Stroll Up Matheson Falls

This is a short 20-minute jaunt up the creek, a perfect place to take friends or relatives.

Drive up Coal Creek to the bridge just past mileage 42, it will take about 15 minutes. Look for the trail on the uphill/east side of the creek; do not confuse it with the bike trail on the west side of the creek. Follow the game trail as it parallels the creek until it ends up in the creek, there should be a couple of yellow flags.

From then on, hop upstream on the rocks until you reach the base of the falls. I would say it is quite an easy hike for six year olds and up as long as you are able to watch your footing, wear shoes that can wade in water and are a bit limber. The falls are at their best on a sunny day. If it has been raining, I would not recommend this outing, as the rocks will be slippery. It is also best to do this at the end of the summer or in the fall when the creek is low. It won’t be passable in the spring. Once in the creek, you first stride from one rocky ledge to another, over the various pools formed in the spring by the run-off. Then you limber under a couple of downed trees and hop from stone to stone. It feels like you are a hundred miles from civilization and perhaps back in the time of the dinosaurs…then you reach the base of the waterfalls.

What a gem! It is a beautiful swimming hole, all surrounded by moss, very pristine as the sunshine rays filter through the cedar bows. If you are artistically talented, this could be inspirational. If not with an easel, it is at least, a wonderful corner to sit with a book, a camera or perhaps a glass of wine. It does not always take blood and sweat to get a reward. And as we are getting close to Thanksgiving, it reminded me that I am so lucky to live in this peaceful and scenic part of the world, and that the least I could do was to share the bounty.