units.

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January Horoscopes

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Miracles
The Fairies are telling you to expect a miracle. Perhaps you feel that you need one right now because you can’t see any other way to a solution. Be open to allowing god to resolve your challenges in surprising ways. Miracles are occurring around you, begin to notice them and you will experience even more. As you relax into the source, blessings will surround you.

Taurus. (April 20 – May 20) Romance

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January New Business

Fernie Child Care Society, 1101 2nd Ave, 250-423-3313

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January Business News

AHC Development,, 604-516-9145

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Winter House Sellers

Winter can be a difficult time to sell a home, even in a busy tourist destination like Fernie. The weather isn’t always fantastic, the number of daylight hours is significantly lower, and it is just a busy time. Traditionally spring and summer have been popular times to list homes, but with Fernie’s growing popularity worldwide homeowners and developers are responding to the increase in product demand during the busiest months of the year – in winter.

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Christmas List for the Traveling Geek

Well, it's time for the annual geek Christmas list again. This time around I'm writing the gift guide column sitting in an internet cafe in the city of Manado in northern Sulawesi. That's an island in Indonesia. Southeast Asia is ground zero for gadgets. We forget sometimes in Canada, under the influence of 24/7 media from south of the border, that North America isn't the centre of the world. Not even the centre of the tech world. The PC may have been invented in the USA, but it was built in Southeast Asia along with everything else.

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News from the Patrol

Yes, supercool indeed. That’s how it all begins, with ‘super cooled’ water droplets. Under the correct atmospheric conditions, with the presence of a “freezing nuclei”, super cooled water droplets form tiny ice crystals that grow to form snowflakes. These snowflakes then blanket the Elk Valley, creating our legendary white, wintery playground!

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Snow Stories

Winters first snow reads like a book you don’t want to put down: drama, unique characters, mystery, and one-of-a-kind illustrations mapping out a compelling plot.

In summer animals are concealed by a thick drape of plant foliage. As the sun falls toward the horizon, leaves drop, and a white canvas stretches over the landscape revealing animal behaviour. Winter is the season to read stories in the snow.

Posted by Lee-Anne Walker on Nov 26, 2009 in Outdoors

Giving This Christmas

There are so many individuals donating their time, energy, funds, food, creativity and more to help those in need have a merrier Christmas in the Elk Valley. From the Ice Gala, which raises money for the Salvation Army, to the various Christmas Campaigns the Salvation holds itself, to Parkplace Lodge’s Charity Tree Fundraiser, to a gift wrapping duo, the Christmas Spirit is in the air.

Salvation Army

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The Beginning of Kindergym

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before 10am the Fernie Family Centre is a tranquil environment, but that changes rapidly. By 10am parents and their children fill the wide space of the gym and tranquility is transformed into the sounds of laughter and play. These amusing and popular hour-long sessions are known as Kindergym, a program widely used by families in Fernie. What many may not know is that Kindergym began with the inspiration of Joan Delich and Pat Proudfoot in the fall of 1984, 25 years ago.

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