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Chloe Cottam

Posted by admin on Dec 02, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

Holiday Helpers

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Dec 02, 2022 in Community

Fernie Heritage Trust Purchases Knox United Church

Photo: Representatives from the Knox United Church and the Fernie Heritage Trust Society Board at the church altar.

Posted by admin on Nov 30, 2022 in Community

Bears Are Getting Ready

Illustrated by Sarah Pullen

Posted by Sylvia Ayers on Nov 26, 2022 in Community

Winter Biking: The New Kid on the Winter Activity Scene

Winter biking is the ‘new’ kid on the winter activity scene. This sport is trending more than ever because it is so enjoyable and such an easy way to explore our winter wonderland. Winter biking provides a glorious way to slow down a little and see the beauty of a snowy landscape. Whether you put studded tires on your mountain bike or ride a Fat Bike, winter biking is fun. That is, if the conditions are right. Fernie offers a wide assortment of winter trails that are groomed regularly. 

Posted by Cindy Sleeman on Nov 24, 2022 in Outdoors


Posted by Andrew Vallance on Nov 20, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

November 2022 Editor’s Fix

As October comes to a close, I begin to feel a bit of a loss… for daylight, warmth and what feels like an abundance of time. Daylight Savings coming to an end November 6 doesn’t help. But I know, once I settle into the month, with its beautiful changing of seasons so obvious from town with the colours creeping up the mountainsides transitioning to snow dusted peaks, I’ll begin to feel the stirrings of anticipation creep in.

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Nov 18, 2022 in Community

Saying Farewell

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Nov 17, 2022 in Business

WiFi 6

Posted by Kevin McIsaac on Nov 17, 2022 in Art and Entertainment

Winter Dreaming: Les Portes du Soleil

Anticipation is the feeling of excitement when you are planning a new travel adventure. It is that anticipation that raises your level of happiness and it can bring your spirits up for a couple of months before you even leave, according to studies. In Fernie at this time of year, the anticipation is for a great ski season. The dream of all those perfect days of blasting down the slopes with a smile from ear to ear. 

Posted by Patrick Robertson on Nov 16, 2022 in Health


One common reason dogs growl or bite is when people try to take something away from them. This is called Resource Guarding: “Behaviour that discourages another to take, or get too close to, an object or valued area in a dog’s possession.” (Dr. Patricia McConnell)

Posted by Valerie Barry on Nov 15, 2022 in Community

Growing Joy

Posted by Sadie Rosgen on Nov 15, 2022 in Art and Entertainment