Trails for All

Our trail network is designed to be inclusive for all non-motorized users including bikers, runners, walkers, and hikers. Our member and supporter clubs including Fernie Mountain Bike Club, Fernie Nordic Society, Stag Leap Running and Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club represent all the various trail users.

We have definitely seen an increase in trail users over the last few years. Specifically, an increase in runners. Here is what Abi Moore, President of Stag Leap Running Co. had to say:

“Trail running has been a popular sport in Fernie for many years, but it has certainly dramatically increased in popularity over the past few years. I think this is mainly due to the easy accessibility and low-cost of the sport, group runs available for all levels, the abundance of multi-use trails available year-round, and the increase in events and races on the Fernie calendar.

The local trail running scene is lit with newbies, veterans, Fernie-style elites, and the newly formed group of ‘leisure athletes - all playing together on the trails, supporting one another, and lifting each other up and over the endless ascents. You do not have to be a pro to come to Stag Leap’s weekly Run Club - with a variety of groups to cater to all speeds and needs, it’s as much about the social as it is about the kms.

While events have been a little on hold, they are coming in hot this fall, with The Lone Wolf on September 25 and the Fernie Half Marathon and 10km on October 3rd - both offering both locals and visitors alike, the chance to don a bib, toe the line and enjoy the glory of the finish line.

But in all honesty, the best part about trail running isn’t the need for speed, racing, or winning, it’s about exploring amazing trail networks on foot, soaking in the much-deserved mountain-top vistas and making new trail buddies. It really is a social, fun and life-changing sport for all - and you can take it with you wherever you go!”

With an increase in usage, more trail maintenance is required. A tremendous amount of work has gone into the trail network this past year thanks to our volunteers and paid trail crew. Some recent highlights include brushing on the Fairy Creek trail, tread improvements in the alpine sections and additional signage on Mt. Proctor, and Heiko’s to Rocky Road was brushed and avalanche debris removed.

In addition, Lazy Lizard, a favourite for all trail users, got a new connector trail to Island Lake Lodge. This was a great collaborative project between the FTA and Island Lake Lodge. The new trail connects to the lower parking lot was constructed, the old trail decommissioned, with Island Lake providing labour and the culvert and the FTA providing project management, labour and signage.

This month’s route is suitable for any kind of trail user. From the old barn off Coal Creek Rd. follow the Montane trails for an easy warm up. Cross the road and stay left navigating the switchbacks on lower Uprooted. Once you cross River Rd., it’s your choice, stay right on New Roots for an easier climb or Uprooted for a little more punch. Now that you are warmed up, start the main climb up Hyperventilation. More switchbacks to navigate and a few punchy sections at the top. Stay left and enjoy the views and fall colours from the top. The Hyperextension descent starts off with some tight trees, rooty sections and short steeper sections. Roots Extension has some rolling sections and loose sections to keep you on your toes. The route ends at the bottom of River Rd. Head back to the barn or hit some more trails.

Time: 1.25 - 1.75 hours
Distance: Approx. 10km
Difficulty: Blue/Black 01