Welcome to Fernie - Winter, 2012/13

There is a familiar nod amongst those who live, work, vacation or play in Fernie. A significant nod that might be overlooked by someone new to the area, or someone contemplating a visit or seasonal/permanent move. This nod is in acknowledgment of shared experience and understanding – “We’re lucky,” it states. “We’re here.”

Truly the only way to comprehend this feeling is to experience Fernie first hand, for those of you holding this guide and currently in Fernie, enjoy. For those deciding on whether Fernie is your next winter destination, let us offer you a hand using the letters of our city’s name as a framework!

A Friendly community, Fun for the whole Family.

As you flip through the pages of the Fernie Fix – Winter Guide, you will be confronted with a large amount of information. You’ll meet residents that live and work in Fernie, and through these features feel the friendly and welcoming nature of our community. You’ll learn about the amenities available to you and your family, and see that this truly is a fun destination for all ages.

Extraordinary snowfall. Extraordinary terrain. Extraordinary experiences.

Fernie is often found alongside sentences like, ‘The deepest snowfall,” “The biggest vertical,” and most recently “One of the world’s best ski towns,” according to National Geographic magazine. Fernie genuinely is extraordinary, and the more time you spend here the more extraordinary things you will uncover in this beautiful valley.

Rejuvenating and Relaxing

There is a fine balance found in Fernie. While people work hard to live and vacation here, and play hard while here, they offset this with a healthy lifestyle. Fernie is home to numerous facilities and practitioners, restaurants and businesses geared towards this specific characteristic of the population and tourists found here.

A Necessity.

Fernie is just something everyone needs to experience, at least once. And by once I mean you’ll come for a season and never turn back. It becomes such a natural part of you that you don’t realize what’s missing until you’ve been separated for a significant period of time. This happened to me. I thought I wanted out of this town and left for university. It wasn’t long until I realized I was spending a lot of time scheming to come home and travelling by any means possible.

Immaculate and Incredible.

Sometimes when I walk along a trail in Fernie, or stroll down Victoria Avenue, I’m awe struck. It just seems so… perfect. The town has such character and is rich with history, and the backdrop is like none I’ve ever seen. Beautiful mountains, each unique in its own way with colourful flora accents and a vigorous wildlife population. It literally takes your breath away, again and again.


Sure, we work hard and play hard but we love what we do and it feels so… easy. Because it’s so right. Doing what you love and pursuing your passion is what being in Fernie, whether to live, spend a season or a vacation, is all about. Now that you’ve been here, you too will share that knowing nod. And if you’re not here quite yet, we look forward to seeing you this season!