Two Become Three

2020 has brought us all a lot of unforeseen surprises, challenges, and difficulties. Yet for new parents Janice Doucette and Joey Kosolofski, their glass has always remained half full. Expecting your first child will do that to you.

A newborn’s sweet presence, perfection, and grace, reminds us all that every little thing is going to be alright. Babies urge us to slow down and enjoy the peace and quiet, together, as a new family. Throw in a pandemic and you have a recipe for extreme serenity, as no one is even allowed to visit! Sadly, Grandmas included.

Although, at first, this was daunting news to not have any help, Janice shares that, ‘being on our own gave us a chance to get to know one another without any distractions.’ However, Fernie Mountain Mamas are never entirely without their tribe. Both Joey and Janice were overwhelmed with meal drop offs, balcony viewings and gifts. In this community, friends and neighbours become family.

Prior to babe’s arrival, the biggest challenge was not being able to work, due to the pandemic, as Janice runs a successful daycare which was forced to close. The unforeseen free time made the anticipation to meet baby even more palpable. While Joey felt that regardless of Covid-19, there are so many factors that make following a birth plan difficult, on top of a lock down and social distancing. ‘Yet thanks to technology we were still able to receive prenatal advice from the pros and a close viewing of the birthing rooms via Zoom.’ Both parents said that the hospital was still very inviting and relaxed as ever besides a screening at the door and all of the professionals wearing masks. Joey added that since ‘the hospital was quiet, it allowed the nursing staff to be all hands on deck for each of the families.’ Weston Jay Kosolofski made his appearance just before midnight on June 5, 2020. ‘Wes was one of three boys born that day.’ Eventually, they will get the band back together!

Now that British Columbia has entered phase three, revival is upon us. Janice and Joey could not be happier. Grandparents were able to visit and they can travel to introduce their new bub to extended family. Not to mention, it has been a thrill to see Wes thrive in new environments. He especially loves the outdoors! A true Fernie-ite at heart. ‘Going for walks and having barbecues brings a happy normalcy back into our lives. We can also start to share who we are and why we love Fernie with our little one. Fresh air never hurts either.’ New dad Joey adds eloquently that ‘this pandemic helped us to see what really is important in life and focus on those elements for our new little family.’ I think their glass has gone from half full to spilling over.

To all of the health care professionals working on the front lines in Fernie, we sincerely thank you.

Happy Phase Three, everyone!