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Climate Change Info Centralized Online

There’s a new online source for people seeking easy-to-understand information on climate change specific to communities throughout the Columbia Basin and Boundary regions. The Columbia Basin Climate Source website - - was initiated by Columbia Basin Trust and developed by Selkirk College’s Applied Research and Innovation Centre.

Posted by admin on Sep 12, 2019 in Community

Bob Livsey

A fixture of our community, especially when it comes to the outdoors, Bob has been sharing his love and passion with our community for the past 19 years, ever since he arrived in the Elk Valley. So, just how did it all begin?

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Sep 12, 2019 in Community

Michael Penny

My first attempt at chainsaw carving did not turn out like I thought it would. It was absolutely terrible. It was a human face and it was really bad. I did however know where my mistakes were. 

Posted by admin on Sep 10, 2019 in Art and Entertainment

Great Greens

I was in a funk. An I’m-almost-32-anddon’t- know-what-I’m-doing-with-mylife kind of funk. Lacking fulfillment and feeling misdirected, I decided to quit my job.

Posted by Jesse Bell on Sep 08, 2019 in Outdoors

Run, Hike, Ride - Enhancing Basin Trails

Walk, bike, hike, run or however you enjoy the front or backcountry, trails are critical for recreation. Around the Basin, 25 projects will be adding to or improving the region’s trails, with nearly $400,000 from Columbia Basin Trust’s Trail Enhancement Grants.

Posted by admin on Sep 05, 2019 in Community

September 2019 Astrology

September will be a very practical month and getting organised after summer is the focus.

Posted by Ashley Kristina on Sep 05, 2019 in Art and Entertainment

Back to School Portraits

The sunny weather might linger well into September but summer fun changes with the start of the school calendar. It is a perfect time to hit the pause button and find time to complete an art project. 

Posted by Michelle Senior on Sep 05, 2019 in Art and Entertainment

Now, Let’s Begin!

Birth is the ultimate beginning. Each new parent patiently waits nine months to meet their little one and begin the big adventure. With this beginning comes one of the purest forms of joy but also restless nights and extreme fatigue.

Posted by Yvonne Prest on Sep 04, 2019 in Outdoors

Elk Burgers with Huckleberry Margaritas

September marks the creeping of crisp mornings and blissfully warm afternoons, the turning of trees and fragrant smell of decaying leaves are a few of my favourite characteristics of autumn. These elements are nostalgic.

Posted by Lacey Wilson on Sep 03, 2019 in Health

The Demo Derby

No one is sure how it started. A bet? A dispute over a woman? Two guys trying to prove who’s the top dog? Maybe it was a case of road rage. Instead of taking it outside, into the alley behind the bar, they took it to the county fairgrounds.

Posted by Keith Liggett on Sep 02, 2019 in Community

The Friendly Face of Bylaw

Posted by Ange Qualizza on Sep 02, 2019 in Community

September 2019 New Business

Elk Valley Pilates

Posted by admin on Sep 02, 2019 in Business

Gear Hub Summer Challenge

Posted by admin on Aug 24, 2019 in Outdoors

Crews Remain on Scene of Overnight Fire

South Country firefighters remain on the scene of an overnight fire on a rural property on Rosicky Road near Jaffray and are now expecting it could be several days before the fire is fully extinguished.

Posted by admin on Aug 22, 2019 in Community