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A Dark Horse Trots Back into Town

It’s with great excitement that Fernie Brewing Co. (FBC) announces the return of their Dark Horse Black Currant Sour.

Posted by admin on Jan 18, 2020 in Business

Ktunaxa Nation and Partners to Make Major Announcement Regarding Jumbo Valley

The Ktunaxa Nation Council invites members of the press to join them and partners for a significant announcement on Saturday, January 18, in Cranbrook concerning the future of an area of great cultural and ecological importance in the Central Purcells.

Posted by admin on Jan 16, 2020 in Community

Streaks Aren’t Just For Snap Chat

Setting goals is one thing, but making a plan to follow through is next level. This is what makes a streak so exceptional. A streak can be partnered with a New Year’s resolution or a word of the year, and make either one more powerful.

Posted by Kerri Wall on Jan 14, 2020 in Community

Tribe Inspirers

A new year and a new opportunity to take part in the #FernieStreak are upon us. Mamas, Papas, babes and everyone in between are encouraged to get active, to connect and to smash new goals. 

Posted by Yvonne Prest on Jan 10, 2020 in Outdoors

Retiring Board Chair Leaves Mark on the Trust & Region

At the end of 2019, Rick Jensen wrapped up seven years on Columbia Basin Trust’s Board of Directors, including four as Chair. The Trust thanks him for his dedication and meaningful contributions, which have impacted the lives of countless people in the region.

Posted by admin on Jan 09, 2020 in Community

Brina Schenk and The Proud Art Post

There are a few moments and experiences that have lead Brina Schenk to where she is right now. It feels serendipitous as if there’s nothing else she should be doing. 

Posted by admin on Jan 08, 2020 in Art and Entertainment

RDEK Seeks Nominations for Electoral Area Volunteers of the Year

If you know an outstanding volunteer in one of the rural areas in the region, the RDEK encourages you to nominate them for the 2020 Electoral Area Volunteer of the Year award.

Posted by admin on Jan 08, 2020 in Community

Home Sweet Home

Times have certainly changed in Fernie. Ten years ago, if you wanted to upgrade your couch, it involved a trip to the City. The choice in town was minimal, and the chances of you finding 'The One' was pretty much non-existent. These days, we're lucky.

Posted by Emma Polit on Jan 06, 2020 in Health

Motivation and the Five Minute Rule

January can be a tough month. The days are short, it is cold outside, and there are no fun holidays to keep us celebrating. Participating in activities like the Fernie Streak can be really helpful as they get us outside and moving.

Posted by Tyla Charbonneau on Jan 02, 2020 in Health

The Fernie Streak

Whether you’re looking for a three-hour adventure or cramming a 30-minute walk into your hectic day, streaking is for everyone. The inaugural year was a huge success, full of inspiring stories, amazing photos, epic adventures, rekindled friendships, new sports, and 31 days full to the brim of #FernieStoke. 

Posted by admin on Jan 02, 2020 in Outdoors

Claire Smallwood

Executive Director of SheJumps, an organization that motivates women and girls of all backgrounds to step out of their comfort zone in a fun, non-threatening, inclusive environment to learn outdoor skills. 

Posted by admin on Jan 02, 2020 in Community

Mountain Reads

Beach reads? Nah. They’re about as satisfying as Tic Tacs. Mountain reads are the sticky-toffee-pudding of books. Deep, dark, and full of substance.

Posted by Shelby Cain on Dec 22, 2019 in Art and Entertainment

Snowshoe Adventures Not to Miss

Known for its deep powder days and great skiing, there's another fun way to explore the snow and all its winter beauty - with snowshoes! The trees covered in snow, glistening as the sun hits their surface with only the sound of your snowshoes crunching above the snow through the seemingly sleeping life of nature surrounding you. Winter brings a beautiful landscape just waiting to be discovered. Try these three snowshoe adventures for something new.

Posted by Christine Thompson on Dec 21, 2019 in Outdoors

Golden Boy George and Fresh Foods for Dogs

The beauty of dogs is that they enrich our lives in so many ways. We find ourselves training our dogs to suit our lifestyles and in reality, they end up teaching us so much more. There are lots of ways you can return the favour, and one of those is by providing a healthy diet.

Posted by Val Lanthier on Dec 21, 2019 in Health

Hyena Road

Hyena Road is an American-style military movie based on the trials of the Canadian army in Afghanistan. The story focuses mainly on a small squad of soldiers trying to rescue a group of Afghan girls who are to be sold into slavery. They are aided by a legendary Mujahadin fighter known locally as “the ghost.”

Posted by Andrew Vallance on Dec 19, 2019 in Art and Entertainment